Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 21

It’s the Great God

There was only one Mu Youming in the entire server, and that was the Super God!

Wen Ke’er’s idol, Prince Charming!


Shi Qian wasn’t surprised at all by Wen Ke’er’s shocked expression.

After all, her in-game title was a bit big.

Wen Ke’er was stunned for a while and mumbled. “God! Great God! Mu Youming!” After a pause, she continued. “That’s not right. Mu Youming is a boy. He’s my Prince Charming! I’ve heard him speak before.”

“That’s a voice changer.” Shi Qian smiled.

“So Mu Youming is indeed a girl? It’s you?”

“Yes, it’s me. Why? Are you disappointed?”

“No, no,” Wen Ke’er replied immediately. “I don’t care if you’re a prince charming or a goddess. I like you all the same.”

Shi Qian smiled again.

The two added each other as friends, and Shi Qian looked at Wen Ke’er’s account information.

“You’re already at level seven. That’s amazing.”

Wen Ke’er laughed. “I’m still far from you…”

Shi Qian kept her phone and looked at her. “I’ll take you flying in the future.”

“It’s true!” Wen Ke’er was excited.

“Of course.”

“That’s great.”

The two chatted delightedly and walked toward the computer classroom.

However, Wen Yiran saw this scene.

Wen Ke’er was Wen Yiran’s cousin.

She looked at Wen Ke’er with disdain and said sarcastically, “It’s really like what kind of trash is worthy of what kind of trash. A good-for-nothing is only worthy of making friends with country bumpkins.”

At the Shi family villa.

Shi Muxue walked into the living room and leaned lazily on the sofa. She instructed the servant. “Aunt Zhou, get me a glass of water.”

“Yes, Miss.”

At this moment, Song Yuzhi came down from upstairs and looked at Shi Muxue. “Xue ‘er! Why did you come back so early today?”

The servant Aunt Zhou came over with a glass of water before Shi Muxue could say anything and placed it on the coffee table. “Miss, your water.”

Shi Muxue took a sip of water before she looked at Song Yuzhi. “Mom, Shi Qian is at Imperial University.”

“What?” Song Yuzhi looked at Shi Muxue in surprise. “You said that Shi Qian is at Imperial University? How is this possible?”

The driver told her that the car accident had killed her. “Why was she at Imperial University?”

“Why is it impossible?” Shi Muxue snorted coldly. “That b*tch didn’t stay in the countryside. Instead, she came to Imperial University. I’m so annoyed just looking at her face.

“Why are you only telling me this now?” Song Yuzhi asked after she calmed down.

Shi Muxue tightly pursed her thin lips.

In the beginning, she didn’t think much of Shi Qian. She felt she had nothing to care about since she had been chased out of the Shi family and had nothing left.

But she finally couldn’t stand it anymore when she saw Shi Qian and Sheng Xiao’s interaction time and time again.

“I know,” she said, “Dad saw her this morning. However, my father said Shi Qian is out in the Shi family. He also forbade me from telling anyone about our relationship.”

Song Yuzhi nodded. “That’s good. Dad won’t let her return. She can forget about stepping into the Shi family’s house.”

Shi Muxue took another sip of water.

Song Yuzhi noticed her odd expression and asked, “But since your dad has said so, why do you still look unhappy?”

Shi Muxue’s eyes darkened as she slowly said, “The Crown Prince of the Sheng family is in our school. He seems to like Shi Qian. However, Shi Qian’s attitude toward him is the usual. I think that b* tch is just playing hard to get. The more a man can’t get it, the more he wants it.”

She turned to look at Song Yuzhi. “Mom, that’s the Sheng family. They’re one of the four prominent families. Do you think Shi Qian…”

“You’re upset because of this?” Song Yuzhi smiled.

“What are you smiling at?” Shi Muxue frowned.

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