Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 11


At night.

Shi Qian leaned against the swing chair on the balcony. She played games on her phone, and her fingers tapped quickly on the screen.


She had fun when a call interrupted her.

Shi Qian picked up the phone helplessly, her voice lazy. “Hey, what’s up?”

The boy’s voice on the other end was equally languid. And if one listened carefully, there was a hint of displeasure. “Xiao Qian, don’t forget about the car race tomorrow.”

“Brother, you’ve reminded me eight times a week!”

“Who asked you to go back on your word!”

“I swear, I’ll be there on time tomorrow,” Shi Qian said helplessly.

“That’s more like it. I’ll wait for you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I’m hanging up. I’m going to continue playing my game.”

Shi Qian logged out of the game and did not continue after she hung up the phone.

She threw her phone aside, got up, and turned to the bathroom.

The next afternoon, Shi Qian drove out of the house.

Mount Jiuxuan in the western suburbs.

Several people and cars gathered at the foot of the mountain.

Some came for the competition. Some came to watch the fun.

Shi Qian held the steering wheel and drove slowly. Her gaze swept out the window and finally landed on two racing cars, one black and one red.

She immediately adjusted her direction and drove toward the two cars.

The person in the black car seemed to have noticed her as well. The door opened, and a man in black pants and a black t-shirt went out.

He looked in Shi Qian’s direction and curled his lips into a smile. He appeared handsome and mischievous.

It was the Jiang family’s second young master, Jiang Ci, who had called Shi Qian eight times a week and insisted on her participating in the race.

A moment later.

The red car door opened, and another boy in a fashionable red shirt alighted from the car. He looked at Shi Qian as well.

It was Huo Fei, Jiang Ci’s good friend.

He was second only to the young master of the Huo family, one of the four great families.

Shi Qian stopped the car in front of the two and got out.

She wore a black dress. Her black cap covered half of her face.

“Sister Qian, you’re finally willing to show up.” Huo Fei looked at Shi Qian and smiled.

Shi Qian leaned against the car door and looked at the two. “You two are bombarding me with your phones in turns. How can I not come?”

After a pause, she added. “Oh right, we have to end this early. Young Master Zhan doesn’t know that I’m out racing.”

Jiang Ci glanced at her. Do you still have the cheek to say that? We agreed to go to C University together. Tell me you’re at Imperial University when school starts!

Shi Qian was speechless.

When she was in high school, she had deliberately chosen a very low-profile and unremarkable school.

However, she didn’t expect to meet the legendary second young master Jiang there. Through various coincidences, the two became friends, and by chance, Jiang Ci found she was from the emperor’s garden.

Jiang Ci and Shi Qian had a good relationship. They soon met Huo Fei. The three of them agreed to go to C University together.

However, after school started, she came to Imperial University.

However, they couldn’t blame her for this. She had promised Jiang CI to go to C University, but who knew that young master Zhan would suddenly appear and force her to go to Imperial University?

Furthermore, there was no room for discussion at all.

She didn’t tell Jiang Ci that it was Young Master Zhan’s idea and only said that she had made a mistake.

Shi Qian agreed to race with Jiang Ci because of this.

On the roadside not far away.

Sheng Xiao sat in a black racing car and watched the three of them.

Even though Shi Qian wore a cap that covered half of her face, he could still recognize her at a glance.

That day in the school cafeteria, he had heard her mention Mount Jiuxuan by chance, and he had been curious.

Mount Jiuxuan was a gathering place for racing hobbyists in the imperial capital.

They weren’t professional racers. But those who were here were all of the high statuses.

The two people beside Shi Qian, especially Jiang Ci, the second young master of the Jiang family, were no ordinary people.

Sheng Xiao laughed as he looked at Shi Qian. He got increasingly interested.

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