Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Chapter 395 (END) - The End: Happy and Sweet Together

Chapter 395: The End: Happy and Sweet Together

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When it came to sex, Su Qingcheng was never one to overdo it, but she was not against it either.

Especially after being separated from Shao Yibai for so many years, she had an unusual desire towards it.

However, compared with the huge bed at home, Su Qingcheng did not consider doing it in the car comfortable. Besides being mentally tensed, the car was also narrow and small. Even though she was extremely terrified, the man would not be satisfied.

Up until the end, she had no choice but to beg for mercy softly. Then, she bit on his shoulders and provoked him to surrender in advance.

Her entire body was aching, and it felt as if bones were being torn apart. She then complained softly. “If this goes on, will I be able to live a happy life if we get married?”

Shao Yibai kissed her blushing little face with affection, “Your husband loves you so much, why are you still complaining?”

Su Qingcheng refused to accept Shao Yibai’s claim as her husband. “We still have not gotten a license yet. We only slept together for a few times, and you’re already calling yourself that. Aren’t you a little shameless?”

Shao Yibai laughed softly and said, “We’ll get our license on Monday.”

Su Qingcheng thought that the man was just trying to make her happy. After all, she only mentioned it in passing and was not in a hurry.

Unexpectedly, Shao Yibai was someone who actually meant the things she said. On Monday morning, Shao Yibai dragged Su Qingcheng out of the bed and said that they were going to get a marriage license.

The door of the Civil Affairs Bureau almost in contact with the tip of Su Qingcheng’s nose, yet the woman was still a little confused.

How did the situation change so quickly?

Since Shao Yibai did not have any military ranking at the moment, things were much simpler than the last time.

Before Su Qingcheng could adapt to the transformation, the red marriage certificates had already been handed over to the two of them.

Shao Yibai held Su Qingcheng’s hand in one hand and the certificate in other. The smile on his face had gotten deeper and he could not wait to announce to the world that he had already gotten a wife. There was no need for him to live alone until he died anymore.

Su Qingcheng looked at the foolish smile on his face and did not say anything to bring him down. After all, it was indeed not easy for an old man!

The only thing left to do was to prepare for the wedding. The relatives were not a problem as the Shao Family did not have that many family members. There were only a few close relatives who were able to make use of the Shao Family’s connection.

They had mainly invited Shao Jingshan’s colleagues, friends, and comrades. After Jiao Shuzhen’s careful verification, the invitation, wedding cakes, and wedding candies were being delivered.

The members of Luo Hai’s Yuan Family would also be present. Moreover, Yuan Xuan and Mu Chenyan would be present. When Su Qingcheng thought about meeting Mu Chenyan, she had gotten a little excited.

She did not have any family members and Mu Chenyan was one of her very few friends. Thus, she was happy that she could come.

Su Qingcheng also decided to invite Li Ji and Miao Hong. Miao Hong found out that the two of them had finally gotten together and she burst into tears of joy. However, she recalled that she did not even have an identity and could not help but feel hurt.


After the Spring Festival, Capital City had finally welcomed spring after a winter baptism.

Shao Yibai’s wedding banquet was chosen to be on the last week of May.

The higher up officials proposed an economic wedding, so aside from those who had been invited by the Shao Family, no one else were not allowed to attend the wedding. The wedding banquet was not extravagant, and the wedding gifts were just regular ones.

Shao Yibai wore a high-end custom tailored suit, and he kept looking at his watch from time to time before he was to pick up Su Qingcheng. He was afraid of missing it, and Yuan Xuan found it funny just by looking at him.

“It’s your first time being a groom, not to mention that you’re an old man. Thus, it is inevitable for you to be nervous!” Yuan Xuan smiled lightly and joked.

Shao Yi rolled his eyes at him and said, “You’re saying as if you have been a groom for several times already!”

“At the very least, we have already gotten together. Besides, we already have a son and a daughter. I’m no doubt the winner in life, so I think I’m qualified to mock you.” Yuan Xuan could not help but flaunt. His gaze had already fallen onto his wife.

Shao Yibai rolled his eyes in annoyance. Yuan Xuan was taking revenge. He was venting out all the losses and anger that he had gotten from Shen Muqiu.

Mu Chenyan had gained weight after Yuan Xuan’s days and night’s effort. Two months after she gave birth to the baby, her weight remained high and she had succeeded in gaining 20 pounds. Therefore, she complained to Su Qingcheng with a sour look on her face. “You should not eat too much after being pregnant. I’ve gained so much weight that I can’t fit into any clothes and it’s so annoying.”

Su Qingcheng felt that Mu Chenyan seemed a little more attractive after she had gained weight. When a woman got thicker, there would be a different kind of charm.

Su Qingcheng smiled and said, “I’m still nowhere close to getting pregnant…”

She wore the starry sky themed wedding dress. The thin and flowy mesh long tail was dragging on the floor, and it accentuated Su Qingcheng’s temperament.

Shao Yibai had arranged two little kids to hold the ends of the dress. Su Shaoan looked at his mother getting married with a funny look on his face…

The wedding scene was decorated with thousands of Su Qiancheng’s favorite lilies, and the fragrance of the flowers permeated the air. The male and female protagonists were very attractive. Two children were holding the ends of Su Qingcheng’s dress. One of the children was Su Shaoan, who was wearing a small little bow tie, and the other was Shao Yibai’s cousin brother’s youngest daughter, who was adorably lively.

Su Qingcheng was extremely nervous, and when it was time to exchange rings, her little hands trembled visibly. Shao Yibai could tell that she was nervous, so he held her hand tightly and caressed it before putting on the wedding rings that they had custom-made previously.

Mr. Shao of the Capital City had a sly smile on his face. He was so happy that he was smiling from ears to ears.

On the wedding night…

Everyone knew that he still had a “task” tonight, so they did not force him to drink at the end. Even so, Shao Yibai was still a little drunk.

When they returned to their new house, Su Qingcheng made him some hangover soup. While the man drank the soup, he narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman of his dreams. After 9 years, they finally got together.



“Pinch me!”

“Don’t worry, this is not a dream!” Su Qingcheng was getting impatient. This was Shao Yibai’s 101st time asking her to pinch him.

“Give me a head massage. My head hurts a little,” the man said softly.

Su Qingcheng sighed, kneeled beside him, and massaged his head.

Shao Yibai laid on the huge bed and enjoyed the massage for a moment. However, the scent of the woman was too tempting. Under the influence of alcohol, the man felt a surge of warmth rose in his heart.

Suddenly, he turned around and pulled the absent-minded woman under him. Then, he pressed his warm lips towards her, along with his alcoholic breath.

Su Qingcheng snorted sulkily, but she did not refuse him. She was alerted when he realized the man’s hands on her body were becoming restless. She quickly grabbed his arm and said in a low voice, “No!”

It was their wedding night, so why not?

Shao Yibai frowned, and he was somewhat unhappy. After all, Su Qingcheng had always given in to him when it came to this.

Su Qingcheng’s eyelashes were very long. She lowered her eyes in embarrassment and said shyly, “I… might be pregnant…”

“What?” The man was unable to form a response at the moment.

Su Qingcheng said a little angrily, “I haven’t gotten my period for two months already…”

Shao Yibai was stunned, and he had an odd look on his handsome face.

“You mean, here…” Shao Yibai flipped over and jumped out of the bed. He pointed at her stomach with an unbelievable look on his face.

Damn it, he was pressing against it just now!!

Su Qingcheng nodded gently. “Yes!”

Shao Yibai danced in a circle twice excitedly.

“Tomorrow, we need to change Su Shaoan’s name to Shao Suan!”

Shao Yibai was speaking nonsense, and Su Qingcheng was stunned. “Mu Chenyan’s children did not use ‘Yuan’ as their surnames…”

She thought of Yan Muyu and how Yuan Xuan did not mind that he who followed his grandmother’s surname!

At that time, Shao Yibai was half sober already. He sat down, caressed Su Qingcheng’s stomach, and explained softly, “We are not An An’s birth parents and you’re pregnant now, so I’m afraid that he might feel left out when we have our baby. Since we’ve adopted him, we must give him a proper status!”

Su Qingcheng felt a strange warmth in her heart. She finally understood the reason why the others praised him.

He was the War of God when he wore a military uniform, but he was a poet when he took off his military uniform!

He was truly a gentleman, so she was relieved to hand over the rest of her life to such a man.

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