Mr. Ye's Wife is Sassy and Flirtatious

Chapter 555 - Chapter 555: Our Baby’s Watching Us

Chapter 555: Our Baby’s Watching Us

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“Yes, I want a son, but I have other plans. That lonely Sheng Jian next door seems pitiful. Let’s give him our son, what do you think?”

Rong Qi’s mouth twitched and thought better not argue with him, lest he actually gave the child away.

“Rong Rong, I missed you so much.”

Ye Nanshen hugged Rong Qi, pulled her to the bathroom door, and kissed her.

Rong Qi smiled, “Our baby is watching.”


Ye Nanshen frowned and wrapped a towel around Rong Qi’s waist. He said, “Now she can’t see.”

Rong Qi was speechless for Ye Nanshen to be this romantic. He held her close, though he restrained himself. Nothing was more important to him than Rong Qi.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jian, after leaving Clearcreek Mansion, headed to the city hospital. His face was stern as he made his way to Rong Tianshi’s ward.

The nurse was feeding Rong Tianshi when Sheng Jian entered and ordered her out.

“You? What are you doing here?” Rong Tianshi frowned.

Sheng Jian’s face darkened, and he rushed at Rong Tianshi, punching him in the face, “Rong Tianshi! Are you even a man? How could you scheme against your own daughter? Chu Jing was blind to marry a scumbag like you!”

Sheng Jian continued hitting Rong Tianshi’s face. The already fragile Rong Tianshi, who had just recovered from a neck fracture, was injured again.

Sheng Jian’s anger didn’t subside; he even targeted Rong Tianshi’s eyes.

“Rong Tianshi, don’t you forget who saved you when you were on the brink of death! Your mother and that homewrecker’s daughter outright abandoned you. When you were dying, it was Rong Qi, your own daughter, who risked her life to save you! How can you be so ungrateful? Do you even have a conscience left, or did you lost it? Let me tell you, if anything happens to Little Qi and her unborn child, I swear I’ll tear your Rong family apart, piece by piece. Believe it!”

After tossing Rong Tianshi back onto the bed, Sheng Jian left, leaving Rong Tianshi struggling to breathe and process what just happened.

Rong Tianshi, after a long pause, weakly responded, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Pretending ignorance? Rong Tianshi, why play dumb with me?” Sheng Jian scoffed. “You were there when your mother and that homewrecker plotted against Little Qi, letting Feiyu seduce Rong Qi’s husband. Only a father like you could do such a thing!”

Rong Tianshi remained silent, eyes closed..

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