Mr. Xiao's Unconditional Love

Chapter 592 - Probing

Chapter 592: Probing

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Xia Chan looked at the group of hotheads below the stage and was extremely disdainful. At this moment, the only man she was thinking about walked in.

“Zero points?! What about you guys? How many points did you all get?” Instructor Xia crossed her arms and asked with a smile.

“We all passed! Instructor Lu has always gotten full marks!” Da Sha raised his hand and said loudly.

“How about Instructor Xia tests Instructor Lu!” Ye Cheng raised his voice and suggested. He also turned his pen. On the draft paper in front of him, there was a picture of a serpentine beauty.

A serpentine beauty was a trick performed by a liar using the refraction principle of light.

“Ye Cheng! How can you be a big brother like this? If Little Qiao finds out, I’ll beat you to death!” Da Sha scolded ye Cheng..

“That’s right! Instructor Lu is famous for being strict with his wife!” Xia Chan said with a smile.

“Don’t do that! I’m helping my sister test her husband! What if he can’t resist the temptation now that my sister is pregnant?” Ye Cheng raised his voice and jeered.

The man who seemed cold and abstinent glared at Ye Cheng, who was jeering. At this moment, Instructor Xia was already in front of him.

Even though the man looked cold and heartless from such a close distance, the strong scent of his hormones was enough to make one’s heart beat faster.

However, he was calm from the inside out.

The members of the Blood Wolf team watched this scene quietly.

At this moment, they saw Lu Beixiao suddenly push Xia Chan back. His tall and straight body moved forward. Xia Chan instinctively retreated while Lu Beixiao closed in on her step by step!

! ! !

His domineering strength made these men feel that he was a true man!

What was even more manly was that he pushed Instructor Xia to the wall and made her blood boil! He even lowered his head and said something beside her ear!

! ! ! !

‘Master Xiao is going to destroy me!’

Fang Zhuo cursed in his heart!

As for Xia Chan, there was no need to say anything else. Her cheeks were red. Her face was red and her breathing was heavy. She could only hear the man beside her ear saying coldly, “Instructor Xia, I have always been the only one who can seduce you!”

‘The only one who can seduce me is my wife!’

How could he say the last sentence!

Xia Chan’s heart was pounding like thunder. Her breath was filled with his boiling hot breath, and his cold and deep voice echoed in her ears…

Before she could recover from her confusion, Lu Beixiao had already left!

“Instructor Xia! Have you been seduced by our valiant god?!” The members of Blood Wolf jeered.

Xia Chan immediately regained her composure. “That was just a performance. Don’t take it seriously!”

‘I’ve always been the only one who was seductive…

‘Then, why did you seduce me? Could it be…’

Xia Chan was still replaying Lu Beixiao’s words in her heart. Was he trying to give her some kind of hint? She had heard that he had never been close to women, so why would he treat her like this in front of so many people!

* * *

“Comrade Lu Beixiao, you’re done for!” Ye Cheng held his phone in his hand and looked at Lu Beixiao as if he was going to complain to Ye Qiao.

Lu Beixiao had a cigarette in his mouth and looked indifferent.

“You f*cker! Aren’t you going to stop me? I’m really going to beat you up. Wait till you get home!” Ye Cheng said loudly.

Lu Beixiao did not stop him.

Mrs. Lu was not an ordinary woman.

“Sister, hurry up and control your B*TCH. How dare you seduce Instructor Xia in front of a group of men? This b*stards actions make us straight men look gay!” If it were any other time… Ye Cheng would have been beaten up by Lu Beixiao!

At this moment, he just narrowed his eyes, holding a cigarette in his mouth and puffing out smoke.

“Alright, I better turn gay then. Then, Hua Rui would be mine!” Ye Qiao did not get angry, but laughed instead. Her words confused Ye Cheng.


Could it be that his sister succeeded in understanding Beixiao so quickly?! She knew that he was not really seducing Xia Chan?!

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