Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 39: Special Treatment

After reassuring her grandfather that she was fine and her condition has stabilized, Zhao Lifei ended the call. She was completely unaware of the fact that her grandfather was on his way to the hospital.

When a nurse came to replace the IV drip, Zhao Lifei stopped her. Luckily, Yang Feng had left her ward so he couldn't do anything about it.

"Can I get discharged from the hospital right now?" Zhao Lifei asked the nurse with a polite smile. As beautiful and enormous as this room was, Zhao Lifei hated hospitals. It brought back unwanted memories and the pain she refused to think about.

"Your guardian has specified that you cannot be discharged until three doctors give their conclusion that you are perfectly healed." The nurse explained, placing the IV drip bag onto her cart.

Zhao Lifei frowned. "My guardian? I'm over the age of 18-"

"Guardian as in the man that paid for the ward and your treatment. He said he was your..." The nurse flipped a page.

"Boyfriend?" The nurse said as if it was something completely normal.

She recognized the man, he always ranked first on lists such as "Nation's Desirable Men" and "Most Eligible Bachelors". He is the rich tycoon who swept the country by storm. With impeccable wealth, clean-slate reputation, and a face sculpted by the Gods above, Yang Feng is an unattainable dream. Not many people knew of his Underworld ties aside from a handful of people.

It wasn't a surprise that a man so powerful and influential had such a beautiful woman in his arms. When the nurses first brought Zhao Lifei in, many of them were gossiping if she was THE Zhao Lifei that was thrown aside by Zheng Tianyi. Even the commoners knew of the humiliating incident since Zheng Tianyi paid many big media companies to broadcast the incident.

"My boyfriend? You must be mistaken." Zhao Lifei awkwardly laughed, but she stopped when she saw the nurse's serious expression.

"No ma'am, the registry has him listed as your boyfriend. Is there something wrong?" The nurse felt her brows crease together. What was wrong with this woman? A man like him was claiming to be her boyfriend, shouldn't she gleefully brag about it? Most socialites like her do so whenever their lover was influential.

"Yes, he's not supposed to be my guardian. If it's the money you want, I can pay for it-"

"Don't even think about it." Yang Feng interrupted, walking into the room with his hands tucked into his pockets like a local thug. But instead of looking cheap, he looked more handsome and dangerous.

The nurse nearly marveled at him in awe. He was better looking in person! Wearing a dark blue suit, his eyes were blazing, his hair messily swept back as if he ran his hand through it so much. He looked as if he had just walked out of a magazine shoot.

"Excuse me?!" Zhao Lifei scowled, pulling out the needle on her arm herself.

She grabbed the nearest tissue and pressed on the wound to stop it from bleeding.

Yang Feng's angry gaze became a blazing fire out for blood.

"Are you dumb? Or do you have a death wish?" He hissed, walking to her and grabbing her hand. Despite his harsh tone, he handled her with care.

"Don't touch me." Zhao Lifei frowned and tried to pull her hand back. But his grip tightened around her and he tugged her closer, pressing a bandaid on her wound.

"You have to press the right pressure or else it won't close." Yang Feng scolded her, pressing on the wound for her. A familiar Philippe Patek watch glistened on his wrist.

Zhao Lifei eyed the watch on his wrist, then opened and closed her mouth. Why was he so nice to her? She was severely confused. Didn't he hate her?


"I like the watch you sent me." Yang Feng quietly told her.

"I hope you liked my gifts as well?" He hummed, staring at her purse. It wasn't the one he gave her nor was it the same brand. When he walked into the banquet and saw her in a blue dress, he had expected her to accompany it with the sapphire and diamond pieces of jewelry he sent. But she went beyond his wildest dreams and left her long, slender neck bare of any accessories.

"They were nice, but I can't keep it. Please take it back." Zhao Lifei softly said. She didn't want to be indebted to him by receiving so many expensive gifts.

When she saw his gaze darken, a sudden chill passed through her. Zhao Lifei thought he might have misunderstood her. "Ah, but you don't have to return the gifts I sent you! I wouldn't have any use-"

"You're not returning the gifts back to me." He quietly said, his voice leaving no room for arguments.

"Why not?" Zhao Lifei asked. She glanced at the large array of flowers tucked into the vase. They were of the finest quality and seemed to be crafted by a flower artisan...Each flower aroma and color perfectly complemented each other, creating a harmonious view.

She was surprised to see the expensive arrangement. Why would someone spend so much on flowers when all she did was faint? Zhao Lifei thought so bitterly of herself, she didn't realize that her heart saw no value within her.

"Because it's impolite to return a gift." Yang Feng chided, removing the pressure on her hand. He pulled back and immediately checked that there wasn't any blood stain on the bandage. The corners of his lips lifted.

"Isn't it impolite to force a gift onto someone as well?" Zhao Lifei couldn't believe how stubborn he was. Why didn't he understand she didn't want gifts from him? By accepting and using something given by him, doesn't it make her shameless? She had unmindfully insulted him by throwing money at him, yet he didn't flinch at the idea of treating her with kindness.

Zhao Lifei didn't understand his change of heart. Staring up at the tall and incredibly charismatic man in front of her, she wondered why he was giving her special treatment.

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