Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 34: Expecting Someone

Back at the banquet, the people were stunned at the scene that had unfolded before them. They were shocked at the sudden entrance of Yang Feng who seemed to have a relationship with Zhao Lifei.

Moreover, they were surprised that Zheng Tianyi was the type of man to raise his hand against a woman not once, but twice. Sure, Zhao Lifei might've deserved it in the past, but this time, it seemed she really bumped into Xia Mengxi by mistake.

Did he have to go as far as to bruise her arm and pour wine over her head? She seemed really pitiful too...

But the banquet didn't remain quiet and awkward for long. When they realized their free entertainment was over, everyone quickly mingled with each other in hopes of stirring up the lively atmosphere again.

Amidst the smiles, laughter, and lively chatter, the people couldn't help but grow curious about Zhao Lifei's relationship with Yang Feng. Like his younger brother, he never attended banquets with a woman in his arms.

The last time he walked into a public event with a woman on his arm was when he escorted Yang Ruqin down the red carpet. It made headlines on numerous sources that questioned their romantic relationship. But everything was quickly debunked when the people realized it was just an older brother looking out for his younger sister.

Wang Nuoli turned towards her husband, nearly losing her patience.

She couldn't believe that brat had another man as her backing! The first time it was Zheng Tianyi, and now, it was Yang Feng?!

Why was her oldest daughter so well-acquainted with wealthy men, whereas her youngest and most beautiful daughter struggled to have powerful friends?

"Dear, did you just see that-"

"Shush, I'm thinking right now." Zhao Lifei's father, Zhao Wenjin placed a hand up to silence his wife. He was lost in thought, trying to piece together Zhao Lifei's connection to Yang Feng.

Seeing how protective and doting he was of her, does that mean they are a couple?

He thought about the endless benefits that Yang Feng could bring to the table if she brought him home and introduced him as a lover.

For once, his useless and bad-tempered eldest daughter could finally be of use! Zhao Wenjin used to care for Zhao Lifei up to the point of where she stopped playing the piano.

It had been a few years since Zhao Lifei told him she would quit the piano, but the frustration and disappointment were still there. He poured a lot of money to invest in Zhao Lifei's skills and even went as far as reserving the best concert halls for her to play in.

All of his boasting and hard work went down the drain when she suddenly told him she would be quitting the piano.

He was frustrated in her but kept his patience because she was Zheng Tianyi's fiance. His patience reached its thinnest straw when she lost the spot beside Zheng Tianyi.

When she was blacklisted from the upper society, Zhao Wenjin was the first to abandon his eldest daughter. In front of many people, he deemed her a useless and unfilial daughter whose doomed to bring bad luck into his family.

As a very old-tradition man, Zhao Wenjin believed women shouldn't work in fields that were previously dominated by men. Daughters were supposed to learn the arts and not the trade of business.

While Zhao Lifei had lost her father's grace, Zhao Linhua had basked in it. Earning rewards in every piano competition that she has ever competed in, she lived up to her father's expectations.

A graceful flower carefully bloomed under the care, love, and supervision of her parents, Zhao Linhua was everything a parent could ask for. Sweet, kind-hearted, and well-talented in skills suitable for a woman, she was the ideal daughter.

Zhao Wenjin's gaze traveled to his daughter who was the center of attention.

Decorated in a lovely white dress that added an angelic glow to her, Zhao Linhua was happily chatting and laughing with a group of influential people that seemed awestruck by her. The young men, in particular, was very drawn to her smile and bright laughter.

He nodded. Good, that was how a woman should act. She should be the party-pleaser, unlike that Zhao Lifei who does nothing but stir up trouble!

Seeing her husband quietly observing their youngest daughter, Wang Nuoli bit her tongue and held back any complaints she had in mind. She knew it was not the best time to chat here, with so many people watching her and the family.

Deciding it would be better to talk to Zhao Wenjin alone, Wang Nuoli placed her thoughts and opinions aside.

Looping her slender hand through Zhao Wenjin's arm, the two walked around the room greeting guests and offering their warmest welcomes. The entire time, they kept polite and respectful smiles on their faces as if they hadn't just witnessed their daughter dragged through the mud for a simple accident and misunderstanding.

Knowing it was unwise to comment badly about Zhao Lifei in front of the couple, many people decided to hold their tongue back and continue to enjoy the night.

And while her parents walked around the room, there was a hidden expression on Zhao Linhua's face. Every few minute, she would quickly glance at the hallway leading to the bathroom, as if expecting someone to walk out of it.

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