Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 31: It's Ruined

Zhao Lifei grabbed her burning cheek, completely shocked at what had just happened. Her blood boiled with anger.

Everyone was so focused on the show, no one had seen the door opening and a tall, handsome man step into the room. But when the sound of his expensive leather shoes clacked on the floor in the deathly silent room, the people's eyes grew wide.

Strolling into the room with his three-piece black suit, dark blue tie, and his hands in his pockets, was none other than Yang Feng. His deathly aura was hard to miss, and the furious look in his eyes was enough to send the people shaking in their spot.

They gulped in fear when his bleak, black eyes trailed around the room. The people held their breath and shivered at the sudden drop of temperature. Weren't the heaters turned to its highest temperature? Why was it so cold in here?

The wind fluttered, and the black fur-rimmed coat draped over Yang Feng's broad shoulders made him look like a King, no, the God of War.

The people watched as his long legs carried him towards the center of the room where Zhao Lifei was standing, shocked and clutching her bright red face.

Zheng Tianyi was so furious at her, he didn't realize the presence of a man who can easily stomp over him.

"What's going on here?" When he spoke, the entire room became quiet. It was so silent, one could hear a feather fall onto the ground.

His voice was chillingly cold and deathly. One look at the murderous expression on his face was enough to make the onlookers incredibly nervous.

"Yang Feng, you're here." Zheng Tianyi's eyes flickered with surprise. When did he get here?

Zheng Tianyi noticed Yang Feng's gaze on the frozen Zhao Lifei. "I was just handling some business, don't worry about this trash." He pushed her aside and grabbed Xia Mengxi by her tiny waist.

"I haven't been able to properly introduce to you my fiancee—" Zheng Tianyi's voice died off when Yang Feng didn't even look at him. Instead, he pushed him aside as if Zheng Tianyi was a waste of air.

A few people snickered at this embarrassing turn of events. He was brutally ignored by Yang Feng! Hah, that serves him right for trying to curry favors with Yang Feng!

Everyone's gaze heavily followed Yang Feng and no one dared to move or make a noise when he took off the coat hanging on his shoulders to wrap it around the shivering Zhao Lifei.

Zhao Lifei flinched when the coat was placed around her quivering shoulders. She lifted her head and was surprised to see Yang Feng staring down at her.

When most people would've stood frozen to the bone at his terrifying dark gaze that seemed to piece right through you, Zhao Lifei was entranced by it. She breathed out, confused at the electricity and warm feeling from his touch.

"Yang Feng? What are you doing here?" She asked, leaning a bit closer to his warm coat.

"I'm your date." His voice was as deep and smooth as she had last remembered it.

"My date? I thought Yulong was my date." Zhao Lifei frowned, completely unaware of the astonished glances on everyone's faces.

Yang Feng wasn't her first?! It was supposed to be Yang Yulong?! How was this girl even acquainted with any of them? Was she dense? Obviously Yang Feng would be the better date option!

"Do you want Yulong instead?" Yang Feng's lips pulled into a thin line. She wasn't happy that he was here? Most girls would've killed for this opportunity, yet here she was, questioning his presence.

Zhao Lifei tilted her head when the temperature dropped again. Did his gaze have to be so angry and dark all the time? His expression was as if someone was owing him an enormous debt worth billions.

"No, I'm fine with either." She sighed, realizing how temperamental he was.

Yang Feng stared at her. Even with the wine poured over her and the red streaks on her face, he still thought she was beautiful.

"What is it?" Zhao Lifei asked, noticing his pressing stares.

"Let's get you cleaned up." He said, wrapping an arm around her to guide her towards teh bathroom.

Zhao Lifei shook her head. "No. I want to go home." She quietly said, not wanting to stay in this suffocating banquet anymore.

"I'll take you home as soon as you're cleaned up." He gently reassured her, upon seeing how soft and demure she had become. What happened to the strong and powerful woman he saw in the hospital room?

But he quite liked this side of her. He took in her vulnerable and painful expression that seemed to harshly stab his heart.

"The wine looks like blood. We have to wash it off." Yang Feng grabbed his handkerchief to wipe a few stray droplets of wine.

She glanced down at her ruined dress, the stains a dark purple color.

"It's ruined." She whispered, knowing wine was impossible to wash off.

"It's an ugly dress anyways." Yang Feng loudly said, enough for Xia Mengxi and the crowd to hear.

Everyone always took Yang Feng's word into heart. To them, his word was like the law. Immediately the people turn their backs to Xia Mengxi. They whispered about her bad taste and eyes. Her complex was already pale as it was, the dark blue dress made her veins pop out which gave her a ghostly appearance.

"He's right. The dress looks too gaudy on her."

"It doesn't suit her body as well. She looks like a standing rectangle."

"What a tacky dress...she's obviously new money."

Xia Mengxi blushed at the insult and looked away, hugging her arms. Zheng Tianyi frowned and took off his suit jacket to drape it around her shoulders. "You look fine, don't worry." He reassured her, but his words couldn't do much to stop her self-conscious thoughts.

Zheng Tianyi was too wary of Yang Feng's power to go against his words. Once the great Yang Feng has made his statement, there was no way of refuting it without facing his wrath. So Zheng Tianyi bit his tongue and remained silent.

Yang Feng ignored the people's nonstop gossip. Instead, he focused his attention on the alluring woman in his arm. "Why are you not wearing the necklace I gave you?" Yang Feng asked. Did she not like it? He thought it would be the perfect pairing with her earrings and dress.

Zhao Lifei stared at him with a perplex expression, her mouth slightly agape. Why did he care what she wore? Why would he care about her condition at all?

She touched her bare neck and looked away. "I was thinking of returning the necklace." She quietly said, ready to step into the bathroom but he grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing-"

"Keep the necklace." He said, his eyes dark with displeasure. Did she not like the necklace? Was that why she was throwing it away? Was it not expensive for her? He thought sapphire would be a lovely color on her beautiful translucent skin that put the whitest jade to shame.

"No, I don't want to." She immediately reverted back to her old ways.

Seeing this, Yang Feng hid the smile that threatened to lift his lips. She tried to yank her wrist back, but his grip was as strong as iron. But his touch was gentle, like a soft caress.

She lifted her head to stare at him and immediately regretted doing so. He was so breathtakingly handsome, she didn't know what to say. Slowly but surely, she found herself lost within his eyes. It was filled with darkness, yet she couldn't help but find the beauty within it.

Completely captivated by him, she didn't realize he had bend down. It wasn't until his lips was near her ears did she tense up. In a low and throaty voice, he whispered, "If you return the necklace, I'll toss it into the ocean."

Zhao Lifei blinked, feeling her face flush at their proximity. She pushed him away, and he released his grip on her.

At least he was keeping his distance. But what was wrong with him? Why was he standing so close to her before?

"Don't touch me." She mumbled, turning her back to hide her expression. And without waiting for his reply, she stomped into the bathroom.

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