Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 28: Former Queen

The first thing that greeted Zhao Lifei when the car pulled into the drive way was the bright flashes and clicks of the cameras that rivaled a red-carpet event with A-list celebrities. Well, in this case, it was A-list socialites whose wealth was significantly higher than celebrities, so it wasn't a surprise this banquet would be a big outing.

Zhao Lifei sighed at the swarming paparazzi and brilliant lights that was so blinding, she had to cover her eyes. Even though the windows were heavily tinted, the lights still blared through it.

She was nervous at the idea of facing the limelight after two long years of absence from it. She had nearly forgotten how to behave in front of the paparazzi or elegantly climb out of a car.

She sucked in a big gulp of air to calm her rising nerves. Counting down from five, she prepared herself to climb out of the car.

When the car in front of her Maybach finally drove away, Zhao Lifei knew it was her turn to climb out of the car. She warily glanced at the reed carpet before rolling her eyes.

The minute her car drove to the start of the red carpet, the camera zoomed onto the expensive car. Everyone was curious to see who would be the dazzling man or woman that would step out of such a wealthy car.

They held their breath in anticipation when the chauffeur stepped out of the car. Even the driver looked handsome and well-built! The person inside the car must've been something extremely influential!

The chauffeur used his body to block the people's view and then opened the door to a small crack.

"Ready Ma'am?" He asked, blocking the bright flashes of the camera.

Zhao Lifei breathed deeply and then nodded. "Ready." She firmly said.

The chauffeur gave her a confirmation nod before stepping aside and opening the door to its full glory.

Instantly, the cameras clicked and the loud voices of the people could be heard. Many gasp spread throughout the crowd as the cameras moved faster than the speed of light.

One long, slender leg came out first, followed by another.

When Zhao Lifei stepped out in all of her glory, her shoulders held back and her head high, the people could not believe their eyes. Dressed in a beautiful color, enhanced by her sapphire earrings, she looked like a dazzling Goddess.

When she smiled and elegantly waved to the camera, chaos ensued. Interviewers pressed forward, cameras clicked faster, and the people began to whisper and talk among themselves.

They didn't expect the former Queen of the Socialites to step out so elegantly. For Goodness sake, she was kicked off of her throne, but she walked like she still held the crown!

"No way! That's Zhao Lifei?!"

"How was she able to get her hands on that dress?! It's customed designed-"

"Wait a minute...that dress..."

"Forget about the dress, just look at the earrings on her ears!"

"Tch, which big thigh is she clutching now?"

"Hah! Of course the slut would find a sugar daddy so soon! Always leeching off of some man's money!"

"And she came without a date, how embarrassing."

The people talked and gossiped about Zhao Lifei's presence. If she heard any of their disrespectful terms, she didn't show it. Instead, she smiled brightly for her haters and strolled down the red carpet, like a Goddess walking on marble columns.

Even if she looked absolutely perfect, without a single flaw in sight, the people would talk. Even if she was dressed in an expensive outfit, they'll always point out the imperfections.

Zhao Lifei had already accepted the cruel reality. No matter what she did or say, the people would talk because that was her nature. Once upon a time, she was also like those people whose heart was filled with displeasure and hatred.

She understood where their words were coming from, but she never realized the impact it had upon someone, until she was the one to experience these throat-cutting words.

Paying no mind to the loud chatter, Zhao Lifei walked into the banquet. She didn't spare the hostess a second glance when she passed the invitation to her and walked into the banquet.

When the door was pushed open, a hundred pair of eyes trailed to her. Instantly, the lively chatter died in to low mummers. The music was still playing, the people were still mingling, but many eyes were trained on the former Queen.

When the people had, saw her name on the list, they'd thought she would be too scared to even come. The people thought she would be a coward and run away, so when she came, dressed to her best abilities, the people were surprised.

That was, until they took a better glance at her outfit.

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