Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 768 - 768 First Point of Torture

Chapter 768 – 768 First Point of Torture

768 First Point of Torture



“Good day, Ye Cheng.”

Ye Cheng blinked back his surprise and quickly got his act together.

“Sir, good day. Please have a seat.” He gestured towards the two seats in front of him before letting his sharp glare land on Yo Wang Lei.

“Thank you. Oh please do not kill him. I needed to see you since I was in the city and since I know you have been offended.”

“Mr. Lin Liqin, you are my in-law, you need not apologize for coming to see,” Ye Cheng stated with a small smile and took his seat.

Following suit, You Wang Lei sat down too and placed a hand on the table before them.

“Please, to what do I owe this visit?”


As much as Lin Liqin wanted to keep quiet about things, he knew soon enough the news may go viral about what happened and people like Yi Wang Lei would find out.

Throwing his shame away, his eyes became stern and he did the needful.

“I got a call from my older brother, Lin Zian, informing me of what my wife did with my sister.”

Ye Cheng’s expression turned indifferent immediately.

Just the thought of what Li Jing had to go through alone with those thugs and the mishap that may have happened had he not arrived there in time, made his heart clench.

He had sworn not to forgive those involved and made them pay for the truamatic experience they had given his wife.

Thinking the world deserved better, he refrained from being brutal with people and treated them fairly even after so many hurts and betrayal but it turned out that humans did not deserve second chances.

Most of them at least because at any given opportunity they get to stab you in the back, they do so without any form of remorse.

Who was he to play the role of a saint.

Bringing both hands locked in front of his face, Ye Cheng gave a soft hum but his eyes were far from soft.

“For starters I am not here to plead for mercy for my wife and sister as they deserve whatever is coming to them.”

“Then what are you here for sir?” He questioned not giving the older man to finish.

His patience was growing thin and if not for his respect he had for the general he would have sent him out for being related to those idiots who hurt his wife.

“Calm your horses, Ye Cheng, I come in peace. I did not come for war. However, I am here to apologize to you.”

“Apologize?” Yi Wang Lei could not hold it in any longer and decided to butt in.

“Yes,” Lin Liqin affirmed with a nod and drew his attention back to Ye Cheng.

“As the head of my family, I am responsible for any acttion taken by those under me and whether or not I know about it is no excuse. It shames me to hear what they did and so I came here today to plead your forgiveness.”

He stood up suddenly and was about dropping to his knees before them, ignoring his all white suit he was wearing when He Cheng rose quickly and held a hand out to stop him.


Stopping mid way with one knee already bent, Lin Liqin lifted his eyes and saw the true nature of his in-law.

“Please,” Ye Cheng added when he sensed the hesitation. “Please sir. Do not degrade yourself for people who are not worth it. Your honour is worth more,” he added.

“It is not a disgrace, son. That honour was gone when I failed to tame my family, my wife and she went wild with her actions. As the head of the family, I take all blame.”

“No. Stop punishing yourself. You do not deserve such. You deserve better. Please rise.”

He waited still, contemplating on whether to listen or truly go down and plead.

It wasn’t until You Wang Lei who remained in shock intervened that he finally listened and stood up.

“I am sorry, Ye Cheng. I apologize on behalf of my wife and son. Please forgive us.”

“The apology is not meant for me for Li Jing. From what I gather, they have been out to get her since her return. They made things hard for her.”

“Yes. I plan on visiting Li Jing first after leaving here. My grandnoce deserves all my apology. I only hope she can forgive me.”

“Nonsense, then you do not know Li Jing. My wife is the best. She is not holding a grudge towards you. You are one of her favourites but I cannot say the same for your wife and sister.”

“I understand. I have given you my permission to deal with them as you see fit. All I ask is that you please spare their lives but let them face the full brunt of the law. I believe in justice. I won’t play a hand in diverting justice.”

“I never planned on doing so either. They will serve as a lesson to all those coming. I shall crush everyone who dares to intimidate and cross my wife.”

“As you should. Take. Are of her well, Li Jing is our rare gem.”



Cooh~ Coohh~

The sou d of heavy coughing and panting resounded in the semi dark room as a man tied to the chair finally opened his eyes.

A few seconds passed he successfully adjusted his eyesight to the lighting in the room, particularly the touch pointed at his face.

“Aish,” he groaned out and turned his head.

As much as he wished to cover his eyes, he soon came to the realization that his hands were securely tied behind him to the chair.

He shook, trying so hard to struggle against his restraints but all he got in response was the mocking laughter of a man his g behind the light pointed at him.

“Scoundrel! Show your face if you dare,” the man insulted in a daring manner.

“Well, well, well. A loosed dog faraway from home and his master has the audacity to bark at my presence. The effontery.”

“Show your face,” he declared once more and looked straight at the light, waiting for the man go make an appearance.

“Sure but you have no right to wag your tail in my presence you puny street lap dog.”

No sooner had those words been uttered from Fong Cai’s lips than the light his hand went off and he took a few steps forward.

All of a sudden the lights in the room came on, shining straight into his eyes, making him squint.

“Look,” Fong Cai ordered and a heavy punch was sent to the scoundrel’s head.


Slowly the man lifted his head, twisting his lips from having the effect tear his lips.

“You know why you are here?” He asked with a grin plastered on his face.

“You dimwit how am I supposed to know?”


“Wrong answer, but I’ll help. You offended an untouchable person and had the guts to threaten her.”

His eyes widened a bit. He may not have known who exactly but he could guess the only female he threatened recently.

“Now, you will find out that there are more than one way to threaten and kill a person. The first point of torture is…”

He spread his hands to the side and took a step away from his view, giving a front row seat to see the torture equipments waiting to be used on him.

“Shall we begin?”

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