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Chapter 671 - Dream

Chapter 671: Dream

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In the past twenty years, other than the last time Lu Qi was admitted to university, Lu Nian had never been so intimate with anyone of the opposite sex. He had suspected that he was also afraid of women.

He had thought that when Qiao Nian had hugged him just now, he might have felt all kinds of discomfort. He might have pushed Qiao Nian away without hesitation.

He was still worried that he would hurt Qiao Nian.

But now that he was hugged by Qiao Nian, he could feel her excited and warm heart.

This was his biological sister, and his beloved sister, Sugar.

Lu Nian raised his hand bit by bit, then hugged Qiao Nian tightly. However, he was afraid that he would hurt Qiao Nian, so he let go slightly.

Lu Nian’s broken heart seemed to have been repaired in an instant. His heart was filled with gratitude and joy.

At this moment, he was like a man who had just fallen in love. He was at a loss. He looked down at Qiao Nian’s beautiful hair, and his eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

The last time he hugged Qiao Nian, she was still a soft and cuddly little ball.

For the past twenty years, he had been in a daze.

Only now did he feel the meaning of life.

He rested his chin gently on the top of Qiao Nian’s head and slowly closed his eyes. Then, he felt the happiness of finding Sugar.

Qiao Nian buried her head in Lu Nian’s chest. Second Brother’s body was very warm, making her feel at ease.

She smelled the unique fragrance on Lu Nian’s body. This fragrance seemed to be the essence of some plant that was fragrant and elegant.

This clean smell made Qiao Nian feel as if she was standing in front of nature.

When Qiao Nian smelled this, her memories couldn’t help but drift away.

She vaguely remembered sitting in someone’s arms, her head resting on that person’s chest like this. This comforting warmth enveloped her, making her feel that there was nothing more terrifying in this world.

In a daze, Qiao Nian recalled the dream she had in the past.

In her dream, she seemed to be sitting on a recliner beside the piano. Sunlight filtered through the tempered glass and fell on the little boy sitting beside the piano.

The little boy didn’t look very old. He seemed to be only five or six years old. He was wearing a proper suit, as if he was a noble young master who had walked out of a comic book.

She rested her chin on her hands and stared unblinkingly at the little boy.

He could vaguely see the little boy smiling at her, followed by warm, happy music coming from the piano.

However, she could not see the little boy’s face clearly.

However, Qiao Nian was certain of one thing.

She liked that warm feeling very much, and she especially liked that song.

Suddenly, a series of music played in her mind.

Qiao Nian was stunned.

That string of music was a little similar to the one she had played just now. When she heard that music, it was as if she was wrapped in warmth.

Qiao Nian gently pushed Lu Nian away and tilted her ear slightly, as if she was listening intently.

Lu Nian looked at Qiao Nian in surprise and slowly let go of her. A trace of confusion flashed in his eyes. Could it be that his sister had been provoked?

He looked at Lu Zhu uneasily, wanting to see the answer in his eyes. However, Lu Zhu seemed to be the same as him, not understanding what was going on with Qiao Nian.

“Second Brother…”

Qiao Nian’s voice interrupted Lu Nian’s thoughts. Lu Nian looked at Qiao Nian intently and replied softly.

“When I was young, did I often go to the piano room with you? Sometimes, I sat in your arms, and sometimes, I sat by the piano and listened to you play the piano?” Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on Lu Nian’s face as she asked carefully.

Lu Nian didn’t understand why Qiao Nian would ask this. He nodded, his heart pounding as he recalled the past.

Previously, when he saw the DNA test report, he still had a trace of doubt. However, Qiao Nian’s question dispelled the confusion in his heart.

This matter was between him and Sugar. He had never told anyone else, and Sugar was very young at that time. It was impossible for her to tell anyone else about this.

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