Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 49 - Bastard!

Chapter 49: Bastard!

Chen Qing was also momentarily stunned. He hadn’t brought a knife with him. As his gaze fell on a nearby rock, he wondered if he should use the rock to smash Zheng He’s hand off.

“By the way, cut off his tongue as well. He’s too noisy!” Gu Zhou said expressionlessly. “He insulted my date and humiliated me. He should bear the consequences.”

Chen Qing gave a murmur of assent.

The people around them trembled in fear.

Qiao Xin, who was standing in the crowd, looked at Gu Zhou in disbelief. Gu Zhou was cold, and treated people so ruthlessly. It seemed that it would not be easy for her to get Gu Zhou’s heart.

Zheng He was trembling in fear. His pants were wet again. He had wet himself twice in a row today.

Zheng He took out his phone and called his father with trembling hands. His father was the only one who could save him now.

Fortunately, the call went through very quickly.

Zheng He wiped his tears and sniffled. In a pretentious manner, he said, “Dad, hurry up and save me. Gu Zhou has gone crazy. For the sake of a b*tch named Qiao Nian, he actually wants to cut off my hand and my tongue. You have to kill them!”

The other end of the line seemed to hesitate for a moment before Zheng An’s voice came through.

“Did you just say Qiao Nian?”

“Yes, that’s right. That little b*tch is called Qiao Nian!” Zheng He said indignantly. “She relied on her good looks and petty means to defeat us utterly. She even forced me to kneel down and apologize to her!”

The more Zheng He spoke, the angrier he became. He yearned to tear Qiao Nian to shreds right now.

“Qiao Nian from An City?”

“Yes, that’s her!”

When Zheng An heard Zheng He’s words, his chest tightened. His hand, which was holding the phone, began to tremble involuntarily. He yearned to crawl through the phone line to Zheng He and give this unfilial son two hard slaps.

“Bastard! What else can you do but cause trouble?!”

Zheng He was stunned for a moment. He glanced at his phone in disbelief. Was the person speaking really his father?

His father had always doted on him the most. He had always been gentle with him. How could he be so fierce?

Zheng He felt that he must be hallucinating.

“Dad, listen to me. They’re the ones who bullied me. They…”

Before Zheng He could finish his sentence, Zheng An interrupted him mercilessly.

“If you say another word of nonsense, I’ll cut your tongue off. From what I know of Qiao Nian’s cold nature, how could she bother to even speak with you? You must have provoked her!”

Zheng He blinked in confusion. “Dad, do you know her?”

“If she didn’t save me back then, our family wouldn’t have managed to get where we are today. Indeed, the two of us would have been separated by life and death long ago. She’s our family’s great benefactor!”

Zheng He was so shocked that he dropped his phone.

He hurriedly picked up his phone again. He couldn’t believe—he didn’t dare to believe—that the person who had saved his father back then was Qiao Nian.

Zheng An’s voice, full of exasperation and anger, came through the phone. “You unfilial son! You’re in big trouble. Hurry up and give her the phone!”

The onlookers watched as Zheng He’s expression turned uglier and uglier. They couldn’t help but feel curious. In the end, they saw Zheng He crawl to Qiao Nian on his knees.

Everyone’s expression changed. Zheng An must have wanted to say something vicious to Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian glanced at the phone. At Zheng He’s request, she picked it up.

The lust drug in her body had already flared up, and her entire body was aching terribly. All she wanted to do now was resolve this trivial matter as soon as possible so that she could cure the poison.

Qiao Nian took the phone and turned on the speaker.

Zheng An’s respectful voice came through the phone.

“Miss Qiao, thank you for saving me back then. If it weren’t for you, I would have been reduced to a pile of bones long ago. I’ve remembered your kindness till today, but I never would have thought that when I next contacted you, it would be because my unfilial son offended you. I’m truly sorry!”

Zheng He lowered his head even more. He didn’t know that Qiao Nian had saved his father’s life.. Surely he couldn’t be blamed for this!

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