Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Weakness

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Qiao Nian did not intend to expose Jiang Chi’s thoughts. Her gaze landed on Jiang Cheng’s face again. She said, “I feel that there’s reincarnation in this world. Sometimes, I’ll always have the same dream. That dream seems to have happened in my previous life. Perhaps it’s reminding me of my previous life?”

Jiang Chi looked at Qiao Nian seriously, listening intently. Qiao Nian’s hair fell slightly by her ears, making her face look even gentler.

Actually, Jiang Chi had the same feeling because he would always dream of something more realistic. However, when he woke up, he would forget about the dream and only vaguely remember that he had once dreamed of this.

Qiao Nian’s gaze was still on Jiang Cheng’s face. She said softly, “If a person dies, they will have resentment or worry in their heart. Their soul won’t be able to rest in peace, nor will they be able to embark on the path of reincarnation and reincarnate again!”

Actually, Qiao Nian didn’t know if this was right. Her grandfather had told her all this, and she felt that it made a lot of sense.


Moreover, she hoped that her dead child would be able to rest in peace and reincarnate again to spend his life in a happy family.

Qiao Nian blinked slightly and retracted her thoughts. Her gaze landed on Jiang Chi’s face as she said, “If he hates my brother, I think my brother has to apologize personally to appease his anger. If you kill my brother, his soul won’t be able to rest in peace.”

When Jiang Chi heard Qiao Nian’s words, it was as if he had heard a huge joke. He retorted sarcastically, “Apologize? How could someone like Lu Zhu apologize?”

Qiao Nian looked straight into his zombie-like eyes and said firmly, “I will only know what happened back then after asking my brother. If it’s his fault, I’ll definitely persuade him to apologize! Besides, you haven’t asked him, nor have you tried. How do you know that he’s unwilling to apologize?”

Jiang Chi’s cold heart instantly wavered.

Jiang Cheng was his weakness and everything he had.

Qiao Nian had made such a request because she had seen through this.

Qiao Nian was really worried about Lu Zhu. Previously, Jiang Wen had said that Lu Zhu had lost too much blood. One could die from excessive blood loss.

Every minute and second was precious now. If he delayed any longer, Lu Zhu would be in more danger.

Jiang Chi’s gaze landed on Qiao Nian’s beautiful fox-like face. His dark brown eyes were filled with gentleness and a hint of anxiety.

Jiang Chi wasn’t a fool. How could he not know what Qiao Nian was thinking?

Qiao Nian was just looking for an excuse to see Lu Zhu.

If what Qiao Nian said was true, even if it was only one percent, he was willing to give it a try.

Jiang Chi looked at Qiao Nian’s lips, which had turned pale from the cold and were still trembling. His throat involuntarily moved as he relented and said, “I’ll take you to see him!”

Hearing Jiang Chi’s words, Qiao Nian’s heart relaxed slightly. She followed him out.

When Qiao Nian reached the entrance of the praying room, she couldn’t help but turn around to look at the ice coffin in Jiang Cheng.

Naturally, Jiang Chi could tell what Qiao Nian was doing. He looked coldly to the side and continued walking forward.

When the praying room door closed, Qiao Nian looked away, feeling a little uneasy.

She wondered how Lu Zhu was doing now.

Previously, Qiao Nian had hated Jiang Chi very much. However, after blowing up his castle and seeing that everything he had done was for the sake of the dead Jiang Cheng, she no longer felt as determined as before.

Perhaps they could still reconcile with Jiang Chi.


Just as Qiao Nian spoke, she heard Jiang Chi say to Jiang Wen, “Take her to see Lu Zhu!”

When Jiang Wen heard Jiang Chi’s words, he nodded, his eyes filled with disbelief. He didn’t know what method Qiao Nian had used to make Chief Jiang change his mind.

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