Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 34 - : Plotted Against

Chapter 34: Plotted Against

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“That was in the past, Young Master Shen. You shouldn’t feel obliged,” Qiao Nian said as she tucked her hair behind her ear. She saw someone approaching from afar. “Young Master Shen, please excuse me!”

Shen Mo nodded slightly.

Qiao Nian walked towards the stairs in her high heels. Along the way, she passed by Qiao Xin, but left without even turning to look at her.

Qiao Xin gave Qiao Nian a strange look. She had wanted to speak to Qiao Nian, but seeing Qiao Nian ignore her completely, she couldn’t be bothered to speak up. She would just be snubbed anyway.

Qiao Xin walked towards the bathroom. When she saw Shen Mo, she smiled and greeted, “Young Master Shen.”

Shen Mo nodded elegantly in response. He walked towards the stairs, his expression blank.

Zhao Qian, who had been hiding in the room, saw that Qiao Nian and Shen Mo had left. Only then did she step out of the room, frowning.

Zhao Qian mused to herself. Shen Mo and Qiao Nian had met up privately, without anyone else knowing. Could it be that they were having an affair?

As she thought about this, Zhao Qian’s eyes lit up. If Brother Gu Zhou knew that Qiao Nian was together with another man, he would definitely divorce her. When that happened, she could marry Brother Gu Zhou!

Zhao Qian regretted not taking a photo of Shen Mo and Qiao Nian together. If she had, she could have sent it to Brother Gu Zhou. However, she felt that Qiao Nian would definitely meet Shen Mo again.

Qiao Nian went downstairs. Sitting alone, she began to eat quietly. After a while, her phone buzzed. She unlocked her phone and saw that Old A had sent Shen Yue’s information over.

The information that Old A had found covered all the same bases, but Shen Yue’s information was still only from five years ago. In the end, the words “whereabouts unknown” indicated the time she had disappeared.

Frustrated, Qiao Nian took a sip of her wine, then calmed down. Her only hope was with Shen Mo.

After a while, a maid passed by Qiao Nian with a tray of drinks and said in a low voice, “Young Master Shen is waiting for you by the pool!”

Qiao Nian glanced at the maid’s retreating back. She stepped out of the villa.

After leaving the villa, Qiao Nian felt that the whole world had become much quieter. At long last, she no longer needed to listen to the cordial yet wholly insincere conversation of the people inside the house.

The Shen family’s garden was quite big. If Qiao Nian hadn’t asked the servants beforehand, she might have gotten lost.

She walked over to the pool. Seeing that there was no one around, Qiao Nian grew doubtful.

At this moment, a figure walked over from afar. Qiao Nian turned around and saw a dreadful-looking man walking towards her.

“Hey, gorgeous! Are you waiting for me?” The man looked at Qiao Nian lewdly. His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he rubbed his hands together. “Don’t be shy. Come with me, we’ll have fun together!”

Qiao Nian spun around. She was about to leave when she saw a young lady in a gown standing behind her.

The young lady was holding a bat in her hand. Without hesitation, she brought the bat down on Qiao Nian’s head.

Did someone set her up?

Qiao Nian was already holding a coma-inducing drug in her hand. Without hesitation, she threw the drug in the girl’s face and was about to leave when the man walked up to the girl, grabbing hold of her.

“Miss, what happened? Are you alright?” The man looked at the young lady anxiously.

Qiao Nian immediately turned to walk towards the villa. From afar, she saw many people walking out of the villa. She had no choice but to hide in a dark corner.

Could someone have set her up?

Qiao Nian looked towards the side of the pool. The young lady had thrown herself into the man’s arms. The two of them were entangled together in a fit of passion.

Something was wrong.

The drug she gave the girl would only have made her unconscious.

Qiao Nian suddenly recalled that when she left, she had smelled the fragrance of the girl’s perfume. It seemed to be mixed with some other scent.

It was a lust drug!

The powdered drug should have been on the gown that the young lady was wearing. The drug would take effect immediately after touching the skin, and someone standing one meter away would also be aroused by the smell.

If Qiao Nian wasn’t wrong, someone must have invited the young lady and the man to the pool at the same time. If Qiao Nian had smelled the scent of love powder, she might be locked in an embrace with the two of them now.

What a vicious scheme!

Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on the group of people coming out of the villa. Zhao Qian was at the front, Qiao Xin was at the back, and there were a few socialites in between that Qiao Nian didn’t recognize.

Qiao Nian’s expression darkened. She took out her cell phone and took a photo of the six of them. It must have been one of them who had planned this.

Qiao Xin, Zhao Qian, and the others walked to the pool, only to glimpse the young lady and the man having sex.


Zhao Qian’s scream rang out, frightening away all the birds in the garden.

“Don’t scream!” Qiao Xin covered Zhao Qian’s mouth and said softly, “Right now, we should pretend that we didn’t see anything. Let’s get out of here!”

Zhao Qian nodded, dazed.. Just as she was about to leave, she saw many servants running over towards them. Her expression instantly turned ugly!

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