Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 246 - Shocked!  

Chapter 246: Shocked!

That man…

That man was actually Mr. Dong Hua’s manager!

Oh my god, was there something wrong with her eyes?

With this thought in mind, Gao Lin hurriedly rubbed her eyes. When she opened them again, she was once again certain that the person standing in front of Xia Xue was Brother Cao, Mr. Dong Hua’s manager.

Gao Lin’s heart was beating extremely fast. Her entire mind was filled with excitement. She saw Brother Cao give Xia Xue a phone number and leave.

Gao Lin ran towards Xia Xue and called out excitedly, “Sister Xia Xue!”

When Xia Xue heard the voice, she turned around. Her originally worried willowy eyebrows instantly relaxed, and there were two small dimples on the side of her face. She looked gentle and sweet, giving off a peaceful feeling.

“Lin Lin, why are you here?” Xia Xue smiled and walked up to Gao Lin.

Gao Lin smiled at Xia Xue and said, “I’m here for you.”

Xia Xue smiled sweetly and asked with concern, “By the way, last night, you told me that Ye Ran from your class has a ticket for Mr. Dong Hua. Then, you and her…”

Without waiting for Xia Xue to finish, Gao Lin said dejectedly, “That ticket of hers was fake.”

Xia Xue frowned slightly. “Fake?”

Gao Lin pouted and nodded slightly. If it weren’t for Ye Ran, she wouldn’t have embarrassed herself today.

Xia Xue was slightly stunned, but she didn’t say anything. It was difficult to get a ticket to Mr. Dong Hua’s concert, so it was normal that she couldn’t get one.

Gao Lin glanced in the direction Brother Cao had left in and asked, “Sister Xia Xue, why did Brother Cao look for you just now?”

“Do you know that person?” Xia Xue looked at Gao Lin in confusion.

Gao Lin was slightly stunned. She asked in surprise, “Sister Xia Xue, don’t you know him?”

Xia Xue blinked in confusion and said blankly, “This is the first time I’ve seen him. How can I know him?”

“Oh my god, Sister Xia Xue, you shouldn’t be immersed in music every day. You should pay attention to what’s going on outside. The person who spoke to you just now was Brother Cao. He’s Mr. Dong Hua’s manager,” Gao Lin said excitedly.

Xia Xue found the word “Brother Cao” familiar. She thought for a long while before asking, “Is it really Brother Cao?”

“It’s Brother Cao. He’s really Brother Cao. He’s Mr. Dong Hua’s manager!!!” Gao Lin really expected better from her.

“What?” Xia Xue looked at Gao Lin in shock. Her mouth was wide open, and her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Gao Lin looked at Xia Xue curiously and asked, “What did he say when he looked for you just now?”

Xia Xue’s heart was still beating very fast. She said, “He asked if I could go to practice room 23. He said that he had something to discuss with me.”

Gao Lin covered her mouth in excitement and held her breath. She looked at Xia Xue expectantly. “Then what will you say?”

“I… I didn’t know that he was Brother Cao. I thought that other classmates wanted me to teach them. You know, I usually make the best use of my time to train, and my schedule is very full. So, I rejected him.” At this point, Xia Xue looked vexed, and her excitement instantly disappeared. “If I had known that he was Brother Cao, I would never have rejected him!”

No amount of money could buy that opportunity.

Xia Xue was filled with regret.

Gao Lin’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Oh my god, you actually rejected him?”

Xia Xue was also extremely regretful, but there was no medicine for regret now.

After Gao Lin calmed down, she asked curiously, “Sister Xia Xue, do you think he came to our school and heard of your good name? That must be why he’s looking for you. He wants you to debut!”

“Oh my god, then wouldn’t I have missed the best opportunity to debut? Moreover, I missed Brother Cao. He’s a top manager!” Regret was written all over Xia Xue’s delicate face. Her face was pale, without a trace of blood.

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