Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 234 - Where's the Evidence?  

Chapter 234: Where’s the Evidence?

When Ye Ran heard Wang Xuan’s words, she straightened her back and no longer tried to hide anything. She asked, “Alright, then tell me, if she didn’t steal my tickets, who did?”

“What right do you have to say that your tickets must have been stolen?”

Ye Ran straightened her back and said reasonably, “Qiao Nian was the last to leave last night. She was acting suspiciously. If she wasn’t stealing from the classroom, what else could she have done? I’m going to ask her now. What has this got to do with you? If you stand up for her, do you want me to think the two of you worked together to steal the tickets?”

Ye Ran tried to accuse both Wang Xuan and Qiao Nian of being thieves.

When Qiao Nian heard Ye Ran’s words, she sneered, her eyes filled with coldness. “Why should we believe whatever you say? Where’s the evidence? Take it out!”

“Evidence? What evidence do you need? You were the last to leave the classroom. This is evidence that you stole my tickets!” Ye Ran’s eyes widened as she glared at Qiao Nian angrily. “Return the tickets to me now. Kneel on the ground and kowtow three times. I’ll forgive you then!”

The girls who were close to Ye Ran also stepped forward and spoke.

“That’s right. You have to kneel down and apologize to our Ye Ran!”

“Qiao Nian, you’ve gone too far. How could you steal Ye Ran’s things? If you kneel down and apologize now, she’ll forgive you. Then, we won’t call the police!”

“Qiao Nian, you just joined our class yesterday. If you really stole something, everyone will hope that the incident will be resolved quickly as a small matter. Hurry up and take out the tickets. Otherwise, if the police hear about this, our class’s reputation will be ruined by you!”

Qiao Nian glanced at them and raised her eyebrows disapprovingly. She said calmly, “I told you I didn’t steal anything!”

“How about this, Qiao Nian. Can you let us search your things?” A girl who was especially close to Ye Ran stepped forward and suggested.

Qiao Nian glared coldly at the girl and questioned, “I didn’t steal anything. Why should I let you search me?”

“Qiao Nian, if you don’t dare to let us search you, it means that you stole it!”

“That’s right. Only thieves wouldn’t dare to let others search them!”

“Qiao Nian, we’re giving you face now. If you hand over the tickets voluntarily, we’ll let bygones be bygones!”

When Ye Ran heard these words, she agreed. “Qiao Nian, I knew you were a thief. If you don’t hand over the tickets now, I’ll call the police right now!”

Qiao Nian’s expression instantly turned cold.

When Wang Xuan heard these words, she frowned and said furiously, “You people have gone too far. Do you really think you can do whatever you want? No matter what, you should get Professor Zhang’s approval for rummaging through a classmate’s things!”

Ye Ran took a step forward and glared fiercely at Wang Xuan. “You, get lost!”

Ye Ran’s lackeys immediately pulled Wang Xuan away!

Ye Ran and her lackeys searched through Qiao Nian and Wang Xuan’s desks, but there was no sign of any tickets.

Ye Ran’s good friend turned around and met Qiao Nian’s cold eyes. She couldn’t help but shiver and had a bad feeling about this. Carefully, she said, “Sister Ye Ran, did we misunderstand our new classmate?”

Ye Ran shook her head and said sternly, “It’s impossible. She must’ve stolen it. Otherwise, who else could have stolen my tickets?”

Qiao Nian’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she looked at Ye Ran coldly. “Since you didn’t manage to find anything, apologize!”

Ye Ran bit her lip. She didn’t believe that Qiao Nian hadn’t stolen her tickets. She felt that Qiao Nian must have hidden them somewhere else.

“It’s impossible for me to apologize. It was clearly you and Wang Xuan who plotted together to steal my tickets!” Ye Ran said in exasperation, her face flushed red with anger.

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