Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 232 - Lost Tickets  

Chapter 232: Lost Tickets

“I’m fine. I just remembered something.”

As soon as Gu Zhou’s words fell, Qiao Nian’s hand, which was holding the wine bottle, trembled slightly. She pretended to be calm and covered the bottle again. Holding the crystal glass, she walked to the sofa and sat down again.

She swirled the crystal glass gently and looked at the red wine in it. She took a tentative sip and froze.


She drank the red wine from the crystal glass.

This texture was indeed different!

Qiao Nian brought the crystal cup to her lips and took another sip.

This taste was much better than those in ordinary wine glasses.

Qiao Nian swirled the crystal glass and said with a smile, “It tastes much better than those in ordinary glasses.”

“Yes.” Gu Zhou replied coldly. Before Qiao Nian could react, he turned off the lights.

Holding a glass of red wine, Qiao Nian looked in Gu Zhou’s direction in confusion, frowning slightly.

What was wrong with this man?

Why was he throwing a tantrum?

He had just said that he had recalled what happened. Why did he stop talking halfway?

Could it be that this man simply wanted to ask her how the crystal glass was?

Was it that strange?

Qiao Nian couldn’t understand Gu Zhou. She downed the cup in one gulp, placed the crystal cup on the coffee table and laid down calmly on the sofa.

The sofa was very soft. After a busy day, Qiao Nian fell asleep very quickly.

However, Gu Zhou did not feel sleepy at all.

In the darkness, his eyes were especially bright. He turned to look at Qiao Nian and saw her curled up on the sofa like a kitten.

Gu Zhou retracted his gaze with a complicated expression. He had a strange dream just now.

He seemed to have dreamed of himself when he was young. Qiao Nian seemed to have been in his dream as well, but the details were unclear. He could vaguely remember some messy fragments.

It was as if he was sitting in the bathroom and Qiao Nian was gently helping him shower. Her beautiful fox-like eyes were filled with a gentleness he had never seen before.

That gaze gradually overlapped with his mother’s.

Gu Zhou did not understand why he had such a dream. Irritated, he turned around and closed his eyes, preparing to sleep.

The next day.

Qiao Nian tidied up early in the morning and took the violin Matriarch Gu had given her to school.

Before she reached the classroom door and stood in the corridor, she heard Ye Ran’s sobbing voice.

“Who is it? Who took my tickets?”

Qiao Nian walked in with her violin. She wasn’t surprised at all that Ye Ran had lost the tickets. Yesterday, Ye Ran had flaunted the tickets to Mr. Dong Hua’s concert in such a high-profile manner, attracting the attention of many people.

One had to pay the price for showing off.

Mr. Dong Hua’s tickets were very precious. There was no one in the class who didn’t want them.

That thief would probably never dare to take out the tickets for the rest of his life!

Qiao Nian calmly walked to her seat and sat down.

Seeing that Qiao Nian had arrived, Wang Xuan greeted her with a smile. “Good morning, Nian Nian!”

“Good morning.” Qiao Nian greeted him with a smile.

Wang Xuan looked curiously at the item in Qiao Nian’s hand. “Did you bring the violin?”


Wang Xuan looked at Qiao Nian in confusion. “Aren’t there many violins in our practice room? Won’t you be tired if you bring your violin to class?”

Qiao Nian smiled and shook her head. She explained, “This violin is very important to me. I want to familiarize myself with it as soon as possible. In the future, I will play it for someone who’s very important to me.”

Wang Xuan smiled and nodded. “Nian Nian, you’re the best. You must really like that person!”

Qiao Nian smiled.

Ye Ran’s face was filled with anger as she shouted, “Who has such despicable hands and was a thief? If I catch you, I’ll definitely send you to the police station. Don’t you know that being a thief is against the law?”

Seeing that Ye Ran was furious, some students comforted her in low voices. “Ye Ran, could it have been placed somewhere else?”

“Yes, think about it carefully!”

“There shouldn’t be anyone in our class who would steal!”

Ye Ran’s expression darkened. Shaking her head, she said tearfully, “I’m sure. My tickets are sandwiched in the sheet music. By the way, who was the last to leave yesterday?”

“Ah, I remember that she was the last student to leave!”

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