Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 230 - Enrollment Gift

Chapter 230: Enrollment Gift

Seeing Brother Cao pulling a long face, Donghua called out, “Brother Cao.”


“Brother Cao, don’t you think red clashes with purple?”

Brother Cao, who weighed 100 kilograms, looked down at himself. He was wearing a bright red shirt paired with purple tights. He thought he looked especially festive. Wasn’t this a good thing?

Brother Cao’s gaze fell on Donghua. He was wearing a white shirt and black suit pants. He looked so plain and ugly!

“What do you know? This is fashion!” Brother Cao said sternly.

“Oh, okay. Remember to take care of the things I asked you about.”

Brother Cao said impatiently, “Alright, I understand. You’ve been attracting women everywhere you go. If you get raped or harassed by some young lady, there’ll be no place for you to cry.”

Donghua: …

Although he knew that Brother Cao was concerned about him, why did Brother Cao’s words sound so odd?

Donghua looked at Brother Cao’s nervous expression and said, “Brother Cao, I think you’re the one who can’t show your face!”

Brother Cao’s expression froze for a moment. His mind finally caught up. In a panic, he hurriedly covered his face with both hands.

Everyone in the world knew that he was Mr. Donghua’s manager. If they found him, they would be able to find Mr. Donghua. It had to be known that Donghua was usually unwilling to leave the house. No matter what it was, Brother Cao would be asked to do it in his stead.

In the evening.

When Qiao Nian returned to the Gu family villa, she was beaming.

Jiang Yue was sitting in the living room, reading a medical book. When she saw that Qiao Nian had returned, she stopped what she was doing and greeted her with a smile. “Second Sister-in-law, you’re back!”

Qiao Nian’s good mood instantly vanished. She looked at Jiang Yue and said impassively, “What can I do for you?”

“Second Sister-in-law, how was your first day at school today?” Jiang Yue asked earnestly, a smile on her face.

“Not bad.” Qiao Nian wasn’t used to Jiang Yue fawning over her. To be honest, she almost preferred Jiang Yue’s arrogant demeanor in the past.

“Second Sister-in-law, Grandma asked you to visit her room.” Jiang Yue said, still smiling.

Qiao Nian gave a faint response and walked upstairs.

She walked to Matriarch Gu’s bedroom and knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

Matriarch Gu’s voice came from inside the room.

Qiao Nian pushed the door open and entered. She saw Matriarch Gu sitting by the French window, wiping a violin.

That violin was beautiful and elegant. Just one glance was enough to make one unable to look away.

Qiao Nian walked over and stood next to Matriarch Gu, staring unblinkingly at the violin.

As she got closer, she could even smell the faint woody fragrance of the violin.

“Take a look at this.” Matriarch Gu put down the cloth and handed the violin to Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian took the violin with the utmost care, and stroked it gently.

The violin was cold to the touch, and the wood was silky smooth. It was a rare gem.

Matriarch Gu’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face. Smiling, she said, “Nian Nian, this is a violin I’ve always treasured. I wonder if you like it?”

Who wouldn’t like such a good violin?

Qiao Nian looked at the violin longingly and said with sincerity, “I like it!”

“This violin has previously been used by Mr. Bei. I only obtained it by chance.” Matriarch Gu looked at Qiao Nian gently.

When Qiao Nian heard Matriarch Gu’s words, the joy in her eyes intensified. She caressed the violin lovingly.

“I heard from Ah Zhou that you’ve reported to the music school today.” Seeing Qiao Nian nod, Matriarch Gu said, “I was thinking of giving you an enrollment gift. I didn’t know what instrument you liked, but after thinking about it, I decided to give you my violin. I haven’t been using it in a while. I hope you won’t mind.”

Qiao Nian’s eyes lit up with excitement. With emotion in her voice, she said, “Grandma, this is a violin that’s one in a million. Moreover, it was used by Mr. Bei. Isn’t this gift a little too valuable?”

“Whether something is valuable or not doesn’t depend on its cost. It depends on who owns it, and whether it is able to be the best it can be in that person’s hands,” Matriarch Gu said. She took Qiao Nian’s hand and patted it gently.

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