Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 216 - Awake  

Chapter 216: Awake

“Oh.” Gu Zhou sat obediently in the bathtub. Seeing Qiao Nian’s face turn even redder, he suddenly realized something. Puzzled, he asked, “Nian Nian, are you shy?”

Qiao Nian really wanted to seal Gu Zhou’s mouth shut, just to make him stop spouting nonsense.

“Zhou Zhou is wearing pants,” Gu Zhou said proudly.

Qiao Nian opened her eyes, her temper rising. She said angrily, “Since you’re wearing pants, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Gu Zhou’s little face fell. He said pitifully, “Nian Nian, you’re being fierce to me again.”

Qiao Nian was seeing red, the rage causing the blood to rush to her head. Her mind was on the verge of collapse. She wanted to cry, but no tears would come. Was there any way to make Gu Zhou return to normal immediately?

“I won’t be fierce with you anymore.” Suppressing her anger, Qiao Nian said, “Turn around. I’ll wipe your back!”

Gu Zhou turned around, but looked back at Qiao Nian every now and then. He was pouting a little, as if he was worried that Qiao Nian would get angry again.

The bathroom was filled with mist, and the fragrance of shower gel filled the air.

Qiao Nian aimed the showerhead at Gu Zhou’s back. With the hot water running down his back, the tense muscles on his back gradually relaxed.

Seeing this, Qiao Nian fixed the showerhead in place and rolled up her sleeves. With a serious expression, she began massaging the acupuncture points on Gu Zhou’s back.

Gu Zhou’s back was facing Qiao Nian. Suddenly, he felt a piercing pain in his back. It was so painful that he frowned. He couldn’t help but grunt. “Nian Nian, it hurts.”

Qiao Nian showed no mercy. “Bear with it.”

When Gu Zhou heard this, he pursed his lips and clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

After a while, Gu Zhou gave a muffled groan and fainted.

Qiao Nian quickly caught hold of Gu Zhou and hurriedly turned off the showerhead. She called out worriedly, “Gu Zhou?”

However, Gu Zhou did not react.

“Gu Zhou?” Qiao Nian gently shook Gu Zhou, but he still didn’t react.

Qiao Nian turned to the bathroom door and shouted, “Chen Qing, come in and help.”

When Chen Qing entered, he saw that Gu Zhou had already fainted. He looked at Qiao Nian in surprise. “Young Madam, what’s wrong with Second Young Master?”

“He’s fainted,” Qiao Nian said calmly. “Help me support him. I’ll go get the medical kit. I’ll take this opportunity to perform acupuncture on him. Remember to dry his hair and back.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Chen Qing said.

Qiao Nian left Gu Zhou in Chen Qing’s hands and quickly walked out. When she returned, she took out a medicine bag from the medicine kit and handed it to Chen Qing. “Also, you can go and brew the medicine.”

Chen Qing nodded and turned to walk out.

Although this was not the first time Qiao Nian had seen Gu Zhou’s back, Gu Zhou’s figure always amazed her.

After taking a shower, Gu Zhou’s face was no longer as pale as it usually was. Instead, it was now flushed a healthy shade of pink. His thin lips were slightly pursed, and his long eyelashes were still dripping with water.

Qiao Nian got into the bathtub. When her fingers accidentally touched his Adonis belt, she felt Gu Zhou’s body stiffen. Stunned, she looked up and met a pair of cold eyes.

Those eyes were like two bottomless pools of ink, drawing her in.

Had Gu Zhou returned to normal?

Qiao Nian couldn’t help but smile in surprise. She said, “Gu Zhou, you’re awake!”

Gu Zhou’s expression remained cold. Narrowing his eyes, he questioned, “Who allowed you to strip me?”

The smile on Qiao Nian’s face faltered slightly. She looked at Gu Zhou in confusion.

“Who asked you to give me a bath without my permission?”

Displeasure was written all over Gu Zhou’s face. He looked at Qiao Nian as if she was already dead.

Looking at the current Gu Zhou, Qiao Nian recalled how adorable the clear-eyed Gu Zhou had been.

Qiao Nian placed the silver needles back into the medicine kit.

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