Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 203 - Are You Worthy?  

Chapter 203: Are You Worthy?

“If you leave your things around in a mess again, I’ll throw them away!” Gu Zhou said coldly.

Gripping the blessing bag tightly, Qiao Nian asked tentatively, “Do you not like blessing bags?”

“I just think this smells good. So I put it in the safe for some fragrance,” Gu Zhou said coldly, slamming the wardrobe shut.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou strangely. She had a nagging feeling that Gu Zhou was acting a little strange today. Didn’t he like ambergris? Why would he put a sandalwood-scented sachet in a safe?

What sort of safe would need a fragrance?

Gu Zhou walked to the dressing table and began to blow-dry his hair indifferently. With his back facing Qiao Nian, he said sternly, “Don’t leave your things around so carelessly in the future.”

Qiao Nian was still puzzled, but she nodded and said, “I understand.”

Holding the blessing bag, Qiao Nian left the house.

Not long after Qiao Nian left, Gu Zhou changed and went to the study. In less than ten minutes, he heard a knock on the door.

He had been feeling annoyed while reading through documents when the knock came. He said indifferently, “Come in!”

The door opened and Gu Zhou saw Wang Miao walking in timidly.

Gu Zhou’s expression darkened. So it was Wang Miao, this annoying person.

Wang Miao gave what she thought was a sweet smile. With her hands behind her back, she smiled at Gu Zhou and said in a weak voice, “Second Young Master.”

When Gu Zhou heard that, goosebumps rose all over his body. He frowned and looked at Wang Miao unhappily, his entire body exuding a cold aura. “What is it?”

Wang Miao smiled and took out the blessing bag behind her. Her blessing bag was also dark blue, exactly the same color as Qiao Nian’s.

However, Wang Miao’s blessing bag seemed to be more exquisite.

Although the two bags looked alike at first glance, they were actually completely different.

Gu Zhou thought of his blunder this morning and frowned. “Huh?”

Wang Miao smiled at Gu Zhou and said gently, “Second Young Master, I made two blessing bags last time. I thought you might not like the first blessing bag, so I wanted to give it to you.”

Seeing that Gu Zhou did not chase her out, Wang Miao continued, “Second Young Madam also said that my blessing bag was beautifully made. She wants an identical one too.”

Gu Zhou had already been fuming. Now that he heard Wang Miao’s words, his anger surged. He questioned coldly, “Are you trying to say that Qiao Nian plagiarized your idea of making a blessing bag?”

Wang Miao could naturally tell that Gu Zhou was unhappy, but she wasn’t that stupid. Pretending to be confused, she asked, “Ah, Second Young Master, do you think Second Young Madam made an identical blessing bag?”

“Second Young Madam is too polite. If I had known, I would have given her this blessing bag,” Wang Miao said in frustration. “I should have asked clearly before I did anything.”

“Identical?” Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly.

Wang Miao thought that Gu Zhou was fed up with Qiao Nian. She hurriedly nodded and said, “Second Young Madam did want to make a blessing bag identical to mine.”

Gu Zhou’s eyes instantly turned cold. The frigidness emanating from his body instantly chilled the originally warm study.

Only then did Wang Miao realize that she had said something wrong. She spoke anxiously, “Second… Second Young Master!”

“Are you worthy?” Gu Zhou enunciated each word clearly. The mockery in his words was obvious.

Wang Miao looked at Gu Zhou in shock. She didn’t know what she had said wrong.

This morning, she had seen the blessing bag in Qiao Nian’s hand. That blessing bag looked identical to the one she had embroidered. She explained anxiously, “Second Young Master, this blessing bag is my…”

“What does a blessing bag symbolize?” Gu Zhou interrupted Wang Miao mercilessly.

Wang Miao swayed on the spot, her mind in a mess. She answered, “It’s… it’s a blessing!”

“That’s right. It’s a blessing. Blessing bags are for dead people!” Gu Zhou said with a dark expression. He himself had only found out about this this morning.

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