Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 1550 - 1550 Injured

1550 Injured

However, before that, he and the Seventh Princess had to ensure their safety and not be discovered by those people.

It was precisely because of this that they would have no problem in the cave. He had also checked. There was quite a lot of food in the bag. There was enough for them.

Chen Qing brought a portion of food to the Seventh Princess and said, “Seventh Princess, eat something to fill your stomach first. I have to start a fire now, or we might catch a cold and fall ill.”

“Yes,” Lina replied weakly, taking the food from Chen Qing.

At this moment, Chen Qing was relieved to turn on his flashlight. He piled up the branches he had already moved in.

The branches were damp and a little difficult to light up.

After a long while, Chen Qing finally set the branches on fire.

Chen Qing felt that the fire was warm. He turned back to look at Lina and saw her leaning against the stone wall, eating at her feet. Her face had turned abnormally red.

Chen Qing frowned slightly. He felt that Lina was a little abnormal.

He walked over to Lina and squatted down. He called out softly, “Seventh Princess?”

Lina slept calmly, as if she did not hear Chen Qing’s voice at all.

Chen Qing gently patted Lina’s shoulder. “Seventh Princess?”

Lina opened her eyes in a daze, her forehead covered in sweat. She narrowed her eyes slightly at Chen Qing and said in a trembling voice, “It’s so cold…”


Chen Qing’s expression instantly turned serious. He placed his hand on Lina’s forehead, which was burning hot.

It seemed that she had a fever.

“Come and warm yourself by the fire.”

With that, Chen Qing saw Lina nod.

Lina was about to get up, but her body was too heavy. She fell back down heavily.

Chen Qing hurriedly helped Lina up.

Something was wrong.

If Lina only had a cold, she wouldn’t be so weak.

When Lina leaned against Chen Qing, her head gently rubbed against his shoulder like a cat.

Chen Qing stood rooted to the ground in shock. He looked at Lina in surprise.

Lina took the initiative and was about to wrap herself around Chen Qing, muttering about how cold it was.

This didn’t look like a cold at all. Chen Qing had a bad feeling. Could it be that Lina had been poisoned?

Chen Qing couldn’t be blamed for thinking too much. Previously, they had encountered a snake in the cave.

Chen Qing looked down at Lina and asked in a low voice, “Seventh Princess, wake up.”

Lina opened her eyes in a daze, her gaze unfocused. She raised her head slightly and moved closer to Chen Qing. Only then did she see him clearly. Her voice was weak. “What’s wrong?”

Her lips were a little purple. Every word she said was like swallowing a blade. She looked at Chen Qing in pain.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Chen Qing asked solemnly. “Are you injured?”

“Chen Qing, Chen Qing.” Lina looked at Chen Qing aggrievedly and sadly, her voice carrying a trace of begging. “It’s so cold. I want you to hug me.”

When Chen Qing heard Lina’s coquettish voice, his heart softened. He reached out and hugged her.

Lina was the seventh princess of Europe. She had been pampered since she was young and had never suffered. How could she take it?

Chen Qing carried Lina to the firewood. His jacket was still spread on the ground beside the firewood. He placed Lina on the jacket, and his gaze inadvertently fell on something as thin as paper in the corner.

That was…

Chen Qing’s eyes narrowed.

Snake skin.

He had a bad feeling about this. Was this a snake nest?

Chen Qing frowned and sized up his surroundings. There were many snakeskins around.

Chen Qing still remembered Lina’s panicked expression. At that time, he had thought that Lina was just afraid of snakes. Now, it seemed that that might not be the case.

“Seventh Princess, were you bitten by a snake?” Chen Qing looked at Lina in his arms impatiently and asked anxiously.

All the bones in Lina’s body seemed to have been smashed by a hammer bit by bit. There was nothing comfortable about her body. She opened her eyes in a daze, tears sliding down her face.

Lina sniffled, her body trembling slightly. “Yes.”

Chen Qing: Indeed, she was bitten by a snake.

“Where are you injured?” Chen Qing asked solemnly.

Lina said sobbingly, “My feet and waist.”

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