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Chapter 990: Is It Over?

Chapter 990: Is It Over?

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Xinghe and Mubai saw darkness before their eyes as they fainted. However, before they fainted, their hearts were worried because they could not tell for sure if their mission was successful or not. If it wasn't… then everything would be over!

Xinghe had a long dream, and she dreamed of her past. She dreamed about the days when she'd learned computer from her mother. She dreamed of her father, her stepfamily, Wu Rong and Wushuang. She even dreamed about how she had met Mubai when she was in her teens. However, her later memory of him seemed to vacate her mind, and after she grew up, they met each other again…

Then, she dreamed about every impossible thing that had happened since then. Finally, she dreamed about the present, about how she and Mubai had gone back into the past to try to change the future… and the uncertainty of their mission. Right then, Xinghe suddenly woke up from her dream!

She opened her eyes, and it was not the fifth dimension before her eyes but a carved ceiling. She was lying in a warm room. Beneath her was a plush bed, and there was even a faded smell of lavender in the air. Xinghe sat up with confusion as she tried to assess the situation. Where was Mubai and her mother?

Xinghe removed the bedsheet and walked to the floor length window in the room. She was shocked by the blue sea before her eyes. Waves lapped on the sandy beaches, and Mubai was sitting on the beach, quietly looking into the distance.

Xinghe stared at his back for quite some time before turning around. Not long after that, she left the seaside villa and plodded to the beach. Probably hearing her footsteps, Mubai, in a white dress shirt, turned around. The wind was tousling his hair, and his smile warmed her up from within.

"Come here." He extended her his arm as his eyes glowed with mischief. Xinghe took his hand, and he dragged her down into his embrace.

"Is it all over?" Xinghe asked as she stared into his eyes. Mubai did not answer but looked at her intensely and lovingly. It was as if they had not seen each other for a very long time, and he had missed her for years.

Xinghe was confused by this look of his and so she asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"No, it's fine." Mubai raised his hand to caress her face and a gentle and profound glow suffused his eyes. "I am just appreciative of the fact that you are still by my side."

Xinghe was further confused by him. Mubai hugged her tightly and whispered, "I have missed you twice, thankfully, third time's the charm."

As if fearful that she might slip from his embrace, Mubai snuggled her head into his chest and squeezed her tight. "Xinghe, I love you. I hope you will stay by my side forever, do you understand?"

Xinghe felt her throat choking. Mubai's sudden confession gave her a deep and pronounced stimulus. She finally understood what he was talking about.

Because they had changed the past, they had a temporary meeting when they were in their teens. That was the first time they'd missed each other. Their divorce was the second time they'd missed each other.

Thankfully, they had redeemed themselves the third time or else this would be a regret neither of them would be able to live down.

Xinghe squeezed him in return. She then raised her head to ask, "Have you lost your memory of everything after that incident?"

Mubai looked into her eyes and nodded. "Yes, after I woke up, I was sent back to City T and that was how I have forgotten about you."

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