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Chapter 43: Xi Mubai Was There

Chapter 43: Xi Mubai Was There

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"We'll see," Xinghe answered. Her composure and fearlessness mocked Wu Rong, it made Wu Rong grit her teeth in anger.

Wu Rong tried - as best as she could - to leave with her head held high but it still couldn't wash away the fact that she had lost.

Wu Rong left the Xia Family villa under Xinghe's icy gaze.

The reclamation of the estate was only Xinghe's first step, very soon, she was going to take back everything that was hers.

And it would be with added interest!

Wu Rong, your end will be coming soon, so enjoy the few good days you have left.

Xinghe pulled back her gaze and she saw a familiar face on the opposite building's second floor balcony.

She was slightly surprised because it was Xi Mubai.

Their eyes met across the distance that separated the two villas.

Mubai wore a white dress shirt and stared at her intensely with a glass of red wine in his hands.

Sunlight showered on his statuesque physique, forming an alluring view.

Xinghe had no idea how long he had been standing there and how much he had seen but at that moment, she could feel his sharp gaze focusing on her.

She returned him a blank expression.

Xinghe averted her eyes and retreated back into the villa.

"What are you looking at?" Junting came over to his side and asked.

Junting just moved into a new residence and today was his housewarming party.

However, ever since the party started, Mubai took a glass of wine and stood fixated at his balcony.

Actually, Mubai had spotted Xinghe ever since the moment she stood before the Xia Family villa's gate.

Even though he wasn't sure what was happening, he guessed correctly that she was there to reclaim her old house.

His ex-wife seemed to have transformed into a different person, one that was more assertive.

She had already surprised him with her change when they met at the hospital and today she surprised him again by successfully claiming back her family's villa.

What had happened to her…

"What's happening over there?" Junting asked when he saw police and security exiting the villa opposite.

Mubai replied with a shrug, "Who knows, let's go back in."

Junting's attention was distracted as he was led back into his house.

Finally, everyone left.

Xinghe shut the door behind her and started slowly touring the villa, the place that she once called home.

Home that she had lost after her father passed away.

However, from today onwards, it would her home again, giving her a new beginning at an old home.

Yes, a new beginning!

Hope swirled in Xinghe's eyes, her goal was to be able to stand head to head with the Xi Empire one day.

That way, she would have enough standing to demand for her son's custody rights…

The road ahead was long and treacherous but she firmly believed she would be able to make it.

After Xinghe inspected every nook and cranny of the villa, she called the locksmith to come over and change all the locks.

Of course, she still had to hire people to clear out everything that belonged to Wu Rong. After a new streak of paint, the place would be good as new.

Xinghe made all the necessary arrangements then prepared a simple meal for Xia Zhi in the kitchen before leaving the house.

She hadn't strayed far from the villa when a car slowly pulled up behind her…

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