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Chapter 40: The Name is Xia Xinghe

Chapter 40: The Name is Xia Xinghe

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Security guards are human beings too, they deserve the respect accorded to working men and women. Needless to say, they weren't particularly happy with the ways Wu Rong lorded over them.

"Mrs. Xia, before we can do anything, we have to determine who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Plus, if you are - as you've said - the rightful owners, you have nothing to worry about. Open the case to prove your ownership of this villa and we'll naturally escort this Ms. Xia out."

"That's right. If you're truly the rightful owner, why won't you open the case?"

"You…" Wu Rong seethed in a pool of anger. If she had known the security would be so useless, she wouldn't have called them in the first place.

Then again, how could she have known the dead Xia Chengwen would have a secret stash at home?

It is only a property certificate. Did he need to hide it at such a secretive location?

It is not a state secret!

As angry as Wu Rong was, she knew she couldn't let Xinghe open that case. She had no clue what was in it but if it was really a property certificate then it would be difficult for her to argue her case.

"Xia Xinghe, you insolent brat! Your father didn't raise you well so I'm going to help him teach you a lesson today!" Wu Rang raised her arms. She wanted to give Xinghe a powerful slap that would send her to the floor. This way she could grab the case when the other woman was down.

Who knew Xinghe reacted faster than her and launched a kick her at her knee.

Wu Rong went down with a scream.

Xinghe's kick might seem weak but it almost broke Wu Rong's kneecap. She forgot Xinghe used to attend karate classes when she was young.

"Xia Xinghe, you b*tch! How dare you kick me!" Wu Rong glared at her and realized Xinghe was opening the insurance case.

She retrieved from within a small red color book. Printed on its cover were the words, Property's Certificate of Ownership.

Wu Rong's anger immediately switched to unease.

The case… did contain the certificate.

Xinghe put the case down and flipped open the book to let the two securities see. "Look, the owner's name is me, Xia Xinghe."

The men leaned in for a closer look. Xinghe wasn't lying.

"That is a counterfeit!" Wu Rong scrambled up and rushed at Xinghe with her fangs lashing but once again, Xinghe leaped out of her way. It took all her self-control to not land another kick at her knee.

"Wu Rong, you said this is a fake so why don't you take out the real one. We'll ask the police to check for authenticity."

"I won't let you trick me into exposing the actual certificate," Wu Rong said through gnashed teeth. She believed as long as she refused to admit to the authenticity of the certificate in Xinghe's hands, then Xinghe wouldn't be able to do her in.

After this whole debacle was over, she had ways to take revenge against Xinghe.

However, Xinghe didn't intend to let things end so easily. It was not for naught that she went looking for Wu Rong that day.

"I think you don't have it or the one you have is the fake one. If you still refuse to show it, I'm going to have to ask the two security guards to throw you out," Xinghe threatened.

The two guards narrowed their eyes at Wu Rong.

After Chengwen's death, Wu Rong had gotten used to the pampered lifestyle. No longer was she the same woman who could stomach anything and plot for a better future.

She was thus provoked by Xinghe's insinuation.

"Fine, if you want to see the real one, I'll show it to you now!" She left the study and quickly returned with a Property's Certificate of Ownership book.

It looked the exact same as Xinghe's, except it had her name as the owner.

This had the two securities in a tumble. Which one is the real one?

"The real one is of course with me. Her father died 6 years ago, she was only 19. Why would her father leave the property to a young and inexperienced girl like her?" Wu Rong explained haughtily, as if daring people to challenge her logic.

The two guards heard the sensibility in her argument and their suspicion moved back onto Xinghe.

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