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Chapter 38: Throw This Old Hag Out

Chapter 38: Throw This Old Hag Out

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After she made the phone call, Mrs. Chan still advised Xinghe kindly, "Ms. Xia, please hurry and leave now. The security will be here soon."

An unflustered Xinghe smiled at her in return but she didn't make to move.

She looked at Wu Rong and said with a smirk, "Better that they're here, I need their help to toss the squatter out."

Wu Rong's face became overcast. "Xia Xinghe, who are you calling a squatter?"

"You, yourself, know the answer."

Wu Rong's eyes twitched for a bit.

She had a sudden bad feeling, but she still stood her ground.

What else can Xia Xinghe do? The little hussy might have some testimonials on her side but she definitely doesn't have the money to back them up.

Everything in the Xia Family villa belongs to her so how can a little girl harm her?

With these comforting thoughts, she laid herself down on the sofa with a leisurely air, waiting for the security to arrive.

Two trained security arrived at the scene soon.

"Mrs. Xia, why did you call for us?" one of the men asked politely.

Wu Rong tossed Xinghe a disgusted look, adding, "Toss this woman out of my house and ban her from entering here in the future. Make sure she is not allowed on my premise anymore, understand?"

The security scanned Xinghe and said professionally, "Miss, please follow us out."

Xinghe asked calmly in return, "Does the owner here have the absolute right to toss a person out just on the basis that she doesn't like them?"

The security nodded unfeelingly, "Naturally. This is an upscale residential area, we do not welcome trouble makers. Miss, please quietly follow us out, don't make this difficult for all of us."

"Perfect, then help me throw this old hag out," Xinghe ordered as she pointed her finger at Wu Rong.

Wu Rong was shocked, so were the two security men.

The two men smiled at her ludicrous demand before scolding Xinghe severely, "Miss, don't make a scene here, it benefits no one, especially not yourself. Mrs. Xia is this villa's official owner, she has the right to throw you out and not the other way around. So please come with us!"

"Xia Xinghe, even though I do believe you have recovered your memory but you might want to get your head checked," Wu Rong said as she twirled her finger in circles by the side of her head.

She believed Xinghe had gone cuckoo.

The villa was hers, how dare the hussy want her tossed out?

Xinghe continued coolly, "You said the villa is hers, but where is the evidence? My dad gave me this villa, I have no idea since when it became this old hag's. You want me to leave? Fine, but let me see the house property certificate or I'm staying!"

The security men were confused.

Xinghe explained calmly, "Seems like you two are new here. Let me tell you, this villa's original owner was my father. This old hag used to be my stepmother."

The men were shocked that they used to be family.

Wu Rong gritted her teeth in anger.

Xinghe kept referring to her as an old hag again and again, she was close to blowing her top off!

Squelching her anger, she retorted, "Xia Xinghe, I could ask you the same thing. You said the villa is yours but where is your proof?"

Xinghe smiled. "I'm glad you asked. I do happen to possess the property certificate."

Wu Rong was slightly confounded and a flash of uncertainty appeared in her eyes. However, she ultimately believed Xinghe was plying a bunch of nonsense.

If she really had the certificate why would she wait until now?

Therefore, she has to be bluffing.

"Alright, then show us. If you can't produce one, we'll move this conversation over to the police station."

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