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Chapter 18: More Formidable than He Thought

Chapter 18: More Formidable than He Thought

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This old friend of his was never shy when it came to ordering him around.

As payback, he picked the most difficult titles he could find…

Junting was afraid Xia Zhi wouldn't be able to understand these books, but Xia Zhi himself specifically mentioned he needed the most difficult titles he had.

Junting was surprised that Xia Zhi had improved so much in such a short period of time.

He had no idea he was borrowing them for someone else.

"You heard the conversation I had with him, right? The books are for that friend of his," Junting told Mubai.

Mubai nodded as he replied, "The person who you mentioned that has the perfect coding skill?"

"Indeed. It was only for a mini-game but you could see the programmer's proficiency. You yourself have seen it, is it not one of the finest works you've seen?"

"You're right but it's just a few lines of codes. You might be overestimating the programmer, there is much more to programming than code-writing," Mubai offered, "In any case, I'll leave the security system upgrade in your hands. Do finish it before the Hacker Competition."

"Don't worry, that's our specialty. I'll work overtime to ensure the system is upgraded before the competition," Junting said seriously. Mubai nodded before leaving.

Junting hurried back to work.

He foresaw many sleepless nights in the future because even though a system update sounded simple on paper, it was actually quite complicated.

This was because the new system was developed with the aim to withstand deliberate hacking attacks.

That was the crux of the Hacker Competition and he'd heard that the hackers involved this year were better than the ones from years before.

Competition in the online business had gotten increasingly severe in recent years.

Every company tried their best to put up the best defense software because failure could spell the beginning of a company's demise.

Junting had to ensure he helped Mubai's company survive until the end of the Hacker Competition to preserve his company's name.

After all, the company was a joint business venture between Tang Family and Xi Family.

Xinghe was satisfied with the books Xia Zhi brought back with him.

However, she still managed to finish them in the blink of an eye…

Xia Zhi had gotten used to his sister's inhuman-like ability so he was no longer surprised.

The person who was most surprised though was Junting. "She's done with them already?" Junting was taken aback when Xia Zhi returned him the books.

"I'm afraid so, she said the books were nice but she wonders… do you have anything more difficult?" Xia Zhi finished his question in almost a whisper because he himself thought his sister was being a bit too much.

He even began to suspect whether his sister was still human.

How can there be such a difference in talent between the both of them when they shared same Xia Family blood?

He must be adopted.

The absurd question caught Junting off-guard. It was already crazy that the books were finished in a day, but the person still asked for something harder‽

Those books were already the hardest he had!

This friend of Xia Zhi's seemed to be more formidable than he initially thought.

Junting straightened his face and put his arms around Xia Zhi, adding, "Junior, don't hide from your senior. Tell me who is this friend of yours? You must introduce her to me."

"Senior, it's not that I don't want to, but she doesn't want to reveal her identity at the moment. I promise the moment she feels otherwise, you'll be the first one to know," Xia Zhi said.

Geniuses tend to have their eccentricities; Junting understood that much.

He didn't force Xia Zhi to reveal more but helped him as much as he could by finding him more books. Before Xia Zhi left, he said, "Xia Zhi, I'll be frank. If your friend needs a job, tell her to come to me. I'll have a good post waiting for her."

Xia Zhi was overjoyed. He nodded earnestly, "Thank you, I'll be sure to tell her that!"

Xia Zhi rushed back to the hospital, eager to tell Xinghe the good news.

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