Monster Paradise

Chapter 1744 - Grade-SSS Organizations in the Eastern Eight Zone

Chapter 1744: Grade-SSS Organizations in the Eastern Eight Zone

After stepping out of the teleportation portal, Lin Huang’s team appeared in a meeting room directly.

It was a meeting room that could accommodate tens of thousands of people. There were many people who had already taken their seats.

Lin Huang glanced over and sensed at least 20 dao-level individuals.

Although they were only at minor dao-level, their combat abilities should be more powerful than Liu Fu who had just been elevated.

Among them, the most powerful one should have consolidated over 50,000 Dao seals.

Apart from that, the remaining 50 or so Lords were upper-rank and supreme-rank Lords. There were no middle-rank and lower-rank Lords at all.

Before everyone arrived, Lin Huang had witnessed the tip of the iceberg of Royal’s true capabilities.

Their arrival instantly attracted the attention of many in the meeting room.

It was not the two dao-level individuals, Lin Huang and Liu Fu, who attracted the crowd’s attention, but the group of Lords.

The reason being was that they noticed that the 25 of them were powerhouses at the limit of supreme-rank Lords.

The appearance of Bai and the rest had undoubtedly increased the lord-level participants’ overall power.

Meanwhile, to them, Lin Huang and Liu Fu were newbies who had just been elevated to minor dao-level. They did not find them special.

Lin Huang was happy that nobody saw through his disguise.

Soon after they took their seats, more people arrived one after the other.

When it was almost 8:30 am, Old He and Old Wang finally showed up.

Old He glanced across the room when he arrived. He then spoke directly.

“I noticed that almost everyone is here now. The people who know those who aren’t here yet, notify them now that we’re departing right away.”

Lin Huang was rather confused. The reason being was that, since he and Liu Fu arrived, those who came later on were almost all at minor dao-level. There were almost no Lords.

Including Bai, there were only some 80 Lords in the meeting room. Meanwhile, there were more than 150 minor dao-level individuals.

“There are so few Lords joining the exploration? The number of Lords are slightly over half of the number of minor dao-level cultivators who are joining.” Lin Huang asked Liu Fu through voice transmission.

Liu Fu explained while smiling, “Old He and Old Wang are mainly responsible for leading the minor dao-level individuals. There’s someone else who is leading the Lords. Most of the Lords who are joining the exploration are with the person who is leading the Lords. Most of the Lords we have here are just like those guys under you. They were brought along or invited by the dao-level cultivators here.”

As they were chatting, there were two people who entered almost at the same time.

Old He glanced at the two of them before speaking again.

“Alright, everyone’s here. Let’s depart now.”

He shook his sleeve as soon as he was done speaking. A Dimensional Whirlpool appeared in the air in the middle of the meeting room.

The people in the meeting room stepped into it one after another.

Lin Huang led his imperial monsters and stepped into it as well.

After passing through the meeting room, they appeared in mid-air.

Lin Huang immediately saw a misty spherical dimension not far away.

That should be the mystic territory that had yet to be fully unsealed.

After observing it for a moment, he looked away and quickly scanned through his surroundings.

Apart from Royal, there were people from a couple of organizations that came.

Although Lin Huang did not use Divine Telekinesis, he speculated faintly that some of them among the crowd should have consolidated above 80,000 Dao seals.

As he was observing the other organizations’ camps, Liu Fu who was standing at the side began his briefing. He explained to Lin Huang and his imperial monsters through voice transmission.

“The organization on our left is called the Snow Kingdom. It’s a grade-SSS organization that has just risen in the Eastern Eight Zone during this era. They’re developing aggressively, especially during the past hundred years or so.”

Lin Huang glanced at them. The people from the Snow Kingdom were easy to spot as all of them wore white robes. The only differences between them were the patterns, hues and styles of their robes.

“The leading old man in the white robe is Shang Yang. Don’t judge him by his old age. He has consolidated close to 100,000 Dao seals. He’s one of the few powerhouses in the Eastern Eight Zone who will most probably elevate to major dao-level.”

“The organization on the Snow Kingdom’s left is called Star Cluster. They’re one of the veteran grade-SSS organizations. They existed even before Royal did.”

The people from Star Cluster dressed casually. Almost all of them were dressed differently. However, Lin Huang noticed that their leader was a lady with a piece of White Crystal on her forehead.

“The leading lady is called Starfall. She should’ve consolidated more than 80,000 Dao seals. She has another identity, which is the disciple of Star Cluster’s current Star Master.”

“The organization on Star Cluster’s left is the Longevity Tribe. They’re the local residents of Eastern Eight Zone. They’re also the first grade-SSS organization to exist in the Eastern Eight Zone.”

“Longevity Tribe…” Lin Huang raised his brows. He noticed that all of the members of the tribe were bald, regardless of whether they were men or women. The leader was a muscular bald man with a square beard.

“Their leading elder is Li Xiong. He’s a radical with an aggressive character. He’ll usually kill his opponents.”

“The organization on our right is Infinite. Infinite is the organization with the most sorcery cultivators in the entire Eastern Eight Zone.”

In reality, Lin Huang had noticed that those people’s auras were odd from the beginning.

It might seem alright when they were alone. However, when a group of dao-level sorcerers gathered, even the flow of the various elements and particles in their surroundings would become unusual.

“The person who is leading Infinite this time is the young man who is sitting with his legs crossed and eyes shut. His name’s Ao Yu. He has many sorcery techniques, and he has mastered over 80,000 Dao seals. There was an individual who surpassed dao-level that commented that he’s the toughest brat to deal with among the minor dao-level cultivators in the Eastern Eight Zone.”

Hearing Liu Fu’s description, Lin Huang secretly thought that this guy had definitely mastered more than 80,000 Dao seals. He already had one foot stepped into major dao-level.

Lin Huang sensed that Ao Yu had mastered close to 100,000 Dao seals.

Not only that, judging by his energy alone, Ao Yu should be the person with the most powerful combat ability among everyone here.

He had even surpassed Old Wang from Royal and Shang Yang from the Snow Kingdom.

“The organization on Infinite’s right is Deep Space. It’s also a veteran grade-SSS organisation in the Eastern Eight Zone. They have similar qualifications to Royal…”

Liu Fu continued to brief them about the rest of the organizations.

Lin Huang redirected his focus back to Royal that he belonged to.

Apart from Old Wang and Old He who were leading, the most powerful person among minor dao-level characters was a female cultivator. She seemed to possess over 50,000 Dao seals.

Including Old Wang and Old He, there were a total of 158 minor dao-level powerhouses present.

There were many more Lords compared to the time when they were in the meeting room. There were some 500 of them.

The leader of the Lords was a young man with blue hair.

He had made it here with the team before Lin Huang and the rest arrived.

The leader with blue hair had his eyes lit up when he saw Bai and the rest.

He did not expect Old He to bring such a surprise on his side, which boosted the quality of their team significantly.

He took the initiative to talk to Bai and the rest.

When it was almost 9 am, the major dao-level powerhouses from all organizations had finally shown up…

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