Monster Paradise

Chapter 1704 - The Seventh Grade-7 Organization in the God Territory

Chapter 1704: The Seventh Grade-7 Organization in the God Territory

Lin Huang saw the heated discussions on the internet as soon as they broke out.

Throughout the next two to three days, the number of topics discussing the Myriad Tribe Palace increased to an astounding figure.

Myriad Tribe Palace became the number one trending topic on all internet platforms, and stayed there for a long time.

Not only did the discussions not let up, but rather they continued to intensify.

The reason was that a verified account on the internet, specializing in refuting rumors, visited all of the Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches that were in ruins from the videos and proved the authenticity of the matter.

In addition, the entire video was broadcasted live.

It had provided solid evidence to verify the news of the many Myriad Tribe Palace branches being destroyed.

Many busybodies even found their way to the Myriad Tribe Palace’s headquarters. They could only see that the door was shut tight, and that many barriers had been erected to conceal what was happening inside.

In reality, it was Lin Huang and the rest who occupied the Myriad Tribe Palace’s headquarters. He was having a meeting with Bloody to decide on the future development pathway of the Sword Alliance.

Lancelot and the rest did not stay idle. Throughout those few days, they traveled to the Myriad Tribe Palace’s remaining branches in the star zones further away to clear them out.

Meanwhile, Sword 1’s team sent people to start taking over the Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches that had been cleared.

On the fifth day, the matter escalated, just when the discussions regarding the Myriad Tribe Palace on the internet were beginning to die out.

Suddenly, a thread appeared early in the morning , quickly jumping to the top of the ranks on all the internet platforms.

“Breaking: A Mysterious Organization Has Taken Over the Myriad Tribe Palace’s Stations!”

The thread caught every netizens’ attention instantly.

Any organization that dared to take over the Myriad Tribe Palace’s stations at such a time would most likely be the one responsible for the destruction of the Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches.

The thread did not point out that the organization that took over was Sword Alliance. However, there were a couple of videos and many pictures in the thread that bore witness to the entire process of this mysterious organization taking over the Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches.

This had immediately stirred up a frenzied discussion online.

Everyone was guessing the identity of this mysterious organization.

They were dumbstruck too. The way the Myriad Tribe Palace had been destroyed was just too strange.

They guessed that the mastermind behind the whole thing had to be a lord-level powerhouse. However, nobody knew how many Lords there were exactly and the abilities of this newly-risen mysterious organization.

Within an hour of the thread about the mysterious organization taking over the Myriad Tribe Palace’s stations being posted, another thread suddenly jumped to first rank on all internet platforms.

“Revealing the Mysterious Organization that Destroyed the Myriad Tribe Palace”.

The thread was posted by a verified account.

It was a thread with a video only.

In the video, the user shamelessly interviewed a few staff members who had taken over the Myriad Tribe Palace’s stations.

Eventually, they learned from the staff members that the organization was called the Sword Alliance.

Everyone looked dumbstruck after they watched the video.

What grade of an organization was this Sword Alliance?! Why had they never heard of it before?

The cultivators in the God Territory had all memorized the names of the grade-6 and grade-7 organizations clearly. Most of them even knew about the rather popular grade-5 organizations as well.

However, the name Sword Alliance was completely unfamiliar to them.

It was not among any of the grade-6 and grade-7 organizations.

Very soon, people began to inquire on the internet.

In the end, the result all of them found was the Sword Alliance that Great Heaven founded in the previous era.

Many people conveniently found information about Great Heaven.

“This person named Great Heaven was so powerful. He was a Heavenly God who suppressed an entire era! Our God Territory aside, none of the Heavenly Gods in the entire great world were his match!”

“Do you guys think this dude named Great Heaven is still alive? Did he rebuild the Sword Alliance?!”

“The information said that he died during his lord-level elevation. It’s more likely that he reincarnated and cultivated all over again. That’s probably the reason why he has only rebuilt the Sword Alliance after so many years.”

“You guys are speculating about this and that, but it’s uncertain whether this Sword Alliance has anything to do with the Sword Alliance of the previous era. Perhaps they just happen to have the same name.”

While the internet was rife with discussions on the topic, the grade-7 organizations, including the Combat God Temple and the others, got into action immediately and began to look for the Sword Alliance’s information.

The grade-7 organizations possessed the authorization to check the registration details of the rest of the organizations.

However, they could not find anything about the Sword Alliance.

The reason being was that, when Lin Huang registered the Sword Alliance in the beginning, he did so in the human world. He did not do it in the God Territory.

However, not all organizations were clueless about the Sword Alliance.

At least Death Sickle were aware of it.

Buried Heaven and the rest already found out much earlier that Lin Huang had built an organization called the Sword Alliance in the human world.

In reality, even before the Sword Alliance was exposed, Buried Heaven had suspected that it was Lin Huang behind it all.

The reason was that, in the God Territory, only a couple of veteran grade-7 organizations could suppress the Myriad Tribe Palace.

Even if Death Sickle, which had just been upgraded to grade-7, wanted to destroy the Myriad Tribe Palace, it was not something that they could do within a short period of time.

Meanwhile, other organizations would definitely notice if any large commotion was stirred by the other grade-7 organizations. Therefore, it was impossible for them to have done it.

Therefore, Lin Huang became an obvious suspect.

Now that the Sword Alliance had been exposed, Buried Heaven contacted Lin Huang directly.

He asked about the Myriad Tribe Palace.

He said nothing much after Lin Huang gave a simple explanation.

After all, the Myriad Tribe Palace was at fault first. Lin Huang did not stir trouble with them for nothing, but was rather taking revenge.

Buried Heaven then asked about Lin Huang’s future plans, and Lin Huang gave him a rough idea of what those would be.

In order to grow, the Sword Alliance definitely needed an ally.

Death Sickle would undoubtedly be a great ally.

In reality, this was within Bloody’s plan.

Over the next few days, people started to uncover more and more information about the Sword Alliance (it was actually the Sword Alliance that released it secretly).

The discussions about the Sword Alliance ranked foremost on all internet platforms.

As Lin Huang’s team expected, the Sword Alliance’s popularity was growing by day.

The topic was trending for three days.

Then finally the Sword Alliance’s representative spoke up.

A thread with the title “A Little Something About the Sword Alliance” was soon trending on the entire internet.

Naturally, Bloody was the author of the thread.

There were not many words in the thread. It merely gave a simple explanation of the grudge between the Sword Alliance and the Myriad Tribe Palace, introducing the organization’s internal structure, as well as declaring their future vision.

There was a document at the end of the thread.

It was signed by Royal. It was a document recognizing the Sword Alliance as a grade-7 organization.

Most people thought it was rather ridiculous when they saw the document at the end. Many netizens had no idea who Royal was at all.

However, all grade-7 organizations and a portion of the grade-6 organizations knew the document was authentic when they saw it.

The Sword Alliance was a grade-7 organization that Royal legally recognized!

Within half an hour of the thread being posted, Death Sickle was the first to extend their congratulations on the internet.

They congratulated the Sword Alliance on becoming a new grade-7 organization!

Within ten minutes of Death Sickle posting their congratulations, the Nephilic Judge Tribe became the second organization to extend their congratulations.

Later on, the Combat God Temple, Divine Clapnet, Xeno and Precious Treasure Pavilion congratulated the Sword Alliance one after the other.

Among the six grade-7 organizations besides the Sword Alliance, God Capital was the only one who remained silent.

Seeing the six grade-7 organizations extend their congratulations, many grade-6 and grade-5 organizations immediately realized that it was a great opportunity to butter them up. They extended their congratulations as well.

The scale of the congratulations had even exceeded the time when Death Sickle had been upgraded to a grade-7 organization not long ago…

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