Monster Paradise

Chapter 1570 - Chaotic Battle Among Overlords

Chapter 1570: Chaotic Battle Among Overlords

As soon as the four-faced individual spoke, the entire dense forest within a radius of thousands of kilometers seemed to come alive. Countless vines sprouted from the branches of the trees, wildly lashing at the people surrounding the forest.

The Nine Gloom Vine’s attack came with practically no warning. The heavens were suddenly full of vines that blotted out the sun and covered the earth, spreading everywhere.

The hundreds of high-level Heavenly Gods who were initially still able to stand upright had absolutely no time to react. Some immediately had their bodies impaled by countless vines, instantly turning into human sieves. Others were strangled by the vines and crushed into pulp…

Within less than half a second, the surrounding army of thousands had been completely wiped out.

In that vine-covered world, only four figures remained unaffected. They had not even moved so much as half a step.

The Nine Gloom Vine’s attack was as yet insufficient to disturb the four individuals, who were also overlord powerhouses like himself.

“Nine Gloom, this attack of yours might be successful at frightening juniors, but to use it against us—don’t you think you might be underestimating us?” Giant Sarcoma’s squirming flesh-like voice faintly drifted forth. He seemed to treat his opponent’s attack as if it were nothing at all.

At that moment, Crimson Eye, who was off to one side, barked a sudden warning.

“Watch out!”

Before he had even finished speaking, they saw a thick vine twisted together from hundreds of vines erupt suddenly from under the earth. It transformed into a giant net that enveloped the three-tailed snake lady.

Before the rest could attempt a rescue, the giant web contracted immediately, dragging the three-tailed snake lady underground.

A scarlet flash flickered in Silver Armor’s eyes. Just as he was about to charge into the depths of the dense forest, he saw the thousands of Heavenly Gods—who had earlier fallen onto the ground—standing up one after the other.

This was the Nine Gloom Vine’s technique—Demon Sowing.

He could implant demonic seeds in corpses and turn them into his puppets.

Bodies implanted with demonic seeds not only inherited most of the abilities they possessed when they were still alive but were also equipped with many of the Nine Gloom Vine’s abilities. They would be much more powerful than when they had been alive and were practically the Nine Gloom Vine’s clones.

Moreover, as long as the demonic seeds were not destroyed, the puppets would never die.

They would get up to fight over and over again.

Silver Armor smashed the puppets one by one with his fists. However, he soon realized that the corpses—which had practically turned into pools of blood—were regenerating at a speed visible to the naked eye, and swiftly returning to the battlefield.

On the sidelines, Giant Sarcoma and Crimson Eye became aware of this issue very quickly as well.

No matter how many times they killed these puppets, they would recover immediately and join the battlefield again.

Among the three, the most helpless was Crimson Eye. Using spiritual attacks, he crushed the puppets’ souls over and over again, but their souls would always regenerate.

After the battle had continued for about ten minutes or so, Silver Armor was unable to take it anymore and finally used his weapon.

Usually, he would not bother using his actual abilities when dealing with such insignificant underlings. However, this never-ending skirmishing had made him genuinely angry. He took out his weapon—the Black Dragon Spear!

The grade of Silver Armor’s Black Dragon Spear had far surpassed that of common god sequence relics to the point where it could even be considered a Pseudo-Dao Weapon.

One could say that Silver Armor could only be considered complete when he wielded the Black Dragon Spear.

With just a casual sweep of his weapon, he completely obliterated a puppet that was charging at him into utter nothingness.

After this attack, the puppet finally did not revive.

Silver Armor had discovered the way to kill this group of puppets at last. Immediately, he communicated to the remaining two overlords through voice transmission.

“I know what the problem is now. We must completely destroy their physical bodies. Not a single drop of flesh or blood can remain!”

Indeed, Silver Armor had found the key to solving the problem. To combat Nine Gloom’s Puppetry technique, they had to destroy the demonic seeds implanted in the puppets.

Furthermore, the demonic seeds that Nine Gloom implanted had strong survival instincts. They would hide in a safe place automatically whenever they were attacked.

Even if only a drop of blood or a piece of flesh remained, the demonic seeds could hide within and survive. They would then regenerate.

This was also why the puppets could be revived even if they were smashed into a pulp.

The only way to destroy the demonic seed within the puppet was to completely obliterate the puppet’s physical body and soul, causing it to lose its host. Without a host, the demonic seeds Nine Gloom implanted would be extremely weak. Any high-level Heavenly God could destroy them.

After getting the solution from Silver Armor, Giant Sarcoma and Crimson Eye soon went into killing mode.

“Since that’s the case, this will be easy!”

Giant Sarcoma’s tentacles extended wildly. These tentacles—capable of obliterating sequences—impaled the puppets’ bodies one by one.

The Heavenly God puppets’ bodies swiftly faded, then rapidly transformed into nothingness at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

On the other side, Crimson Eye’s countless tiny eyes lit up, and black rays shot out one after the other, enveloping the puppets one by one.

The deadly black rays, with their ability to destroy sequences, turned the puppets to ashes within a blink of an eye.

While the outside world was in intense combat, in the depth of the dense forest, the three-tailed snake lady had already escaped from the clutches of the giant net.

Meanwhile, two powerful enemies stood before her—the four-faced individual and the Nine Gloom Vine.

“Three Tail, I don’t want to fight you. I’m giving you two options right now. You either join us to fight those three fellows out there, or you turn around to leave and swear that you’ll never participate in the fight for the castellan’s seal fragment!” The four-faced individual did not attack right away.

“What if I chose neither?” The three-tailed snake lady smiled coldly.

“Then you’ll die here!” The Nine Gloom Vine did not have the patience to waste time with her. He had already sensed that the puppets out there were dying rapidly, and would not be able to hold off Silver Armor and the other two for much longer.

Without waiting for the four-faced individual to say anything more, the Nine Gloom Vine attacked with no hesitation.

Vines surged toward the three-tailed snake lady like a tsunami, so dense they practically blotted out the sky.

Nine Gloom had captured the three-tailed snake lady first because she was the weakest among the six overlords. After she had been taken hostage, he had never expected the four-faced individual to take into account their relationship, instead of working together to kill her.

Fortunately, the four-faced individual did not stop the Nine Gloom Vine when he saw him attacking.

A trace of hesitation flashed across his eyes briefly, but it immediately turned into determination.

The next instant, when the Nine Gloom Vine attacked, the four-faced individual attacked as well.

A giant beast with twelve arms coalesced in the air above his head, battling the sky full of vines with heavy punches…

The three-tailed snake lady’s eyes turned scarlet immediately, and her form immediately split into three clones.

One clone summoned black water that filled the air. Another opened its mouth and spat out never-ending purple fog, while yet another turned into a gigantic black boa constrictor. Its huge tail charged at the giant arms.

Countless vines decayed and were destroyed wherever the vast body of black water passed through.

The giant snake’s tail collided loudly with the giant arms’ fists, stirring up an endless storm.

However, the black water’s consuming properties were not enough to defeat the regenerating abilities of the vines. Gradually, the vines completely covered the black water.

On the other side, the giant snake’s tail had been crushed under continuous heavy punching.

The three-tailed snake lady was already the weakest of the six overlords in terms of ability. She was more likely to lose than win when fighting any of the five overlords, what more now that she was fighting two of them at once.

As expected, she was already looking at defeat less than five minutes into the battle.

Truth to tell, she was very much aware of her weaknesses. Therefore, the minute she saw that she was at a slight disadvantage, she chose to abandon resistance completely. She dispersed her two clones and escaped into the purple fog to hide…

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