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2966 Deaths II

“Die, filthy human,” screamed Rhas attacking the little human with its huge ax, while at the same time, two more Grimms came from behind.

Atkins looked at the attacks of three Grimms without the slightest change in her expression. The only proof she had acted is a pearl on her weapons began to shine.


A moment later, all three attacks clashed against the thin water curtain that came out of nowhere.

After becoming Grand Lord, her strength had taken a tremendous jump, and even more that her control over the water elemental had also increased tremendously. It is not only due to the breakthrough but also because of the Grimms.

Ever since she came back from the thing, she had fought the most battles among all the Grand Lords.

More than Matron Mavis or Elder Lord, or any even Michael Zaar.

She had fought nearly every day; it helped her gain tremendous control over the water element, and even with three Grimms attacking, she was not feeling any pressure at all.

She might even be able to kill them if she is lucky.


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She had just thought that as she defended against another attack when she sensed a presence and a second later saw a Grimm coming toward her at a very fast speed.

Seeing that, her expression couldn’t help but change, not because she would soon fight against the four Grimms, but because this one was clearly stronger than the three, and she would need to give her all just to survive against it.


She was able to kill a Grand Lord, and now, she is getting targeted; while most humans are fighting against one or two Grimms, she is one of the few who is fighting against the three of them.

“Bitch you had killed my good friend; you will pay for it,” said Brael, the Blood Stone Antman. Its whole body is blood-red and making it look a little similar to those terrifying blood videttes.

Though there is a difference, its blood-red is shiny and crystalline, while the blood-red of those horrifying videttes is faded and dusty.


She defended against the blade of Blood Red Antman, but another two attacks came from behind. The blood-red sun behind her swelled inside and absorbed those attacks, burning in the furnace, increasing’s its power.

Puh Puh

She puked the blood with pieces of her internal organs. Taking such powerful attacks is not without cost; even a powerful ability as blood sun has a limit.

It was her great luck she was able to awaken this great ability, the first one in three hundred and fifty years; it is one of two prime abilities of blood sun inheritance.

Even Patriarch did not have this great ability; he had the other one of two. That one is offensive, as this is defensive.

She was a little disappointed when she got the defensive prime method, as she is an offensive type and likes to have the offensive method that Patriarch has, but she is glad she got the defensive one, as it is what saved her life.

Without it, she would have died right now, but even with it, her survival would be difficult.


“Careful, the human is on a suicide path!” Vrag, the Crockman warned its partner, seeing the human charging toward the suicidally, without caring for any injuries he is incurring.

Both of the Grimms became careful but intensified their attacks while maintaining the distance between them.

“You Grimm bastards, I will kill you!” shouted the old man; he was Nana Baru, one of the old monsters from the Silverstone Academy, and now there was a crazy smile on his face.

Unlike others, the man did not mind dying; he had accomplished his dream of becoming Grand Lord, and now he is ready to die, and the only thing he wants to do before doing that is to kill these two Grimms.

He is willing even to sacrifice his life to do that.

The Grimms seemed to have understood what it was trying to say, but that was not going to help them, especially when he used that move.


He shouted, and his bloodline burned his life force and power like never before coursed through him; it was so intense, he felt it might explode out of its body.

It is an attack that could be used once in three months and would leave him weak for a similar time.

He just hoped this attack would give him more power; it wouldn’t matter if it burned his life or bloodline for it.

Grimm’s eyes widened as he crushed through their attacks as reached close to them; they were running while attacking, but he was quickly catching up.

One and a half seconds later, he appeared in front of Crockman and attacked, which made horror appear in the eyes of the Crockman.


The Crockman was barely able to defend with that huge blade of it, but it cost it as it shot back like a rocket.please visit panda(-)

Baru did not wait and followed after it; he did not have much time with this power. Three seconds at most, and he would like to finish off both of the Grimms before this addictive power disappears.

He appeared in front of the Grimms with a single step and attacked; one after another, shields began to materialize in front of the Grimm.


His sword blasted through one shield after another in front of this great power; no shields had lasted even a fraction of a second.

The more shields I cut through, the greater horror would appear in the eyes of Crockman, who is using every bit of its strength to summon more shields, but it simply does not have time, not that they would be any useful in front of this might.

Finally, I was able to cut through the last defense, and now, only the sword remained, and seeing it coming toward me, a smile couldn’t help but appear on my face.


It took a while for a Grimms to understand, and horror filled its eyes, and it tried to turn back, but it was too late; my sword had touched its neck and began to cut through it like it was butter.

A moment later, its head went flying in the air, and I immediately turned toward the other Grimm, who had run in the opposite direction instead of helping.

Hoping, it had not run away too far, as there was only a second had remained.

He saw the Grimm and knew he could reach it and would even be able to laugh a single attack before the power disappeared.


He did not waste any time and took a step toward it when suddenly, he stopped with eyes becoming wide as saucers.

He saw a huge wolf mouth appearing out of nowhere suddenly, and Ratman, who was running, had directly gone to this huge mouth before it could stop itself.

The moment Grimm entered inside, the mouth closed, and a moment later, he saw a snow-white wolf cub with reindeer horns looking at him cutely.

“Is it d..dead?” he asked shakingly, and cub nodded his little head cutely.

The monster of Lord Zaar, he thought as he looked at cub; it had killed the Grimms with such ease that he had a hard time believing it, especially when compared to himself.

He had to use his trump card while the little wolf had just opened its mouth and swallowed the Grimms, and it was over.

The cute wolf cub looked at him for a moment and disappeared, the moment it did, its method also lost its power, and he felt himself weakening.

So much so that he has a hard time maintaining himself in the air; if it were not for him instantly switching the worldly energy, he would have fallen down.

He was thinking of landing and finding a safe place now that he was in no condition to battle when the little wolf appeared in front of him and touched his forehead with his antlers.


Immediately his eyes widened as warm energy spread into his body from his temple, and wherever it spread, the weakness would disappear.

Soon, the energy spread through his whole body and disappeared, taking all the weakness he had.

He opened his mouth to thank the little wolf cub but found it had disappeared, seeing that he couldn’t help but smile.

With him killing one Grimm and little wolf cut killing another, they have killed three Grimms, the same number as they killed, but it is not a thing to be happy about, seeing they have double numbers than us.

Still, it is a start; if they kept killing such, they might not win but should be able to stall these bastards.


He had thought that and was about to join the battle the pyramid had just ordered him to join when suddenly he stopped, with a shock on his face.

They have killed another human, and it is no common human, but a council member, leader of the Supreme.

Lord Sylvester, the leader of the Mistson, had been killed by the Grimms.

It couldn’t help but shock him.

The council members are best among the new Grand Lords; even if the three Grand Lords attacked them, it was not easy to kill them, but the Grimm did.

The Grimms that killed him were not normal; they were no new Grimm Grand Lords. They were part of an old coven.

No wonder the two of them were able to kill him.

His death will bring huge changes, as those two killed will join the other battles, and they are not easy enemies to deal with.

If they had been, they wouldn’t have been able to kill a powerhouse like Lord Sylvester.

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