Monster Integration

2736 Returning To Castle

“Castle,” I said as the silhouette of the castle from a distance; I had reached it.

It took me seventeen hours if I minus the time of my battle with Fasra and the time I had spent searching for the Luminescent pool, and a few minutes more, I spent filling the water of the second High-Grandmaster class luminescent pool and lower grade pools that Nero had found on the way.

It was a nice surprise; the second pool was big enough that five High-Grandmaster would be easily able to make use of it.

Speaking of that, the clay ball storage worked and worked much better than I had thought it would, as barely any energy leaked from it.

Though there is one small problem, the luminescent energy is doing something iffy to spatial runes painted on it and destroying the energies present in the clay itself; so I will have to use the water before it completely destroys its storage.

This would not be a problem; to completely destroy the storage, it would need three months at least, and that is more than enough for me to use all the water I have collected from the luminescent pool.

Among many good pieces of news, there is one bad news, which could be the good news, depending on how one thinks about it.

I have checked the storage of Fasra, and I have found many amazing things inside its storage, including a divine crystal. The piece was not much when compared to the amount of what I have found in vestige, but I am still happy getting it.

The divine crystal is a resource; which more you have it, the better; it has almost endless uses and could use in culinary too. Though I did not use it and nor would, I would do it; I would need of mountain worth of it before I could think about using a tiny bit for the cooking.

The news I was talking about is a small hill of stones I have found in the storage of Grimm; the stones are similar to what I have found in a cavern discovered by Nero.

There is no proof that Grimm was searching for these stones, but considering how delicately Grimm packed them, I felt like this might be the thing Fasra was searching for through its method. It was not just Fasra, but two other Grimms were also searching for something; Ashlyn had seen them doing that.

Those two were the ones that had not come for the battle; Ashlyn had killed one of them.

It had been more than ten days since I got those stones from the cavern, and even after doing nearly hundreds of experiments on them, I did not find anything concrete. Still, I am continuing to perform the experiments; those stones are filled with energy, and after a glimpse of the subterranean, I have become even more curious about them.

A few minutes later, I was in front of the castle and directly flew toward the command.


“Grandmaster Zaar, thank god you have returned,” said the middle-aged man as I landed in the command, “Lord Yazdi; that place was not dangerous enough to hold me back,” I said and saw his pale body; I instantly activated the seed I had inside him and saw the injuries littered into his body.

He was heavily injured in the battle, but still, it seemed like I had underestimated injuries; the Grimms had put quite a nasty surprise into him.

“If you hadn’t arrived by evening, the Pyramid would have sent the rescue party,” said Grandmaster Yui. “My apologies, Lady Yui; you must have suffered quite a lot of pressure from the Pyramid,” I apologize, while I have sent a letter to the pyramid a few seconds before leaving, freeing her from the bodyguard duties.

Still, I could understand the pressure she must have suffered when she returned without me. I am too important to the pyramid, as important as the Grand Lords. Even more, now that thing is appearing, I am a single person who could guarantee the maximum number of Grandmasters and High-Grandmaster, when that thing appears.

“You don’t need to apologize, Grandmaster.” “If you hadn’t sent Rhea, we wouldn’t have been able to rescue Lord Yazdi on time,” she said before, her eyes turning to shine.

“I hope your stay in vestige is worth it, Grandmaster,” She asked; even Lord Yazdi looked curiously when he heard the question. “More than worth it, Lady Yui,” I replied, and I could tell she was extremly curious about it, but she did not ask any questions about it, nor I elaborate, as they were going to know about them tomorrow.

“Lord Yazdi, you should have returned to the pyramid to heal; in your current condition, you are more of a liability than an asset,” I said, and slight shame couldn’t help but appear on his face.

“I wanted to Grandmaster, but Grandmaster Rhea had been called back, and if I had also gone, only lady Yui would have remained; the Grimms would have attacked the castle without hesitation,” he said.

He is right; with the number of High-Grandmaster we have, it would have taken time to process his replacement which would have given the Grimms another window to attack.

“Besides, I knew I only had to wait for a few days; once you have returned, healing these injuries wouldn’t be a problem,” he said, and hearing that I couldn’t help but sigh. “Let’s go, infirmary,” I said and walked toward the infirmary with him while Lady Yui remained in command.

“The Grimms have done quite a spell on you,” I said to Lord Yazdi, laying on a med-bed. “The cursemaster was quite willy; I had to fight against two fighters while it would attack me from behind,”

“It was one of the most dangerous battles of my life; if it were not for Lady Yui and Grandmaster Rhea appearing on time and rescuing me, I wouldn’t have been alive today,” he said and sighed. He didn’t have to tell me; I had seen the battle through Ashlyn and knew how close he was to dying.

My strings went inside him and began to form the runic formation; usually, I could just extract the curse, but this powerful and good as hiding, I would have to lay an elaborate net to catch every big it.

The curses are extremly dangerous, especially when you let them fester; there is no other person who understands better than me; I have lived with a curse from the moment I was born.


It took me around forty minutes to lay down the formation before I activated it, and the net began to spring up, catching every bit of curses that were deep within the body of Lord Yazdi; it took little more than an hour, but I was able to catch every bit of curse that was hiding inside him.

As I dealt with curses, I released the healing energy, healing all the injuries which curses had been stopping from healing up.

“All the curse energy has been extracted, and most of your injuries are healed,” I said as I removed my strings. “Thank you, Grandmaster,” he said. To that, I smiled.

“Take a good rest today, Lord Yazdi; tomorrow would not be an easy day for you,” I said and left the room, leaving Lord Yazdi confused.

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