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Chapter 746: United States internet response.

Chapter 746: United States internet response.

At this highly anticipated moment, no one could have predicted that such a thrilling "car crash" will occur in Shanghai less than half a day after the opening of remote driving. Coincidentally, there was also a female reporter sitting on this remote-driving Shi Lei car, which specifically covered the remote-driving function.

With professional-grade photography and multi-angle, multi-lens editing in addition to be amazed and having lingering fears, countless people also have a deep understanding of Shi Lei car remote driving.

Zhu Fei Ling, a Chinese with US nationality, was currently working at the US news network CNN, serving as an editor in the international news section.

CNN is CNN, one of the largest news agencies in the world. Its official website is an important way for countless Americans to get news and information. For the past month, Zhu Fei Ling has been dealing with news regarding China. To be precise, he was dealing with the Huge Industrial Monster's Shi Lei car news.

Zhu Fei Ling was in charge of following the news since Time magazine and putting the American focus on the Huge Industrial Monster. He was responsible for the international news of the portal, and on the Internet, he researched the news. So, during this time, He stayed up late every day and went to the China News website to search for information related to the Shi Lei car.

After four days, the US representative returned from the test site, and Zhu Fei Ling's superiors talked to him, the car news should be treated coldly for a while. After all, what has been lost in this stuff is the people who have followed the rioting American media before. CNN was also one of them, and now it's natural for that media to shrink their heads and be a turtle.

Zhu Fei Ling couldn't post the Huge Industrial Monster news, but he had to post the China news. He was fluent in Chinese and familiar with speech styles in major forums in China and had dozens of portal website accounts. At the same time, he had his own tricks for handling the news in China.


No need to think too much to judge, just log in to Baidu Billboard and check China's 24-hour hot spot search.


During this period, the Billboard real-time hotspots were occupied by the Huge Industrial Monster. They were talking about the energy service center, the United States being hit by the Huge Industrial Monster, the new revolution in the automotive world, and smart travel that will change people's lives... These keywords were all car-centric Shi Lei. Zhu Fei Ling looked very cool, but unfortunately, he couldn't post these things.

Zhu Fei Ling was busy with the work to be done as he did every day, today he opened the Baidu Billboard, as usual, preparing to search for information and save it for tomorrow's publication in the section of international news, and suddenly rubbed his eyes unconsciously.

Wait... what is that? One, ten, hundred, thousand...

Zhu Fei Ling counted it three times in a row, confirming it wasn't his eyes dazzle. A keyword caught his attention "Life hangs by a thread, Shi Lei car escapes from the sky", it's incredible... it has more than 40 million hot viewers. He felt his hair was about to stand on end, and he had only landed on Billboard three hours ago. At that time, the first hot search was [Remote Driving Officially Started], and the hot search volume was a few million. It's only been three hours, what kind of shocking news has happened in China?

You know, at the time, he pursued Doubaqiong's novel which occupied the hot search list for many years, and in the end, the hot search volume was only more than 60 million. At this time, don't care what popular Chinese stars are doing and don't even think about reaching the top of the search list, and it's not enough for Xiao Shen Yang to become famous overnight during the spring festival gala. Three hours passed and more than 40 million hot searches, what is this concept?

Zhu Fei Ling knew a major event had happened, and this major event was about the Huge Industrial Monster's Shi Lei car. With a tremor, he opened several news websites to focus on, then went to the Tian Ya Forum to take a walk...and the damning news came like a flood, it had completely occupied his eyes.

Five minutes later, after watching the video, Zhu Fei Ling grabbed the phone and yelled: "Editor, immediately book a front-page story for me right away. In ten minutes, I'll make big news in it."

Listening to the sound of his subordinate being struck by lightning, international news section editor Bolmaro pressed his excitement and asked: "Don't hurry and speak slowly. The topic of the homepage is ready at any time. ~ It's about the Huge Industrial Monster's Shi Lei car. ~ Not at all. How many times have I said, don't publish information about the Huge Industrial Monster," Bolmaro was angry: "How many times have I pointed that out?"

"Don't rush. There are too many explanations. I've sent the video to your mailbox. I can compile a few lines of commentary in ten minutes. Every second we delay, we may be outpaced by more others."

A few minutes later, Bolmaro jumped straight off the chair and a large amount of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. Ten minutes later, he quickly uploaded the content written by his subordinate to the official website's homepage along with the video. When the topic was refreshed on the homepage, he opened sequences of information portals between peers as if struck by an electric shock.

After spending a few minutes reading it, Bolmaro sagged in his chair and breathed a sigh of relief. He was sure countless colleagues have already sniffed out this video right now. However, CNN nabbed the top spot.


Half an hour later, the American news site on the Internet was badly affected. The five-minute video from China appeared on most news websites, and Americans who woke up were shocked to find it. In China, the Shi Lei car, to which they did not pay much attention before, has become a central "character" that has marked history and changed times.

It can't be said that the Americans didn't care, the main reason being that the media before the thunderstorms and rains took cold measures to make people ignore the Shi Lei car. Now, no one could cover the halo of the Shi Lei car.

There was no one in the driver's seat?!

The supercomputer intervenes in an instant, and from certain death, it saves the passengers?!

Instant acceleration and reaching the speed of 65 kilometers per hour in 1.4 seconds?!

Liu Fei was sitting in the car and shooting a video from the first point of view. This, all Americans who watched it understood what it means to be delighted, and all viewers of the official CNN news site, which first published the video, were firmly won over by the Shi Lei car.

At this moment, the people of the United States no longer think of national interests and no longer think of the Huge Industrial Monster which has been assessed as a dictatorial technological empire by Time magazine. They only felt their blood boil and they fantasized about the wonderful scene of owning a Shi Lei car.

"Why don't Commerce Department personnel collectively climb the Empire State Building and then jump off?"

"My God, I never imagined that the remote driving function launched by the Huge Industrial Monster would be exploited in this way. Man or no one behind the wheel, only the gods can react in this situation. However, the gods will come not, but the Huge Industrial Monster used technology to create gods."

"After watching the video, I suddenly understood our business department and this news media, why did they all lose their voices when they tested it four days ago? Because they are all clowns, ridiculous clowns."

"I can't afford a Pagani, and I can't afford a Bugatti, but I can afford a Shi Lei car. Why? Why the Ministry of Commerce stopped us from buying Shi Lei cars? Why did the Ministry of Commerce make a wild statement before those Shi Lei cars will not be allowed to enter the United States market without canceling remote driving? Are they afraid? In the automotive field, we have at least ten years behind the Huge Industrial Monster."

"He he~ That friend upstairs, is that the kind of calendar with 600 days a year?"

"Zeng Jin, I am very envious that I was born in this country, the United States. The most technologically advanced country. But for now, I want to be Chinese, because I can buy a Shi Lei car. Sitting in a Shi Lei car, I feel like I can just snatch my driver's license."

"Ridiculous Tesla, Ridiculous Time Magazine, ridiculous us."

"Let's do it, my friends, let's do our best to bring the Shi Lei car into the American market!"


The next day, on the White House's online petition, a proposal titled "Ask the Commerce Department to allow Shi Lei cars to enter the US market," has nearly 500,000 signatures in just a few dozen hours. .

At two o'clock in the afternoon, faced with the influx of signatures, the spokesperson had to hold a special press conference to respond to this proposal, and during the press conference, the spokesperson who had been pushed off the top bar told the audience in a very regretful tone.

It's not that the Ministry of Commerce refused to land the Shi Lei car in America. In fact, five days ago, the Shi Lei car was under the supervision of various agencies when the test was completed. The United States believed the remote driving function of the Shi Lei car had certain feasibility in the United States.

Therefore, we especially sent representatives to talk with the president of the Huge Industrial Monster, in the hope of reaching a consensus on the entry of Shi Lei car into the United States, and during the talks, the United States side is willing to cooperate with the Huge Industrial Monster to build an energy service center, and make practical efforts for the new energy car industry and set a new standard for the global new energy car industry. But... The Huge Industrial Monster, once again, rejected the request for cooperation.

We don't know the pattern of the Huge Industrial Monster at this time. However, we in the United States will continue to adhere to the concept of cooperation on both sides, and we will always adhere to it at all times and in any context. So from here, I also call on the Huge Industrial Monster to let Shi Lei car out of China and join the big global smart car family.

After reading the manuscript, the sad-faced spokesperson pleaded guilty to everyone and left the microphone seat. Leaving many journalists alone, messed up in the wind blowing the seats. Throwing the pot at the Huge Industrial Monster!

Anyway, what the spokesperson said in the press conference is not wrong. After the remote driving function test was completed, Tesla CEO Martin flew to Shanghai inconspicuously and had a 20-minute meeting with the chairman of the Huge Industrial Monster.

It is true that Huge Industrial Monster rejected the cooperation plan, but it is not necessary to tell the public that this cooperation plan was about the core technology of the plasma battery of the Huge Industrial Monster in exchange for the huge American market.

"The Huge Industrial Monster refused?! So our Ministry of Commerce will not lower our profile and use more preferential policies to subsidize the Huge Industrial Monster."

"It must be due to the previous announcement from the Department of Commerce, and Time Magazine's nonsense that harmed the Huge Industrial Monster, otherwise why would the Huge Industrial Monster refuse?"

"Who knows whether it's true or not, as far as I know, the Huge Industrial Monster's Magic Crystal mobile phone has always been banned by the Ministry of Commerce. Who? Who will be happy?"

"The spokesperson's official rhetoric is nice. The Huge Industrial Monster sincerely invited the US representative to serve as a third-party monitoring agency. How could it be willing to abandon the United States? It must be the Department of Commerce who refused to cooperate, unite against these capitalists, and secretly boycott the Huge Industrial Monster."

This time, the American people have decided.

According to what they mean, this technology company has made an outstanding contribution to the betterment of the lives of mankind, even if it was the Huge Industrial Monster if it asked to come to the United States. As long as Shi Lei's car cannot enter the United States, let him sell it in another country.

Like many Chinese fruit powders, they are unsold in the United States, even if people have not used these products they have not even felt their absence, and the Huge Industrial Monster will not be able to sell its products in the United States.

But that didn't even stop China from producing a large amount of fruit powder!

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