Monster Factory

Chapter 726: Remote driving test.

Chapter 726: Remote driving test.

A new day, not a holiday, not a special day, but today on the Internet is even busier than Chinese New Year, from forums to major portals, news sites, and video sites. Everyone was talking about remote driving!

The frequency of these four words was even higher than the sum of two plus five on the hot search list. Since the morning, many office workers secretly have used computers or cell phones to search for live video of the remote driving function, whether they had a driver's license or not, there was a lot of concern about this feature.

In addition to the huge public opinion hot spot caused by the United States before, the public was also eager to know whether this function can be realized.

If you don't have a driver's license, expect to sit comfortably in the car in the future and let the car take you with it. If you have a driver's license, you can drink if you want to drink in the future and let the car drive home after drinking.

"Do you think remote driving can be approved?"

"That shouldn't be possible; we're in the 21st century, not the 20th century. Personally, I think Huge Industrial Monster's thing is mainly to advertise Shi Lei vehicles, only to increase exposure."

"The stuff should only be promoted and not practiced. The people upstairs must not have watched the Huge Industrial Monster's press conference. Even the United States was choked and couldn't say a word to the press conference."

"I am very nervous today, if the Huge Industrial Monster project fails, we will lose face for the Chinese nation!"

"Does anyone know when the live stream will start, and if the US representative will be coming?"

"Upstairs, it seems to be 2:30 p.m. As for the US representative, I don't know if he's coming or not, but a lot of American media came."


At nine o'clock in the morning, a silver-gray Mercedes-Benz truck and a Shi Lei car came out of the underground garage of the Huge Industrial Monster Building. This Mercedes-Benz truck has obviously been transformed, with a large signal receiver on the roof like a silver-gray metal container and a row of dark black lighting windows on both sides of the body.

Inside the car, Tianjin and the two Electronic Messengers sat next to a row of electronic equipment, the two Electronic Messengers sat as loose as they did, and Tianjin wore a gray cape and slumped over the chair like a captured elf. There were monsters in the cabin, as well as a pilot and co-pilots. In front of Shi Lei's car sat Ye Qing, the boss of the Huge Industrial Monster.

This time, the remote driving function of the Shi Lei car can only succeed and not fail. For this very reason, Ye Qing personally brought the Electrocrystalline, but Tianjin obviously didn't take it seriously.

The remote driving function is the technology created by the Electrocristalline, the Electronic Messengers and a group of top electronic engineers. It was naturally a fanciful daydream to judge the remote driving feature with the current level of human technology. But in Tianjin's eyes, the remote driving function is just the inevitable result of hard work. Its results are necessarily perfect. If so, why waste that time getting to the scene in person?

When the two loaded cars arrived at the Shanghai Automotive Quality Supervision and Inspection Center at one o'clock in the afternoon, the scene was already packed with people. Media, Transportation Department delegations, Fudan National Key Laboratory delegations, and Huge Industrial Monster delegations, in addition to these, there were at least thousands of spectators who came to the scene. However, the US representative had come much later than Ye Qing.

The Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is located in the Automobile Industrial Park, where everything related to the automobile was located. If there are people eating here, they should watch out for strangers in suits and leather shoes in the crowd, and they are guaranteed to be gobsmacked.

Bauer, the sales manager of the Volkswagen branch in Shanghai, Bernardine, executive director of the general management department, and Nanette, deputy director of marketing, Alaris, deputy technical director of Toyota, and Andrina, deputy general manager of Buick in China, the leaders of these automakers gathered and watched the workers who were surrounded by the crowd and became the long-awaited giant beasts with complex eyes, and their hearts were mixed.

Once upon a time, they also had the same scenery there as this time, even five years ago, or even earlier. At that time, China's auto market was their garden and they were the gardeners.

The endless beautiful flowers were all in their pockets. China's local auto industry has been battered beyond belief. Even the original Chinese auto industry had to import everything from engines to gearboxes to onboard computers.

But now...these leaders can't help but shut up a bit. As soon as the Shi Lei car came out to represent China's local auto manufacturing industry. In the field of advanced new energy vehicles, it has surpassed these ancient European and American enterprises at all levels. Whether the Huge Industrial Monster is fighting alone or not, overrun is overrun, and they have no hope of catching up.

Now the Huge Industrial Monster will kick off the remote driving feature with incredible momentum. If this feature is launched, it will bring earth-shattering changes. Whether to check the story changes together or watch the Huge Industrial Monster pull off a big joke depends on today's test results!

At 1:30 p.m., Huge Industrial Monster had already finished debugging the two Shi Lei experimental cars. At the same time, domestic and foreign media also set up work equipment one after another and went to interview relevant personnel before the start of the test. This test is by no means as simple as letting the two Shi Lei take a few laps around the industrial area.

[State Key Laboratory of Regional Fiber Optic Communication Network and New Optical Communication System] Lifa scientific research and technical personnel have been debugging several sets of electronic equipment in the test center since yesterday. They will start to carry out comprehensive monitoring of the three important systems of the car, the wireless network, and the remote control host when the Shi Lei car is connected to the remote control system. In addition, technical personnel from the transport department will also follow the car to collect data.

At 2:00 p.m., two Shi Lei vehicles were carefully driven to the monitoring center by staff. Journalists also followed suit with cameras.

"Friends of the public, hello everyone, I am Shen Hong, a reporter from Tencent News Channel, and I am currently standing in the lobby of the Shanghai Automotive Quality Inspection Center. Within half an hour, all Chinese people will watch the test of the remote driving function of the Shi Lei car which is about to start. ~ I think everyone can already feel the importance of this test from the nervous and serious expressions of the technicians at the scene. ~ According to scene news, the United States also has a technical representative who will be sent to serve as a third-party monitoring agency. In addition, I noticed that Mr. Ye Qing, the chairman of the Huge Industrial Monster, is also here," a reporter wearing a blue vest spoke into the microphone while enthusiastically chasing the crowd.

The audience watching the broadcast live, through the camera lens, could clearly see there was an impressive young man in front of him, a young man walking with ease, surrounded by circles of people. It was just that this little reporter couldn't squeeze through that circle of people squeezing left and right.

"Look, the one in the back is the president of Huge Industrial Monster. It's just we were late, and there were so many people around him that I couldn't sneak in to visit him. ~ Well, I better take you to the door and wait for the U.S. Rep. ~ I think everyone must want to hear what the U.S. Rep has to say."

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