Monster Factory

Chapter 688: The Benevolent Factory Owner.

Chapter 688: The Benevolent Factory Owner.

In the town of Anute, the monsters left behind have completed the construction of the first batch of equipment, among these constructions, there was a small test laboratory, and among the equipment urgently taken by the cargo plane to Nigeria, there was an easy-to-assemble mini foundry.

The two Types I Mechanical Colossus that General Mopu spent a lot of money to buy were also recruited by Ye Qing, and they were slightly modified and reserved for mining.

Two mini smelters, equipped with ore crushing equipment, a small chemical reaction boiler, a small magnetic separator, flotation machine, etc., were built using Mechanical Colossus Type I as a moving element, this industrial equipment has no technical difficulty being manufactured using the tools of the Huge Industrial Monster.

The demand for Metallic Dysprosium in the Huge Industrial Monster Co., Ltd. was too urgent. Just two days after Ye Qing went to Nigeria for a business trip, the Metallic Dysprosium that had accumulated in the factory ran out. On another day, the plant will be faced with the dilemma of no available Dysprosium Metallic. So now, relying on these two sets of equipment, the Huge Industrial Monster can feel a little comfortable, even if a little.

Ye Qing planned to put copper-uranium-mica ores aside for the time being and only talk about uranium purification after the arrival of the battleship Lord Duan equipped with more powerful mining and smelting equipment. Of course, these two mini-smelters only have the capacity to process ten tons of coarse rare earth ore per day.

Ye Qing considered buying a cargo plane to transport all these coarse ore powders by air for further processing and purification.

Until midnight, the convoy that headed for the Sotu rainforest went back and forth. Finally, Ye Qing took a cold shower and washed off the sweat that had escaped from his body while he was wearing a radiation protection suit, then took the ore sample to the mini-laboratory. What is said to be a mini-laboratory actually looked more like a small container.

Of course, it was a premium container. The box was filled with an insulating layer and equipped with a temperature and humidity control system. The use of space inside had reached its limits and even a scanning electric microscope and an atomic absorption spectrometer were packed into a few square meters of space.

A Master Metal Expert sat in the lab, Ye Qing waited for more than half an hour, then got the test report of the ore sample, this sample contained seventeen elements. The report showed samples taken from the mountain range by Ye Qing and his team contained a total of nine rare metal elements, as well as other elements; Cerium, Strontium, Neodymium, Samarium, Gadolinium, Dysprosium…

Like Uranium ore, the content of special metal elements in the rare earth ore exceeded 1% each, which already meant high-grade rich ore, and the report details showed the percentage of the element content in sample content.

Phosphate content 65.2%.

It is the ore body that makes up monazite, just as iron ore is mostly stone. Of course, this substance is more useful than stone and can be transformed into chemical raw materials, but as the name suggests, its value is very low.

The content of Cerium Trioxide is 0.32%.

This rare metal is very interesting, after chemical reduction to reduce the metal to Cerium, it can burn with dazzling sparks when slightly bent. But the content is too small to be worth mining.

The metal content is 0.97%.

It is also an interesting rare metal, worth 800 Yuan per kilogram of it, which must be placed in mineral oil for storage. Because in the air, its half-life is less than twenty hours, and eventually it turns into a fragile green waste.

The content of Neodymium metal is 0.41%.

This… is another hard metal that should be kept in an airtight container. In contact with air, it oxidizes and blackens quickly, loses its activity, and is highly flammable.

The characteristics of these rare metals are also the reason why the Huge Industrial Monster asked the mining department to increase the amount of Dysprosium Metallic mining, but the mining department was slow to issue an approval.

To extract Dysprosium Metallic, it is necessary to extract other rare elements at the same time, but under the condition of stable market supply, how do deal with these rare and extremely difficult metals to store?

The other rare metals were very difficult to characterize as it is very difficult to serve a princess. I don’t know if it’s because of the intention of the Master Metal Expert who didn’t pay much attention to them or if Metallic Dysprosium was the target mineral this time, which has to be introduced on a whole sheet of a separate paper.

Ye Qing had to turn to the next page to find the Dysprosium Metallic introduction. And after reading the characteristics of early metals, Ye Qing took a deep breath and turned the report to the second page.

Dysprosium Metallic, density 8.55 g/cm3, single metal density, representing 1.53% of the samples collected. With his heart beating rapidly, Ye Qing gradually calmed down and breathed a sigh of relief. 1.53%, which shows that monazite has a very high mining value. For 100 tons of monazite ores, at least 1.5 tons of Dysprosium Metallic can be extracted with a purity of 99.99.

Other rare metals are not worth separating at this time.

Not wanting to rest, Ye Qing immediately asked the Master Metal Expert to drive the two Mini Foundries and put the two Mechanical Colossus Type I, rented from General Mopu, to the edge of the Sotu Rainforest.

“Mr. Ye, this… what is this?” General Mopu, who was next to Ye Qing and was waiting for the news. His scientific values were completely overturned, and he quickly adjusted his mentality. Now, whenever he sees a product presented by the Huge Industrial Monster, he subconsciously labels it as “amazing” in his mind.

For example, the two strange machines that passed in front of him looked a bit like the drilling rig that General Mopu had seen on television, but they were several times smaller, only twenty square meters, and their structures were complex especially with this platform.

“Simple mineral processing plant,” Ye Qing smiled in a relaxed mood and said: “General Mopu, I have to disturb you for now. Send someone to patrol the outskirts of the Sotu Rainforest and don’t let enter unrelated persons.”

“And don’t let your people go near the mountains. There is radiation everywhere, and staying there for a long time will cause great damage to their organisms. In addition, these two small factories have to consume 2,000 liters of diesel oil every day for the production of the electricity, and you must send someone to bring them.”

“Don’t worry, leave this task to me,” General Mopu beat his chest with his fist, then with an envious look, he dismissed the two factories which were “not simple at all”.


As the fiery red sun rose over the tawny desert, accompanying the birth of a new day in Anute, the new day was still hot and the whole Anute area was still the same. The women would take their children under the trees, and the men would hang out together, either complaining that life is messed up everywhere or figuring out where to go today to earn some extra money.

But near the Sotu Rainforest, a completely different change has taken place. Two strange mini-factories have settled here, and two strange metal devices have climbed the mountains. At the same time, several vans rushed into the villages near the rainforest.

Soldiers in pickup trucks warned them in earnest tones that they would be unallowed near the Sotu rainforest in the future. There will be military vehicles patrolling for 24 hours. If anyone dares to violate the rules established by General Mopu, he will be beaten violently and his legs cut off. Some elderly villagers dared to ask: “If the rainy season is delayed, what will we do if we don’t have enough food for ourselves and our animals?”

“In the future, a factory will be built there. The benevolent owner of the factory will give you twenty dollars worth of food per head per month. Are you still worried about starvation?”

Most of the villagers did not understand what a dollar was. The soldiers threw a bulging bag of barley straight from the car and said it was twenty-dollar food. Seeing the yellow-orange-orange whole-grain food, all the eyes of the villagers almost jumped for joy. God is above, that sack of fragrant barley can’t be eaten by a strong-aged man in a month, let alone old people and children?

Doesn’t that mean… that in the future you won’t be able to do anything and just eat and play every day?

The nearest rainforest village of Sotu was dozens of kilometers away. The more than 200 Aborigines of this village have been asked to collectively move 15 kilometers away.

Faced with General Mopu’s orders, no one in the village dared to disobey. Originally they thought they would destroy their homes and ask them to leave from there, and the hard days of life in the desert awaited them. Unexpectedly, these soldiers told them that the benevolent owner of the factory would pay each relocated inhabitant an indemnity of one thousand dollars. And starting today, each person will be subsidized with a bag of barley every month.

What are a thousand dollars and what is compensation?

They don’t know what it means, but a bag of barley, they really do.

It was the best delicacy that can only be tasted at important parties. Bake it into a cake and add chopped plump ants or meaty scorpions, it was a day only the gods can enjoy.

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