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Chapter 677: Blinking Shi Lei.

Chapter 677: Blinking Shi Lei.

The first test was successful.!?

Although mobile payment is very fast these days, you can complete the payment with a few clicks and let others scan it. But mankind’s pursuit of laziness is endless, and some people are so lazy they don’t even want to pull out their cell phones. After all, you have to take out your phone, unlock it, enter the payment option, and then enter the payment password or wallet password. Shi Lei’s off-car payment solved this problem perfectly. No need to unlock, as long as the owner asks, the cute smart assistant will do everything else and solve all that mess of activity right now.

The smart assistant’s independent wallet, which is used to complete the payment of various vehicle maintenance expenses, also has a very practical advantage. It can record all the consumption records of a car and if the owner is interested, he can directly ask the assistant to call the bill, then he can easily count how much he spent on car maintenance.

They say they can afford a car, but they can’t afford to maintain it. The little assistant accounts come out on their own. It is estimated that car owners who always feel like the money is gone after spending it should praise the financial management of the little helper one after another. At the same time, they also need to understand how to save money.

Of course, when it comes to money, payment security is always the first consideration. Otherwise, just standing next to Shi Lei’s car and asking him to generate a QR code payment isn’t a big joke?

To this end, Tianjin and the company’s single-vote electronic engineering experts have invested a lot of energy in the field of payment security to ensure the absolute security of the smart assistant’s wallet. The first hardware security is the car key, with audible fingerprint recognition.

In addition to the traditional car key function, the Shi Lei car’s standard smart key also acts as a binding electronic token and fingerprint recognition. Although the user forgets to bring the key, the user can also use the mobile phone operating software, mobile-phone fingerprint recognition, or window fingerprint recognition to start the car in case of emergency, but if the car key is not detected, all payment functions cannot be used.

On the software side, it comes with powerful voice recognition and contours recognition features. When the smart assistant first binds the user, it uses the name assigned by the user to the assistant as a keyword to perform voice recognition. So, every time the user calls the assistant’s name, it is identification.

Contour recognition is activated when paying outside the car. The Shi Lei car is equipped with a panoramic camera, in the next system update, when the out-of-vehicle payment function is launched. The user speaks and asks the smart assistant to generate a QR code with a fixed amount, provided it is of course not too far from the car. At this time, the smart assistant will capture the outline of the car owner through the panoramic camera and perform secondary identity authentication based on voice verification through fuzzy body size and shape recognition.

To do this, the owner does not need any hardware changes, and he just needs to update the program.

That’s the power of smart cars. By managing the data collected by the original automotive hardware, endless possibilities can be expanded. It has no limit except in the imagination of the technicians!

However, Tianjin is the most imaginative little guy; it’s about creating an intelligent assistant for the Shi Lei car. Even driving a vest that hides on the famous domestic car forums, collecting the problems encountered by a large number of car owners in the process of driving, and then selecting the representative ones and solving them one by one with their own unique thought.

Now the out-of-vehicle payment function test has been very successful.

Ye Qing sat in the cabin of the Shi Lei car, and after explaining to Tianjin what to do, Tianjin continued to work hard and brought the large laboratory elevator back to the ground. When he got to ground level and got out, he smiled and said, “Gouji, head to the nearest car wash.”

“Master, what service price do you want? I searched and found there are luxury car wash shops and automatic express car wash shops nearby.”

“Haha~ Just the one for twenty bucks.”

“As ordered, Master,” The shrewd assistant nodded vigorously. Well-bred, he will never try to let the owner spend money indiscriminately.

Ye Qing ran for two blocks according to navigation information, only to find this conscientious company that mainly focused on auto repairs and car washes. The price of the car wash, the assistant was able to retrieve through the database of; Of course, the purchase of this data is very expensive.

This auto repair center only had one car wash window and the equipment inside was also outdated. He still used a combination of water guns and traditional vacuum cleaners. Of course, on the outskirts of the city, don’t expect too much for the price of 20 Yuan, and the main business of others was not for car washing.

Seeing Shi Lei parked at the laundromat door, the eyes of several young men who were repairing cars in the maintenance area suddenly lit up, and before Ye Qing could honk their horn, two men rushed over.

“Boss, it’s the Shi Lei car rumbling on the Internet. Are you here to fix or wash the car?”

“Wash the car,” Ye Qing smiled and got out of the car. One of the guys was about to get in the car and drive the car, but Ye Qing closed the door with a bang.

Ye Qing’s main purpose was to practically test the out-of-car payment function that Shi Lei was about to launch, so he walked to the laundry room door and shouted, “Gouji let’s go, drive in the car.”


The faces of the two guys from the car wash completely had panda eyes “this guy is crazy” because the driver of this supercar Shi Lei had already gotten off. He wanted to pretend to be coercive, but there was an embarrassing scene.

Ye Qing shouted at Gouji on the left, but Shi Lei’s car did not move, and there was no response. He thought strangely for two seconds, then understood the reason.

It was too noisy here. Next to the laundry room was the auto repair area. Inside, the air pump was making a tractor noise and the elevator was also making noise. Ye Qing turned up the volume and shouted again, this time the Shi Lei car really responded.

It seems that car washes and car repair centers have been ignored, in these places, there can be problems with high decibel noise pollution. Of course, it is not inconvenient to solve this problem. By updating the audio software, Tianjin will be able to achieve a good noise reduction effect.

Seeing Shi Lei’s car enter by itself, the two young men’s expressions also changed from “this guy is crazy” to “am I crazy”.

“Old…Boss, your car…”

The two boys suspiciously turned on the water gun, first washed the entire exterior, then sprayed the decontamination foam.

“Don’t clean the interior,” Ye Qing at the door added, “After all, the interior of the car is spotless.”

“I’ll charge you fifteen.” The two boys nodded, and while cleaning, they looked curiously at the ghostly Shi Lei car. They were surprised by the unmanned driving just now. The car wash has become light at this time, for fear of doing something strange. He is really afraid of what is coming!

Ye Qing, the owner of the car, was sitting on the small bench at the door and playing with his cell phone, but the Shi Lei inside, the lights on both sides of the front were flickering, flickering from left to right. The lighting was very soft, giving people a comfortable feeling, and the left and right fans also had a sense of rhythm and technology. Both boys were startled and thought they had hit something in the car.

“Ah~ boss, you…your car blinked.”

“Eh?” Ye Qing turned around and saw Shi Lei’s car was really “blinking”.

“Master, someone called you.” The smart assistant saw there was no movement in the silent reminder mode, began to emit signals.

Ye Qing looked at the phone in my hand: “Who called me?”

“It’s Mr. Jin Liuhai.”

Ye Qing’s heart beat violently. His unique Shi Lei was equipped with a car satellite phone.

After three or two steps to open the car door and get in, Ye Qing pressed the answer button.

“Boss, Buzz told me earlier that a team found a monazite mine.”

“Have you checked?” At this moment, Ye Qing felt his heart was about to explode.

“Not yet, this group has appeared on the other side of the mountain. Buzz ordered them to bring the ore back and rush back.”

“I want to know the test results as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Boss.”

After getting off the Shi Lei car, Ye Qing felt he was about to be overwhelmed with happiness. He wanted to fly to Nigeria now and witness this moment of happiness with his own eyes.

Wait~ Why do those two guys from the car wash look like hell?

“Why didn’t you wash it?”

“Old… Boss, your car is too advanced, I… I don’t know how to wash it.”

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