Monster Factory

Chapter 666: Chinese enterprises cannot be allowed to come in.

Chapter 666: Chinese enterprises cannot be allowed to come in.

“300 million are definitely not a problem, I will inform the responsible personnel participating in the auction there,” Director Wu hastily checked the time, there were still twenty minutes before two o’clock.

“Well, hurry up and get to work,” Ye Qing waved his hand.

Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City covers an area of 1,000 Mu, and the local government has invested in building the main body of the automobile city. Automakers who are not ready to build shops choose to rent ready-made car shops. At the same time, there are still several lands for sale in Auto City, which are reserved for companies planning to build a 4S car shop with their own characteristics. There are large and small plots and not many.

At the auction this afternoon, all land will be auctioned at once.



However, no matter how it was felled, the capital of 300 million Yuan far exceeded the real value of the land. With the exception of the ambitious Huge Industrial Monster, no company was willing to spend $300 million to acquire land with a valuation of just 70 million Yuan. After all, there are no residential areas or commercial areas. The Huge Industrial Monster was going to win, and it was almost certain.



Back at the factory, Ye Qing immersed himself in the underground base and began to plan the construction of the mechanical eagle drone production center. It was uncomplicated to build a small production center for mechanical eagle drones. Most of the 3D printing equipment and small precision processing equipment it needs can be purchased from the accessory store.



Bayu City is a famous historical and cultural city in China and the source of Bayu culture. At the same time, it is also the strategic support for the development of the western region and the central hub of the western part of the Tianjiang economic belt.

According to the 2015 census, Bayu has a total population of 30,170,000.

Even the total population of Shanghai, the magical capital, is not as large as that of Bayu City. Although this data include the urban population, according to the automobile survey in March this year, the total number of private cars registered in Bayu City in 2017 was 2.8 million.

This does not include freight vehicles, purely family vehicles. Faced with such a vast automotive consumer market and huge upside potential, no automaker will remain indifferent.

It is now 1:40 p.m. and an exciting land auction is going to be held at the Jiangbei District Government Service Center of Bayu City.

The seventh-floor conference room where the auction is taking place is now overcrowded, and more than half of them are golden-faced, blue-eyed Westerners. The remaining Chinese faces also respectfully surrounded these foreigners one by one, and it seemed that they were either assistants or translators. The only exception is the auction team, consisting of two young Chinese faces.

“M. Bernard, did you see No. 74 sitting in the back row?” A middle-aged stranger with a high bridge of his nose passed over the assistant next to him and whispered to the person next to him.

“I noticed, what’s wrong with Mr. Batchelder?” The latter turned his head and glanced at number 74.

“He is the only person representing a Chinese company in Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City.”

“Is it a giant industry?” Batchelder was surprised: “They even want to bid for a piece of land, what the hell is the government doing here? To build a business in the auto town specializing in high-end cars, you just have to honestly invite our builders to ‘world-famous automobiles coming and to force him not to let a Chinese company into this automobile city. Did they want to improve their bad self-esteem?’

“Me too. I think the same thing.” The foreigner smiled disdainfully: “I admit the Huge Industrial Monster’s Shi Lei car is good, at least it probably has no rivals in the field of new energy. But that does not mean we allow settling in our site to establish an exclusive service center for the Shi Lei car.”

“Service center?” Batchelder suddenly slapped his forehead and remembered: “Is this Huge Industrial Monster’s 5,000 energy service center plan? Do they want to use one of them here? Build a service center here? They’re crazy, how much will it cost them?”

“They are not mad, Bayu City is one of the most important cities in China and the economic center of the whole southwest region. The Huge Industrial Monster is here to construct a building to establish a service center of the Shi Lei 4S store of great significance.”

“You are right.” Batchelder nodded in agreement: “So I think we should do something.”

“Seriously, I cannot tolerate a Chinese company sneaking into our site.”

The former smiled knowingly: “Yes, I have seen the renderings of the Huge Industrial Monster’s 5,000 energy service centers. They plan to establish standard service centers in China. We just have to make them unable to take the land, then the energy service center will be unable to appear in Tanjiawanzhen.”

“We have to unite, and you see the eyes of the young man holding the No. 74 sign ~ That looks five minutes ago was still confused and insecure. I think it’s very clear to him that his eyes changed after having received a call. It seems that we have encountered an adversary.”

“But their opponent is our German automaker ~”

“Mr. Brigenshaw, Vice-President of the Automobile Union of Stuttgart, Until they have the land, they cannot rent the buildings made available by the government.”

There are still ten minutes until the auction, and the group of strangers has gathered one after another, conspiring and talking as if they were in a meeting. Every once in a while someone peeks at the juggernaut’s stick in the back row, and that’s kind of the bad guy, too. It was a conspiracy.

They can’t change the local government’s decision not to bring a Chinese company into Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City, but they can block the Huge Industrial Monster’s entrance openly and honestly. It’s not a grudge or some kind of malicious competition.

Several German automobile manufacturers, led by the Automobile Union of Stuttgart have long planned to establish a joint exhibition center on German automobile technology in the town of Bayu. In the plan, it is an international exhibition center just after Shanghai. They want to provide the most reliable automotive technology and the most innovative automotive technology concepts from Germany to customers throughout the southwestern region. Naturally, the land with the largest area and the best land in Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City became their target.

The first German opponents are expected to be US-based automakers. Now that the local government has suddenly been locked into Chinese society, Germany and the United States have naturally hooked into a group and will drive out the Chinese society first. It’s a trade secret, and naturally, it’s impossible for a newcomer to the Huge Industrial Monster to know.

When these foreigners’ conspiracy ended, the land auction organized by the Jiangbei District government officially began.

The place is very simple, without the international atmosphere that these foreigners give off, it would look like a simple morning meeting of a neighborhood committee or the government of a municipality.

A middle-aged man in a suit came on stage and nodded hello to everyone.

“I have made you wait for a long time. Now I announce the land auction of Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile Town will officially begin.

“We are going to start the auction of the first plot.”

“Site No. 2 in the West District, with an area of 12 Mu, has a starting price of 20 million.”

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