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Chapter 481: Alternative Uses of Robots

Chapter 481: Alternative Uses of Robots

The chosen meeting place was Ye Qing's office, and it is not surprising that this group of people was shocked by the scenery inside the office.

Now it's winter, and as Ye Qing loved to play with the background on the dream monitor and for making the atmosphere very comfortable in his office, in the transparent display embedded in the window, the primitive and wild African savannah was in play right now and a cheetah was sleeping in the lush meadow, and when people entered were shocked at what they saw, they believed Ye Qing had learned from these desert tyrants and had raised a leopard in front of the window.

After the guests had taken their places in the explanation and the exclamation, the professor Liu Fangyu of Beishan Institute of Mechanical Automation, a little impatient, wanted to see the protagonist who had attracted him to Shanghai City this time: "Mr. Ye, can we... take a tour to see Watcher N° 3?"


Beishan Machinery Automation Research Institute was a scientific research unit under Beishan Light Industry Group, this industrial group also focused on the production of military products, but Baojia focused on exports and Beishan focused on domestic sales.

According to Wu Weiling on the phone, the research institute where Professor Liu Fangyu worked was developing a remote automatic sniper system. It was similar to the high-tech product in [Life and Death Sniper], which could automatically adjust the position of the sniper rifle after inputting the parameters.

Since training a qualified sniper usually took several years and consumed tens of thousands of bullets and tens of millions of dollars, so the development of a mechanical automatic sniper product was simply more profitable and more harmless.

Even if this product was worth millions of dollars, after putting it anywhere, and it would kill an enemy it could refund its price and if it carried out two missions it would pay off. Once it was plowed by enemy artillery fire and the equipment of this automatic sniper would be destroyed, they would not lose insurance money, because shells costed money and the weapon had a firing life.

If it was said to be pure high tech, in fact, the technology of computer ballistic calculation had been popular for many years. As long as the data collection was comprehensive enough, many software companies could make it according to the calculation formula, because the real technological content is the automatic adjustment of the bracket.

Within a certain plane, take any point, which is the aiming point of the muzzle. It can be done by a lead screw that moves in parallel and a lead screw that moves vertically, but this is only in theory because the high-precision lead screw is suitable for the movement of the machine tool head and is not suitable for the sniper rifle.

On the one hand, the high-precision lead screw has poor tolerance to the recoil of the gun. On the other hand, the high-precision lead screw moves too slowly, because for the sniper rifle to go from standby state to sniper point it takes a long time, so if you rely on a high precision screw, I'm afraid it is only suitable for shooting sleeping turtles or sick turtles because even the indigenous armed forces in Africa also have pickups. If the target is fast, the muzzle must move fast, otherwise, the target will be lost. So to be effective to snipe down a target, it must change the position of the muzzle with huge recoil, and move to the next target quickly after readjusting. So, who is not a ghost at gunpoint for life?

When the first gunshot sounded and the rest assured, it would take less than two seconds to scatter and hide in a direction like a rabbit. Therefore, it is necessary to find one that can move fast, resist impact, and has a high-precision mechanical movement method.


Professor Liu Fangyu and his team had originally designed several schemes, but each scheme had inherent shortcomings. It's not that the speed was down, but the accuracy was not enough. Just fired two shots and the accuracy was severely reduced, and there were many faults.

Then… The students had recommended to Professor Liu Fangyu to see the concert video.

"Xiao Xu, when is it, you still want to chase stars? Do you know what this automatic sniper system means to us?"

"Professor, just take a look, just take a look at the mysterious guest inside."

"I don't watch, I'm so busy, I rely on...wait~"

"Ah~ Xiao Xu, show me the complete video."

After watching the video, Professor Liu Fangyu dropped everything and he was looking for someone for the relationship and wanted to visit Monster Heavy Industry. He didn't even have time to enter his office, he didn't even have time to drink the tea. Professor Liu Fangyu has become like a cat scratching his heart.


"I want to see Watcher N° 3 up close."

Ye Qing was a bit helpless, it was still early before noon, and lunchtime is still far away, so there was no need to be so urgent.

Thinking about it, he went to the corner of the office and opened the silver-white metal cabinet door and as soon as the door of the cabinet was opened, Professor Liu Fangyu had met his lover who had been away for ten years and ran toward Watcher No. 3 to give it a warm and long hug.

"Art, a unique piece of art in the world." Professor Liu Fangyu stretched out his trembling fingers and gently rubbed the Watcher N° 3's cold metal face.

"Mr. Ye, Professor Ye... can you open its armor?" After rubbing it for a long time, Professor Liu Fangyu turned his head and said with some excitement: "I want to see its structure with my own eyes... The whole body armor."

Professor Liu Fangyu's mood was as uneasy as he had declared the title of professor at Ye Qing. The Watcher N° 3 could be seen in the video, but the internal details are shown to him as an insider at close range. Could he approve it?

He thought a little bit too much. There were some things that, even if he looked at it for a hundred years, he could not be able to imitate them, or he couldn't imitate them. For example, Watcher N° 3's calligraphy, and then, for example, the whole body of Watcher N° 3!

When the Watcher N° 3 was opened the whole body muscle armor was seen and Ye Qing could clearly see that Professor Liu Fangyu's eyes straightened.


This was what he pursued in his mind, the most perfect mechanical motion system, high-precision lead screw, precision gear, what the hell was that?

Professor Liu Fangyu took the first look and saw the structure inside from close range. He swept several mechanical movement methods previously studied into the garbage dump. The research that he usually took pride in had turned into worthless waste. Professor Liu Fangyu didn't feel the slightest sadness in his heart. Instead, there was a kind of almost crazy joy, the joy of being trapped in the dark for many years and seeing the light all at once. This was the charm of machinery. After witnessing the art of the palace, could he still prejudice that his works were valuable and had merits?

That robot was a mechanical art treasure, which was not worthy to be called mechanical engineering. It was a kind of engineering that the guy could study for his lifetime.

"Inside, you can see mechanical joints with three hundred and sixty movable nodes. There are as many as human joints." Ye Qing proudly told Professor Liu Fangyu what belonged to Legendary watcher robot No.3: "If you locate a point on the plane, you only need three mechanical joints to cooperate. The accuracy surpasses that of human beings. The important thing is that it can completely eliminate the error of the shaking hand when positioning."

"Perfect! Perfect!" Professor Liu Fangyu nodded like a chicken pecking at rice: "Although we can't process it, the kind of node you said... I have read the information your company also has an Explorer robot. Think of it this way, let it hold a machine gun, it can directly act as a fixed guard robot, and it will start to fire when it sees the enemy."

"The reason is this. Of course, it can only bully the indigenous people. Its connection method is too easy to be disturbed." Ye Qing nodded, expressing his approval.

Even if the Explorer robot was not allowed to play, there were a lot of remote-controlled weapon stations on the market, but these remote-controlled weapon stations could only use machine guns, rifles, etc., and the accuracy was not satisfactory.

"Haha~Lao Liu, why are you stealing my robots?"

At this time, watching the lively Baojia Industrial Group, Wang Lin, the deputy manager of the purchasing department, smiled heartily: "I am here to purchase a large number of Explorer robots and let them stand guard with machine guns."

"Africa and oil-producing regions are becoming chaotic year by year. Many of our companies investing and building factories there are facing severe security problems."

"At that time, these Explorer robots will be stationed at various shooting points, and local enterprise employees can wipe out the enemy with their fingers in the house."

"We don't need precision. A large shot of machine guns is like you suffocating a shot for a long time. It's too small!"

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