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Chapter 472: The concert begins

Chapter 472: The concert begins

The beautiful dance costume of Watcher No.3 was composed of a tight-fitting dance costume made with countless strips of fabric. If these long cloth strips were in the hands of ordinary people they had no value except throwing them away in the trash can. However, in the hands of a clever costume stylist, these cloth strips were slightly cut and then fitted into a large-fitting dance clothing. Once they were changed into an artistic garment, the boldness and exaggeration were penetrated to the extreme, and a golden mask with simple lines painted on it as if it was rubbed from an unearthed bronze ware.

This unrestrained and over-the-top dancewear set had once again taken viewers back to the distant historical years; coupled with the tied crown and wig, there was no trace of modern technology on the body of Watcher 3. He had become an ancient scholar dancer who could dance wildly at any time with passion in his heart.

Ye Qing was very happy with this look, after all, Watcher No. 3 was going to do a clan dance. In addition, the style was oriented towards the old style, and thus it could better dispel the doubts of the public.

It can only be said that it was a coincidence that the height of Watcher No. 3 was inseparable from the famous dance master Lang Han. Physically, Watcher No. 3 was stronger. However, after wearing this dance garment with fluffy fabric strips, the difference in the physique has been difficult to find.

Ye Qing had used a laptop computer to connect to the data port on the back of Watcher No. 3's head and he was entered a seemingly complicated software interface, then he had kept tapping on the keyboard for a while, then had raised his head and nodded to Xu Ninggong: "I have turned off all the external equipment lights of this robot. In this way, on the stage, even if the battery is low, there will be no abnormality."

“I’m unworried about the dance. I’m afraid the audience will see the clues when I’m on stage.” Xu Ninggong leaned close to the notebook, looking at the operating software in the mist: “From behind the scenes to the stage, it walks, can it be as natural as us ordinary people?"

"Yes, but you need to remote control it."

"At that time, I let the engineer connect to it, and you can just release a wireless network on your side."

"Does it need speaking at that time? After all, it is an important mysterious guest, and we can't be dumb all the time, right?"

"The original plan was to speak." Xu Ninggong tilted his head and thought for a while: "We can process the sound, using the kind of obvious electronic sound. Then the audience will mistakenly think we deliberately don't want the audience to guess the identity of the mysterious guest."

"By the way, Director Ding also contacted several domestic dance masters with different styles and asked them to record a few dance moves. If the robot works well, I want it to dance a few more dances."

"The more the better, the more you jump, the better the effect of the final exposure." Ye Qing said with a smile: "The robots in the venue seemed shocking, but in fact, half of them accounted for a large number of advantages."

"This does not quite reflect our top technology in the robot power structure of Monster Heavy Industries. After all, there is an all-round robot on the market, similar to our products."

"This Watcher is different. It completely mimics human actions, not comparable to those of semi-imitation."

"Even a layman can see how amazing it is." Xu Ninggong hugged Ye Qing. Obviously, she was in a very good mood: "When he finally reveals his identity, I will let the photographers do a close-up of his forehead showing the logo on it."

This would be definitely a fascinating scene, and even Ye Qing began to look forward to this scene very much.

After talking for a while, Ye Qing got up and said goodbye, because Bai Douer had arrived at the stadium. She hadn't eaten anything after she slept for a long time, and he wanted to take her to eat some delicious food first.

When you come to the Sikong Crab Festival, it is natural to taste the crabs here.

Ye Qing had kept company with Bai Dour and converged with her on the inner passage among the bustling crowd outside; she was dressed in a light gray long-sleeved windbreaker.

Winter is a killer season for women.

If we know that regardless of the quality of a girl's figure which wore a down jacket or a thick windbreaker would look especially puffy, but for some reason, Bai Dour was obviously not in this case, even though this light gray windbreaker was somewhat generous, she also wore a white cashmere sweater and a close-fitting white lace trim triumph thermal underwear.

All she needed was a beautiful belt around her waist to tie up the windbreaker all around her, but only like that, she had attracted a large number of male tourists who quietly paying attention to her colorful background.


As for why Ye Qing knew the details inside, it was unclear.

"Big Brother Ye!" Bai Dour had also met Ye Qing and had instantly shown an intoxicating smile.

Stepping toward her, Ye Qing had taken her hand. The cold palm of her hand made him couldn't help holding it tighter.

Sikong City is very cold, and the air humidity is high. It feels like it is not warm after being wrapped in a quilt.

"Let's go ~ I'll take you to eat crabs." With the other hand, Ye Qing had taken Bai Dour by her waist and nodded to the robot standing guard at the door: "in the morning, I circled inside the town. All the crabs were as big as fists."

"It's a pity that you didn't have a meal with me at noon. We went to Mudun Island. There was a dish called "Six Taste Steamed Fish". The taste was too good." Ye Qing said and couldn't help licking the corner of his mouth, and then he had described the dish vividly.

While speaking, Ye Qing felt the palm of her hand was pinched and saw she looked at him pitifully, and he could read a feeling of "very regretful" in her eyes.

"Haha~ it's okay, I'll take you to experience it in the evening." Saying this, Ye Qing turned his head and looked at the hall in the middle of the stadium. There was in the dream display screen the selection of the crab queen.

Because Ye Qing was a little embarrassed now Bai Dour said: "Ok…"

“Tonight, after watching Xu Ninggong's concert, we can eat with her because the deputy director of the Sikong City Festival invited us to go to Mudun Island with her."

Even if Ye Qing didn't know women, he could nevertheless guess that Bai Douer would not like being with Xu Ninggong too much.

This was not to be jealous, but the two little fairies on the plane were obviously full worthy of jealousy, even if Xu Ninggong has been busy all year round, at the movie premiere held by her in Shanghai, the three of them were embarrassed.

"It's okay. I'll don't bother her but I am angry." Then she stuck out her tongue and took the initiative to lead Ye Qing, and walked into the food area: "Now everyone is familiar with it, why would I hate her."

"Hehe~ You are jealous of her. Yeah, a good man like me always asks me if I'm single every time the media interviews." Ye Qing breathed out a little, it seemed that he guessed wrong, but it is best to guess wrong.

"Let's go, I'll take you to eat crabs and pick up the biggest one."

"Let's eat and drink first, and go to her concert at nine o'clock in the evening, hehe~ and see her mysterious guest."


At eight o'clock in the evening, a large group of trendy young men and women gathered at the entrance of the stadium.

These young men and women were coming from the south and the north, but they all had one thing in common most of them have small LED signs in their hands and the luminous art characters on the signs were strange.

Palace is the best.

Palace fans group.

Xu Ninggong, I love you.

Lang Han, I'm here.

One dance alone.

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