Monarch of Evernight

Chapter 1052: Unexpected Gues

Anwen said, “That’s not hard. We can wait until everyone has recovered before letting Edward enter the well. I’ll then have enough time to observe the changes in the stars and figure out which one is beneficial for us.”

Eden nodded. For the first time, he felt that Anwen’s miscellaneous knowledge wasn’t completely without use.

Anwen glanced at the Demoness and Eden. “It’s rare for us to be gathered together, it’s a good opportunity to talk about important matters.”

Eden was somewhat startled, not expecting Anwen to say something like this. This meant that the young lord was treating him as equals, that his strength might be inferior, but his status was no different.

Just a while ago, Eden was still struggling desperately for the heir’s position in his family. How he was sitting down to discuss matters with two legendary characters of the younger generation, he found this situation almost unbelievable.

Anwen beckoned to Bai Kongzhao. “This is Bai Kongzhao, she’s… very special. Although she’s a human, she can use our race’s cultivation arts. The Eternal Flame has already met her as well and even granted her a protective treasure.”

The Demoness snorted but made no comment, while Eden laughed awkwardly. Back then, the latter had encountered Bai Kongzhao under less than happy terms, and her grasp of opportunities in combat left a deep impression on him. Now that Anwen was introducing them officially, Eden naturally understood his intentions. Claiming that the girl had entered the Eternal Flame’s eyes meant that there was no need to doubt her identity and origins.

The young girl stood there, puzzled, almost as though she had no idea what they were saying.

Anwen said seriously, “I’ve thought about it again, and I feel that we need to reach a consensus regarding Qianye. How do we deal with this person?”

Eden replied quickly, “Of course, we kill him.”

“Kill.” The Demoness’ reply was clear.

Bai Konghzao said nothing, but Anwen said with a wry smile, “You guys say it like it’s so easy. We’ve chased after him for an entire day, what now?”

The Demoness said in a cold voice, “Are you doubting me? That spar was just a moment of carelessness. Did you think there will ever be a second time?”

Anwen was quite calm. “I, of course, don’t doubt your prowess in battle, but we’re not in the void.”

The Demoness became silent because her most powerful move could only be performed in the void. The space inside the Great Maelstrom was hopelessly strong, so strong that she couldn’t exert her powers. Qianye on the other hand possessed a physique stronger than the natives and was like a fish in water.

“What should we do then?” Seeing the Demoness silent, Eden knew he should ask something.

Anwen said after a while, “We have two ways to go about this. We can either make peace with him and even form an alliance, explore the Great Maelstrom together, and maybe even the great void in the future. The other way is to report to the Eternal Flame after we’re out of the Great Maelstrom, asking him to take action personally.”

Eden was surprised. He hadn’t expected Anwen to evaluate the person so highly. “Can we even make peace?”

Anwen said with certainty, “Yes! Qianye is a vampire, but not entirely a vampire. He’s destined to be an enemy of both the Empire and the vampire race. Such circumstances actually make him the best partner for us. Additionally, he attaches great importance to his companions. If we can use their safety as a bargaining chip, we will surely be able to reach an agreement.”

Eden nodded in approval. After repeated contact with Qianye, he could tell that the latter cared about his friends.

“The odds aren’t great, and we’ll never reach the point of becoming allies,” the Demoness replied coldly.

Anwen made no comment about this. “Then we’ll just have to find a way to contact His Grace the Eternal Flame. I can send out a single message, but we only have that one chance. He’ll figure something out after receiving the message.”

The Great Maelstrom was mysterious and cruel, but it wouldn’t stop peerless experts at the level of great dark monarchs and heavenly monarchs. It was just that, for some reason, none had ever stayed long inside.

Eden’s expression was somewhat envious. He was very clear that sending a message out of the Great Maelstrom involved a valuable ability, and it proved that he would be able to reach the great dark monarch realm eventually.

The Demoness said coldly, “Save that chance of yours.”

Anwen was somewhat surprised. “You want to make peace with Qianye as well?”

The Demoness sneered, “You think?”

“Then what do you want?”

“I have no interest in either of your plans, I only work according to my own methods. I’ll take Qianye’s life on my own, no one is allowed to interfere!”

Anwen frowned. “You mean…”

“It’s not too late to inform the Eternal Flame after I kill Qianye.”

“It’s meaningless!”

“That’s the only thing meaningful to me.”

Anwen wanted to say something, but the Demoness waved her hand. “No need to speak further, it’s decided. If you’re intent on informing his grace, do as you wish.”

She did say that, but both men understood doing so would make an enemy out of her.

The Constellation Well welcomed a period of peace. After realizing they would never catch Qianye, Edward and Basil eventually returned to the well and began discussing their next step.

Anwen and Eden had also arrived, but the Demoness never appeared. No one knew where she had gone, and no one was tactless enough to ask.

Chasing down Qianye for an entire day without results had shaken her eminent image, and many began to secretly think she wasn’t all-powerful after all.

After everyone was gathered, Anwen said, “The number one priority right now is to extract origin blood. Since Basil has already taken a turn, the vampires are up next. Your Excellency Edward, will you go down yourself or designate someone?”

All eyes turned toward Edward. Basil’s last-minute failure yesterday was proof of how difficult the process was. There were numerous vampires at the scene, but only Edward and Twilight had higher odds of success. Basil had said that the origin blood produced was directly related to the operator’s bloodline. A powerful expert lacking in natural talents would not be able to produce anything of value.

According to reason, it was Edward’s turn to enter.

The Holy Son stood there with a long face. “As I see it, Basil should try again once more, or perhaps Eden should have a turn.”

Eden didn’t say anything but Basil wasn’t happy. “Why must I go down?”

Edward replied, “Your Excellency, you already have sufficient experience and know how to deal with accidents inside the well. That’s why I feel that you should keep making use of your advantages. If not, perhaps His Excellencies Eden or Anwen might want to have a go?”

Basil couldn’t keep up a state of nonchalance. “Edward, are you trying to anger me?”

Edward smiled. “You’re thinking too much. No one can force you down if you don’t want to go in, can they?”

Basil suddenly understood. He let out a snort but stopped speaking thereafter.

Frowning, Eden glanced at Anwen and found him in a similar expression.

Edward’s intentions were clear—he would not go in unless Qianye had been dealt with. Anwen’s analysis of the process wouldn’t be complete without this sample, and it would be a waste even if Eden were to enter.

The situation fell into a deadlock. Even someone as intelligent as Anwen couldn’t quite find a way to unravel this tricky situation. “Edward, perhaps we can discuss.”

Edward laughed out loud. “I feel that survival is the most important.”

Since he had made it so clear, the discussion could no longer be continued. Anwen shook his head, saying, “Wait, then.”

The only way to move out of this stalemate was to wait for news from the Demoness.

The group of Evernight experts took up position around the well and began resting while waiting for further developments. This was traditionally an Imperial area, but there wasn’t much to fear since all the powerful young experts of Evernight had gathered here. The few Imperial experts arriving at the well had been driven away by the vampire sentries. Anwen’s group never even had the opportunity to take action.

This occupation was quite the arrogant move, but absolute strength gave them the qualifications to do so.

However, the affairs of the world were always fluctuating. Outsiders only saw their glory and arrogance, but they didn’t know the predicament inside.

They never heard back from the Demoness since she went on a hunt for Qianye. No one knew whether she had captured Qianye. They couldn’t even tell if she was hot on his trail or waiting in concealment for him to walk into a trap.

With Basil’s previous lesson on the table, no one dared enter the well without solid information regarding Qianye. Hence, a gathering of top younger-generation experts ended up as an idle sitting party.

Just as everyone was starting to lose their patience, Anwen suddenly looked up at the sky with a serious expression.

Edward and Basil’s expression changed moments later. Eden was the last to react.

Their eyes landed on the distant ground where a patch of wildflowers was growing amidst the verdant grass. At a glance, this scenery was no different from back in the Empire or Evernight. Only when plucking the flowers would one remember that this was the Great Maelstrom—Basil might be the only one who could do so easily without using origin power. Those fine stems were actually as strong as steel wires.

A certain flower was currently blooming amidst the field of flowers. Illusory and beautiful, a long stamen emerged as the petals stretched out. The scenery around the flower began to change, almost as though a raging wave was flowing past.

Anwen, Edward, Basil, Eden, and the other top Evernight experts stood up with expressions of shock!

The blooming flower was a red spider lily.

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