Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 4

Yu Anwan, What Right Do You Have to Ask Me for a Son?

In the end, Yu Anwan didn’t even buckle her seatbelt properly. Wen Jin stepped on the accelerator and the car sped away. Yu Anwan was knocked into the backrest in shock. She bounced back and slammed into the windshield.

The glass remained intact, but it left a red mark on Yu Anwan’s tender skin.

“Wen Jin, you d*mn b*stard!” Yu Anwan couldn’t help but curse aloud.

The more she cursed, the faster Wen Jin drove. On the main road in the city, Wen Jin’s Maybach kept shuttling back and forth and braked.

Yu Anwan was about to throw up. She was not afraid of anything, but reckless driving was her greatest fear.

That scumbag Wen Jin! Yu Anwan vented her anger, using scathing words to curse Wen Jin, but it didn’t make him slow down. It wasn’t until the car came to a halt in the garage of a villa that Wen Jin finally stopped.

Yu Anwan got out of the car and immediately vomited, feeling utterly miserable.

Wen Jin stood at the side, leaning against the wall, holding a cigarette between his index and middle fingers. He gazed down at Yu Anwan’s disheveled state, his eyes filled with a mixture of coldness and resentment. How was this enough? He wished he could kill Yu Anwan.

After Yu Anwan finished vomiting, she turned around and raised her hand to slap him without hesitation.

But Wen Jin swiftly caught her hand and said, “Yu Anwan, did you think I would give you a second chance to hit me?”

“Oh, I didn’t expect that,” Yu Anwan retorted with a touch of mischief in her smile.

Wen Jin narrowed his eyes.

In the next second, Yu Anwan lifted her foot, catching Wen Jin off guard. He abruptly released her, surprised by the intensity of her attack.

“Don’t want to hit? Then how about a kick?” Yu Anwan sneered.

It was better not to dwell on this matter today. Without a second thought, Yu Anwan turned around, intending to leave. Did she have to wait here to be beaten by Wen Jin?

However, to her surprise, as soon as she turned around, the garage door had already closed, leaving her trapped inside, unable to move.

Wen Jin wore a cold expression as he stared at Yu Anwan, but he had already recovered from the pain. He stood upright and walked slowly toward her.

Instinctively, Yu Anwan took a step back. Unless she could vanish into thin air, she would only be beaten up.

“Yu Anwan,” Wen Jin called her name, enunciating each word. “Now you dare to do anything, huh?” he asked bluntly.

“Oh, President Wen wants to give it a try? I can do something else,” Yu Anwan retorted, her tone unyielding.

Wen Jin continued to approach Yu Anwan. The more Yu Anwan tried to escape, the more closely he pursued her. In the end, she stopped running altogether.

“President Wen, if you take another step closer, then don’t blame me for being rude,” Yu Anwan threatened Wen Jin.

“How?” Wen Jin inquired.

His posture was nonchalant, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. In his deep, dangerous eyes, two buttons on his once neatly buttoned shirt had been casually undone, exposing his well-defined chest to the air.

Yu Anwan’s heart was beating faster. She was nervous. Her palms were sweaty. Without hesitation, Yu Anwan gave Wen Jin a shoulder throw.

Wen Jin’s gaze grew even colder. “Yu Anwan, you’ve been hiding quite a few secrets.”

Yu Anwan grunted and wanted to kick Wen Jin again before he got up.

However, she underestimated Wen Jin. She had forgotten that he was a dormant lion. When he wanted to bite, he wouldn’t even give you a chance. Yu Anwan was overpowered, her hands grabbed by Wen Jin and pinned behind her back, pressing her against the car door.

“Yu Anwan, I’m going to kill you,” Wen Jin said in a chilling tone, gritting his teeth.

Yu Anwan leaned closer to Wen Jin’s outstretched arm and forcefully retorted, “If we die, let’s die together.”

Neither of them released their grip on the other.

Wen Jin, witnessing Yu Anwan’s defiance, didn’t say a word. Instead, he firmly held Yu Anwan’s chin and forcefully turned her around, silencing her provocation.

After six years apart, their kiss lacked any tenderness, only fierceness.

Yu Anwan resisted, but she had forgotten about this man’s wicked nature. The more she resisted, the angrier he became. She was completely pressed against the car door, her body contorted, while Wen Jin’s grim voice whispered, “You deserve to be taught a lesson.”

And then…

In the vast garage, only the sounds of the entangled man and woman remained, with nothing else.

Everything returned to tranquility.

Yu Anwan leaned against Wen Jin and didn’t expect things to escalate to such a degree. Wen Jin’s breathing was uneasy. After her anger subsided, Yu Anwan remained calm.

On the other hand, Wen Jin quickly returned to his usual self. He didn’t even glance at Yu Anwan as he composed himself slowly. His gaze turned cold once again, devoid of any emotion.

“Didn’t you want to leave Feng City even if you pretended to be dead? Why did you come back now?” Wen Jin asked directly, his gaze becoming sharper.

Yu Anwan’s hair was in a mess, and she looked a little disheveled. However, it didn’t affect Yu Anwan’s beauty at all. She raised her chin arrogantly. “I want to take my son away.”

It was a matter that needed to be discussed sooner or later. Yu Anwan was well aware that Wen Jin would refuse. But she didn’t want to reveal her identity as Grace. She wouldn’t resort to extreme measures unless necessary.

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Anwan also tidied herself up neatly. She casually tied up her tousled hair. There were noticeable bruises on her exposed collarbone, evidence of Wen Jin’s bites. That despicable man!

What Yu Anwan didn’t expect was that her words would completely enrage Wen Jin.

In the next instant, Yu Anwan found herself forcefully pushed against the wall. As the back of her head hit the wall, she wondered if she was about to get a concussion. Before she could unleash a torrent of curses, Wen Jin’s voice, filled with chilling coldness, reached her ears.

“Yu Anwan, what right do you have to ask me for my son? Who rejected him back then? Who had thrown him beside the corpse? Do you think my son is someone you can discard or claim as you please? You’re delusional!” Wen Jin interrogated Yu Anwan with each word.

Even now, Wen Jin broke into a cold sweat recalling the scene when he found Wen Zhanyan at the seaside. Six years ago, when Wen Zhanyan was brought to Feng City Hospital, the doctor said that if he had been a step late, Wen Zhanyan would have died.

To what extent must a woman’s heart be hardened to do such a thing? And now she dared to demand his son back?

Wen Jin let out a cold laugh as his hand tightened around Yu Anwan’s neck. His gaze was filled with intense murderous intent as he stared at her.

“Yu Anwan, you have no right.” Wen Jin’s tone was merciless. “Don’t let me see you in front of Zhanyan ever again. Otherwise, I’ll kill you in front of his eyes.” Wen Jin’s words held no trace of humor.

Yu Anwan struggled to breathe, her face turning deathly pale. She did not doubt that she might die at Wen Jin’s hands at the next moment. Wen Jin showed no mercy.

Just as Yu Anwan felt her life slipping away, Wen Jin’s phone suddenly vibrated.

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