Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 29

If You Don’t Do It Well, I’ll Take Your Life!

Wen Zhanyan should have felt impatient, but when Yu Anwan spoke, he held back and listened carefully for a while.

Yu Anwan only looked at Wen Zhanyan when she noticed that he hadn’t said anything.

Then, Yu Anwan’s expression became somewhat subtle. “Zhanyan, don’t tell me you don’t know any of this?”

Wen Zhanyan became furious when asked. “None of your business! Of course, I know all of this. I just don’t want to hear you talk! You’re too noisy!”

Yu Anwan was stunned by Wen Zhanyan’s shout. Before she could recover from her shock, Wen Zhanyan had already stood up and pushed Yu Anwan away.

Yu Anwan stumbled for a moment but managed to regain her balance.

After Wen Zhanyan stood up, Yu Anwan was about to prepare a bed for him, but Wen Zhanyan suddenly rushed back.

“You’re not allowed to touch my bed! Get out!” Wen Zhanyan said fiercely.

This time, Wen Zhanyan tightly held a worn-out little yellow dog in his hands, even its ears were about to fall off, but Wen Zhanyan refused to let go.

Yu Anwan was taken aback.

Of course, she recognized this little yellow dog. When she was very young, she wanted it as a birthday gift, but Han Qingqiu couldn’t afford to buy it, so she sewed it for Yu Anwan stitch by stitch.

By the time she married Wen Jin, Han Qingqiu had already passed away, and the only dowry Yu Anwan brought was this little yellow dog.

When she left six years ago, Yu Anwan wanted to take this little yellow dog with her, but she couldn’t find it no matter how hard she searched. She didn’t expect to find it with Wen Zhanyan now.

So, what did this mean?

A bond between mother and son?

This thought made Yu Anwan smile foolishly.

Without hesitation, she walked towards Wen Zhanyan. Wen Zhanyan had a cold expression, but Yu Anwan paid no attention to it. She squatted down and looked at Wen Zhanyan. “Do you like it?”

As she spoke, Yu Anwan tried to touch it, but Wen Zhanyan quickly moved his hand away. “Don’t touch my Little Yellow!”

Due to the excessive force, the little yellow dog’s ears, which were already on the verge of collapsing, fell off instantly. Wen Zhanyan was dumbfounded and burst into tears on the spot. In the next moment, he started hitting Yu Anwan with all his might.

Yu Anwan was caught off guard because she did not expect Wen Zhanyan to suddenly attack her.

She wanted to comfort Wen Zhanyan, but she could not. Under such circumstances, the room was in a mess.

Yu Anwan didn’t dare to exert too much force, afraid of hurting Wen Zhanyan. But it seemed that Wen Zhanyan had completely lost control of his emotions. His eyes were frighteningly red as if he wanted to kill Yu Anwan on the spot.

Yu Anwan was also a little shocked.

The chaos in the room made Uncle Zhang rush forward without hesitation.

Wen Jin had instructed before leaving that the butler should only intervene if things got too out of hand.

Uncle Zhang knew Wen Zhanyan’s temper very well. In such a situation where he did not know Yu Anwan’s identity, anyone who unexpectedly appeared before Wen Zhanyan would undoubtedly be driven away by him. Otherwise, after so many years, there would not be no one who could stay by Wen Zhanyan’s side.

So, Wen Jin intended to let Yu Anwan leave on her own accord.

Uncle Zhang believed that Yu Anwan, Wen Zhanyan’s biological mother, had a strong bond with him, and she could endure for quite a long time.

However, he never expected that such a great commotion would occur in just a short period, which frightened Uncle Zhang to the core.

“Young Master…” Uncle Zhang rushed in.

Wen Zhanyan’s eyes were red, tears lingering in his eyes, but he stubbornly held them back. He tightly clutched the little yellow dog with a missing ear, which he loved the most. When he looked at Yu Anwan, his gaze turned even more hateful.

“Make her get out!” Wen Zhanyan angrily shouted.

Due to his emotional turmoil, his voice even sounded a bit hysterical.

Meanwhile, Yu Anwan was momentarily stunned, not quite grasping the reason behind Wen Zhanyan’s outburst.

Uncle Zhang had already noticed and hastily explained, “Miss Yu, why did you break young master’s favorite little yellow dog? It was something Madam left for him while she was still alive.”

It sounded like a reprimand, but Yu Anwan knew that Uncle Zhang was explaining the reason to her.

At that moment, Yu Anwan finally understood that she had always held a place as Wen Zhanyan’s mother deep within his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have cared so much about this little yellow dog.

Yu Anwan’s eyes were also a little red. She felt guilty towards Wen Zhanyan.

At least Wen Jin, this scumbag, no matter how bad he was to her, still treated Wen Zhanyan like a human being.

Wen Jin refrained from using harsh words against her in front of Wen Zhanyan but still maintained the most basic understanding and connection with his mother.

Looking at Wen Zhanyan’s tense expression, Yu Anwan walked directly to him. While he was still in shock, Yu Anwan hugged him.

She hugged Wen Zhanyan tightly in her arms, showing no intention of letting go.

Wen Zhanyan was taken aback. He didn’t expect Yu Anwan to do such a thing.

Under such circumstances, a normal person would have already fled in fear. How would they dare to stay for even a second longer, afraid that Wen Zhanyan would find trouble with them?

But this woman acted differently. She took the initiative to embrace him, and she even seemed like she was about to cry.

Come on, he hadn’t even cried yet. Why was this woman crying?

However, this sensation made Wen Zhanyan feel an inexplicable tenderness as if he was being embraced by his mommy.

Only his mommy could make Wen Zhanyan feel this sense of recklessness and not just pretend to do so.

Wen Zhanyan fell silent once again. He missed his mommy, but because of this emotion, he didn’t resist. Instead, he allowed Yu Anwan to hold him like this.

“Zhanyan, can I help you fix the little yellow dog?” Yu Anwan spoke gently, trying to console Zhanyan. “I promise I’ll make it as good as new.”

Wen Zhanyan looked at Yu Anwan skeptically, his eyes revealing a hint of uncertainty.

However, there was a slight change in Wen Zhanyan’s demeanor, which Yu Anwan noticed.

Yu Anwan raised her hand and swore, “I promise. If I can’t fix it properly, I’ll leave immediately and never appear before you again.”

“If you don’t fix it properly, I’ll take your life!” Wen Zhanyan agreed, but he still threatened Yu Anwan.

Yu Anwan nodded, and Uncle Zhang was momentarily stunned. One had to know that this little yellow dog had been with Wen Zhanyan for many years. It was not only forbidden to be touched but cleaning it was also not allowed. As a result, the little yellow dog had become dirty and worn out. But Wen Zhanyan treated it as if it were a precious treasure.

Even Wen Jin knew that it was forbidden for Wen Zhanyan to touch it.

Yet now, Wen Zhanyan voluntarily brought it out and gave it to Yu Anwan.

In the end, Uncle Zhang didn’t say anything. Yu Anwan turned around and asked Uncle Zhang for a sewing kit. Uncle Zhang hurriedly went to fetch it, while Yu Anwan had already taken the little yellow dog from Wen Zhanyan’s hands.

“What’s all this commotion! It’s early in the morning, and everything is in chaos,” a cold voice suddenly sounded.

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