Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 24

I’ll Give You a Chance to Explain!

As long as Yu Anxin had it, her grandmother would also prepare it for Yu Anwan.

She would even give Yu Anwan a larger red envelope during the Chinese New Year.

When Yu Anwan married into the Wen family, the Yu family didn’t give her any dowry. Instead, they received a hefty bridal payment from the Wen family.

However, her grandmother meticulously sewed Yu Anwan’s wedding gown and gave her a passbook with exactly five million yuan, stating that it was for Yu Anwan’s safety.

When Yu Anwan left, her grandmother was still in good health. But now, she is confined to the ICU, unable to move.

Yu Anwan’s heart was tightly clenched.

“Now you must be aware of the situation in the Yu family. The daily cost of staying in the ICU is exorbitant. Your grandmother is not going to be able to last much longer.” Zhong Shuqin said with a sigh.

However, there was no hint of regret in her sigh, she was merely putting on an act in front of Yu Anwan.

Yu Anwan’s palms clenched into fists as she stared at the weeping Zhong Shuqin and said, “Get to the point.”

Caught off guard by Yu Anwan’s sudden anger, Zhong Shuqin’s tears involuntarily retreated.

“Then, I’ll tell you the truth. If the Yu family couldn’t make new perfumes, we wouldn’t be able to regain our market share. The Yu family will go bankrupt. If the Yu family goes bankrupt, your grandmother will have no money to extend her life. She can only wait for death.” Zhong Shuqin said it clearly.

Only then did Yu Jianshen chime in, “Anwan, your mother is currently in a vegetative state, still in the hospital. However, before her accident, she gave you a password. If you provide us with that password, we can get the prescription and the Yu family can reverse the situation.”

“Yes, the Yu family has the best production line. As long as they have the formula, the Yu family will quickly regain its dominance,” Zhong Shuqin added. “Anxin’s expertise lies in perfumery, where she can reign supreme.”

As Yu Anwan listened, she finally grasped their meaning. The lines between the words revealed that they were using her grandmother’s life to threaten her.

If she didn’t give them Han Qingqiu’s formula, these heartless people from the Yu family would mercilessly let her grandmother die.

Yu Anwan’s expression grew increasingly cold.

Zhong Shuqin and Yu Jianshen exchanged glances, both feeling uneasy.

They couldn’t discern Yu Anwan’s intentions.

Before Yu Jianshen could regain his composure, Yu Anwan had already lifted him by the collar, pressing him against the wall.

Yu Jianshen looked at Yu Anwan in shock. “What are you doing!”

He hadn’t expected Yu Anwan to possess such strength. The current Yu Anwan was far different from the person she used to be.

“What am I doing?” Yu Anwan glared at Yu Jianshen with furious eyes, her voice as if from the depths of hell.

Yu Jianshen’s entire body went weak.

“Yu Jianshen, do you still consider yourself human? Let’s set aside the fact that grandma raised and financially supported you throughout your life. What about now? With grandma facing trouble, you’re considering abandoning her treatment?” Yu Anwan berated Yu Jianshen with anger.

She never expected Yu Jianshen to be so shameless.

He could even be ruthless to his biological mother.

How cruel must a person be to do such a thing?

Yu Anwan was panting from anger, and her fingers gripped Yu Jianshen’s collar tightly.

If Yu Jianshen could just say one insincere word, Yu Anwan would truly be able to kill him right here.

Yu Jianshen was trembling in fear, and Zhong Shuqin was also frightened. She hurriedly pulled Yu Anwan back and tried to stop her.

“Anwan, calm down first and listen to Auntie, okay?” Zhong Shuqin’s voice trembled slightly.

“Get lost.” Without hesitation, Yu Anwan pushed Zhong Shuqin aside.

Zhong Shuqin stumbled and collided with a nearby cabinet, letting out a cry of pain.

In an instant, chaos ensued in the Yu family.

“Yu Anwan, what kind of attitude is this? I’m your father!” Yu Jianshen regained his senses, shouting in anger at Yu Anwan.

Yu Anwan’s eyes were still bloodshot as she stared at Yu Jianshen.

“Put me down first. You’re acting without reason. Do you think the whole world belongs to you?” Yu Jianshen sneered.

“Fine, I’ll give you a chance to explain,” Yu Anwan said coldly.

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Anwan released her grip, causing Yu Jianshen to fall to the ground in a disheveled state.

However, Yu Jianshen quickly struggled to get up, watching Yu Anwan warily, afraid that she might take another step closer.

That hand remained raised before him.

“Speak,” Yu Anwan’s patience had run out.

“I have done everything I can for your grandmother. Do you know how much it costs per day in the ICU? When she was in the hospital, the Yu family paid for her treatment,” Yu Jianshen spoke with anger and shame.

“Yu Anwan, it’s easy for you to say that. Do you think I don’t want to save your grandmother? If it weren’t for you taking your mother’s password and refusing to reveal it, the Yu family would have developed a new perfume long ago. Would things have come to this point?”

Saying this, Yu Jianshen pointed his finger at Yu Anwan’s nose. “If anything happens to your grandmother, you are the culprit. It’s because of you that the situation has reached this point.”

Yu Anwan had been unjustly labeled as shameless.

Yu Anwan’s expression turned uglier and uglier.

Yu Jianshen was still talking non-stop. “So, Yu Anwan, are you still not going to hand over the password?”

As he spoke, Yu Jianshen became resolute and felt that all of this was Yu Anwan’s fault.

Yu Anwan’s expression remained unsightly. She never expected Yu Jianshen to be shameless to this extent.

Meanwhile, Zhong Shuqin played the role of a peacemaker and quickly stepped forward, chiming in, “Anwan, your father’s tone may be a bit harsh, but the most important reason is not about how much your grandmother spent.”

As she spoke, Zhong Shuqin even let out a sigh, as if genuinely empathizing with her grandmother.

Yu Anwan stared expressionlessly at Zhong Shuqin. Neither of them were good people, and none of their words could be trusted.

She remained composed as Zhong Shuqin’s voice soon reached her.

“Your grandmother’s condition is extremely dangerous. Otherwise, why would she have been in the ICU all this time? It’s not that your father and I wanted to give up. It’s just that your father’s manner isn’t the best.” Zhong Shuqin cautiously observed Yu Anwan.

“What do you mean?” Yu Anwan narrowed her eyes.

“The doctors at Ruijin Hospital also advised us to give up. Grandma has been staying in the ICU, just buying time. Your grandmother has a tumor in her brain that’s firmly blocking her, and we’ve consulted numerous renowned doctors, but no one dares to perform the surgery.”

Zhong Shuqin’s expression was filled with regret as she continued, “The success rate is less than 10%, which means the chances of your grandmother surviving the surgery are very low. The doctors are unwilling to take that risk, which is why we’ve been waiting until now.”

As she spoke, two teardrops squeezed out from the corners of Zhong Shuqin’s eyes.

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