Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 200 - Chapter 200: Yu Anwan Is the Young Miss of the Lu Family!

Chapter 200: Yu Anwan Is the Young Miss of the Lu Family!

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This time, Lu Nanxin did not feel good.

She had always been sensitive, and now, in such a tense situation, Lu Nanxin was worried that Wen Jin would yield because of Wen Zhanyan’s condition.

Lu Nanxin, without hesitation, grabbed Wen Jin’s hand and preemptively asked, “Don’t tell me you won’t take me when Grandfather comes back?”

Wen Jin looked at Lu Nanxin and didn’t hide anything. “Grandfather wants to see Yu Anwan.”

“Grandfather can see Yu Anwan anytime, not necessarily at the airport. Wen Jin, do you know what this means? I’ve been by your side for so many years, but we never got any results. Under these circumstances, what does it mean for you to take Yu Anwan to the airport?” Lu Nanxin lost control of her emotions again.

She looked at Wen Jin, and seeing that Wen Jin didn’t respond, Lu Nanxin couldn’t control herself.

“Wen Jin, tell me. Tell me, what is this?” Lu Nanxin pounded on Wen Jin’s chest.

Wen Jin lowered his gaze and looked at Lu Nanxin. He wanted to pull Lu Nanxin into his arms, but Lu Nanxin quickly pushed Wen Jin away.

Her emotions were fluctuating greatly, and every time her emotions surged, the surveillance cameras would sound an alarm. When those outside saw this scene and tried to enter, they were immediately chased out by Lu Nanxin.

Everyone exchanged glances.

“You all can leave first,” Wen Jin said calmly.

Once Wen Jin spoke, no one dared to linger. They quickly turned and walked out.

“Wen Jin, tell me!” Lu Nanxin asked Wen Jin forcefully. “Are you getting back together with Yu Anwan? I know Grandfather doesn’t like me, so now that Yu

Anwan is back, he wants you two to be together!”

As she spoke, Lu Nanxin took a step back and leaned against the wall.

Her breathing became even more labored. “Because she’s Zhanyan’s biological mother. Grandfather has always hoped that Zhanyan’s biological mother could be around, right?”

In the end, Lu Nanxin burst into angry shouts.

Wen Jin couldn’t refute it because Wen Zhanming indeed thought that way.

Over the years, it wasn’t that Wen Jin hadn’t spoken to Wen Zhanming about it, but Wen Zhanming never relented.

“Wen Jin, don’t you love me? Why can’t you defy Grandfather for me? Back then, when I asked you to choose between me and Yu Anwan, you ultimately chose Yu Anwan.”

“And now, are you going to abandon me again and choose Yu Anwan?” Lu Nanxin cried until her voice faded away.

Wen Jin couldn’t answer Lu Nanxin’s question.

The matters of the Wen family weren’t as simple as Lu Nanxin perceived.

What Wen Jin couldn’t deny was his selfishness.

It seemed that no matter how many years he had been with Lu Nanxin, Wen Jin couldn’t feel that heart-pounding sensation. It was just a habit, and he had grown accustomed to thinking that he loved Lu Nanxin.

Whether at the beginning or now, the feelings for Yu Anwan were clear in Wen Jin’s heart.

That was also why Wen Jin had been obedient to Wen Zhanming all these years.

Otherwise, if Wen Jin had insisted, Wen Zhanming would have compromised.

Hence, the source of this issue was within himself.

Thinking about the bet Yu Anwan had made with him, Wen Jin silently smiled in his heart. It was an indescribable feeling.

However, as he looked at Lu Nanxin in front of him, Wen Jin felt guilty.

Guilt he couldn’t put into words.

“Nanxin…” Wen Jin called Lu Nanxin’s name.

“Don’t call me.” Lu Nanxin ignored Wen Jin. She stared at Wen Jin and said, “Wen Jin, tell me, why can’t we get married immediately?”

“Listen to me…” Wen Jin’s head began to hurt again.

“I don’t want to listen. When have you ever cared about me? No, you’ve never done that. You used to sleep with Yu Anwan, but you weren’t even willing to touch me. It seemed like you were accompanying me, but what did you do?

Even when I came back, it was Yu Anwan who brought up the divorce, not you. You just went along and signed it,” Lu Nanxin accused Wen Jin.

“Wen Jin, I just want you to marry me,” Lu Nanxin pushed for a marriage proposal.

Wen Jin remained calm and replied, “Nanxin, I’ve said it before, We will get married when Grandfather returns.

“I don’t believe it!” Lu Nanxin shook her head. “I want it now, before grandfather returns so that no one can interfere.”

Wen Jin looked at Lu Nanxin.

Suddenly, Lu Nanxin burst into laughter, her emotions spiraling out of control. Seeing that Wen Jin didn’t respond, Lu Nanxin forcefully pushed Wen Jin away and quickly ran out of the hospital room.

“Nanxin!” Wen Jin swiftly called after Lu Nanxin.

Without hesitation, Wen Jin chased after her.

Wen Jin knew the potential consequences of letting Lu Nanxin leave like this. He quickly grabbed Lu Nanxin’s uninjured wrist and pulled her back.

“Don’t act recklessly, don’t force me,” Wen Jin calmly stated, and his gaze turned serious as he looked at Lu Nanxin. “Are you joking with your own life?”

“Wen Jin, am I forcing you, or are you forcing me?” Lu Nanxin was truly in despair.

Recently, Lu Nanxin had become increasingly unsettled due to Yu Anwan’s reappearance.

Only then would she gradually lose control of her emotions.

Wen Jin stared at Lu Nanxin, and after a moment of silence, he spoke, “Once grandfather, and after I resolve Zhanyan’s custody issue, I promise we will get married.”

Wen Jin conveyed his intent calmly, adding, “However, this will be the last time. Never let such a situation happen again.”

As he spoke, Wen Jin’s gaze grew even more serious. “You’re toying with your own life..

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