MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 908 A Cruel Fate

Rudra woke up back on Earth with a splitting backache.

His neck and back muscles felt like he had manually plowed the fields for hours yesterday eventhough he distinctly remembered not doing anything strenuous.

' You've got to be kidding me? Is it because i look handsome now? Does the unnamed god have such wild fantasies? To knock me out and use my body?

No wonder he became the professor of the Angels '. Rudra had dark thoughts concerning the unnamed god, however Gaia promptly interrupted him inorder to stop his wild fantasies from taking form as she informed Rudra of a very important piece of news " Master, Mistress Naomi is dead ".

Immediately Rudra jolted upright as his breathing quickened , he rushed to the hospital only to find hundereds of thousands of people queued outside the establishment with white roses and candles in hand, mourning for the loss of the world's first lady.

' No! No! No! , This must be a lie, this can't be true, i can't lose Naomi! She is my wife! This cannot be happening! '

Rudra was in the first stage of shock, which was Disbelief, he could not beleive the news until he saw the body of his wife inside the damn coffin with his own eyes at which moment a primal scream escaped his mouth, creating a 5.7 ritcher earthquake across Earth!

" GIVE HER BACK TO ME! GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE ". Rudra screamed to the heavens as he banged on her coffin and cried uncontrollably.

He had swallowed the bitter pill when his parents died, he had swallowed it twice. However, he could not swallow the bitter pill of his wife's death, it was just too cruel for him.

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His newborn infants kept crying non-stop and despite Yua's best attempts to breastfeed them and console them, they were inconsolable as if they had sensed the death of their beloved mother.

Only when they were placed within Rudra's arms did the twins stop crying, as Rudra too mindlessly stared at his children's faces , trying to find some glimpses of Naomi inside them.

It was the most difficult of times for Rudra, and the entirety of mankind grieved with him. However, in these tough times it was only his children for whom Rudra kept his act together, as by this point the big man had already had enough.

Earth was finally safe, with the performance that Rudra had at the immortal arena, followed by the public announcement of the angel race and the army of death to support Rudra had pretty much gauranteed the security of earth for now.

If it were not enough however, the moment the unnamed god got involved even the threat of Lucifer was neutralized as even the devil himself did not have the guts to mess with those chosen by the unnamed god himself.

His mission to safeguard earth was completed, although many small things were yet to be smooghened out, overall he was in a good place and ready to return to Earth full-time to work.

However now he returned to an empty planet, for the most precious being in the world had already been taken away from him, leaving but a void in his heart that could never be filled.

Rudra personally buried the coffin after digging a whole inside the house's backyard, his intent being that Naomi could watch the children play in the gardens even in the afterlife.

Karna, Neatwit and Fatty stuck by Rudra's side like glue the next few days, as little by little Rudra suppressed his raging emotions, becoming an unfeeling cold monster.

Max avoided Rudra as much as possible over the last few days, as the moment he saw his brother he would start tearing up and crying in the memory of his big sister, cursing himself for her death and wondering if telling Rudra about her condition from the start could have saved her.

Without the touch of a woman, the house of Rajput's became a cold place to be with only the rowdy men around, but the rowdiness was tamed by the goo-ing sounds of two little lifeforms for whom the men remained strong and civil.

Rudra did not know the circumstances surrounding Naomi's death or how she chose to die rather than lose her memories, he had no idea about the letter that she left over her coffin because Neatwit had taken it off before Rudra arrived.

It was indeed exactly like Naomi had predicted, Rudra had became such a untouchable being now that he himself was his only enemy.

Despite being the greatest strategist, his mind was fickle to emotional stuff , as in the days following Naomi's death, his only solution to the smallest of problems was absolute destruction.

Rudra kept shaking his head wondering if this was the cruel fate that Hazriel had warned him about on that ship meeting, as he felt anger towards the angel race to not keep their end of the bargain by allowing Naomi to die.

After 3 months had passed, Rudra finally ended his grieving as he buried himself in work, the betterment of earth being his only objective as he wanted to make it a golden place for his children to grow in.

He made many sweeping changes, unified the entire world into a single country and imposed global laws equally on all citizens.

The first awakening had left a deep scar on the world, but from the ashes of death and destruction the soil got the nutrients for creation as Earth started to be rebuilt anew.

Rudra realised that the world had became a place extremely prone to coastal flooding and earthquakes, which is why he built a 60 foot tall wall across all coastal cities in the world, using large battleships and construction crews hired from the universe as labour.

Rudra also set up Australia as the only place where aliens could visit Earth, setting up a trade city in that continent as well as strong military bases and containment areas.

Rudra studied international trade laws in depth and invited honorable merchant groups to earth to trade in earth's specialities.

Slowly but steadily Rudra changed the world into becoming a better place for the next generation to be in.

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