MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 905 The Unnamed God

Rudra had never felt compelled to kneel before, however this time around his body seemed to react before his mind could even register what was going on, as by the time he saw the sky open up and incredible divine energy pour down, he was already kneeling, awaiting the arrival of the tier 9 entity.

It was not just him who was kneeling, it was also Hazriel who was on her knees and every single god in the arena wether from the dark faction or the light.

Stepping out of the divine energy, a middle aged man walked out with golden wings extending from his back as a kind smile could be seen on his face.

" Greetings unnamed god " Hazriel said, and immediately the entire arena followed suit as regardless of the faction they all greeted the unnamed god.

Rudra looked at the visage of the unnamed god with his galactic eyes, he had heard a lot about this legendary figure in Omega, however he never had the good fortune of meeting him in person.

Seeing him for the first time now, Rudra understood that the being was as mystical and powerful in the universe as he was in Omega, with power of a thousand suns radiating within every fibre of his body.

The unnamed god ruffled Hazriel's hair as if playing with the hair of a grandchild, as he smiled amiably towards Rudra.

Rudra did not expect the direct attention of such a powerful being to be on him, as he unleashed his pressure and said in a soothing voice " At ease ".

Flowers bloomed and the barren arena turned into a lush green garden within a split second of him commanding everyone to be at ease, as quite literally the place turned from a bloodthirsty arena to a heavenly paradise.

Rudra stood up and realised that he was a full two feet shorter than the unnamed god who towered over him.

Even without his suppressive aura, the unnamed god was extremely intimidating up-close as Rudra got the chills just by looking at his face.

In a way he looked exactly like a super model turned father into his fifties, as grey and white hair adorned his handsome head along with a slightly wrinkled face.

His eyes a shiny golden in color and his teeth white and radiant, one could make out that although the man was smiling at the moment, the power contained in his eyes was enough to incinerate a being like Rudra with his glare alone.

The unnamed god said " Usually, when I give out a banquet invitation, people respond immediately.

You are the first individual for whom I have to descend downto the immortal realm personally ".

Rudra frowned clearly perplexed as to what the god meant by this, when Gaia reminded him that one of the rewards of him completing the revival of a relegion quest was the Golden Invitation that he recieved, allowing him to attend a grand banquet in Sigma.

When Rudra was reminded he immediately connected the dots and realised exactly what the supreme god was talking about and a deep red blush appeared on his face.

Rudra had genuinely forgotten about the invitation that he recieved so long ago, with so many things happening in between so rapidly, he never had the chance to sitback and think about the banquet.

Rudra replied earnestly " Apologies "

The unnamed god waved it off and snapped his fingers and the very next second Rudra and him were on the surface of a different planet sitting on alien wooly mammoth like creatures, riding on what seemed to be a hunters trail.

" No need to apologise, I'm here today to purely settle a curiosity of mine ". The unnamed god said

Rudra remained silent as he let the god continue at his own pace.

" One of my many abilities is the ability to make divinations. I can see glimpses of the future that might be and the past that could have been.

One of my hobbies is to try and make one of the realities i have seen in the future move away from its destined path and change the course of history, however in my over 2.5 million earthen years of existance, there had been no changes in the overall course of a future no matter how hard I tried, until now! Until with you.

If a world was destined to be wiped out by demons on say local year 2023 , even if i tried to alter the course of history by planting a hero, giving prophets prophecies on how to avoid the catastrophe or even provide resources and aid directly for them to be aided in the war effort, the end result was always the same, which was the destruction of the planet in 2023.

If not by demons, there would be epidemics, if not epidemics there would be a random god wiping it out on a whim because the hero planted in the world antagonized him.

No matter the reason, the world was always destroyed and fate line was restored.

In this universe, to break away from one's karmic fate is the hardest challenge ever, however someway somehow you manager to change your destiny and that of your planet in the process.

Earth was supposed to be wiped out upon first awakening when i last saw the divination 4 years ago, however when i saw one about 6 months ago the fate had been successfully changed as earth survived and thrived with you as it's leader.

I have selected 17,243 champions throughout my lifetime, reincarnated their souls, invested in their growth yet never once did anyone manage to defy their fate but you did!

My experiment is finally a success and it is all thanx to you ".

Rudra felt the secrets of the universe unravel around him as the unnamed god revealed truths far more complex than a being like him should know.

However the question remained, why was he telling Rudra all this? What was his endgame?


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