MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 27 - Meeting Ethan Grey

Chapter 27 - Meeting Ethan Grey

At the heart of the Upside township was the 100 floor massive Grey tower . The tower was built in a way where it exuded psychological pressure on those who entered .

Rudra could imagine , anyone who entered the tower for a buisness deal would go on the mental defensive from the moment he entered this grand tower.

On the 100th floor of the Tower , a beautiful blonde secretary wearing extremely tight formal clothing showing her voluptuous figure opened the door to Ethan Grey's Office .

Ethan Grey , One of the six trillionares in the world and the youngest one at 31 . His eyes took after his name Grey in color . His face clean shaved and chisled and one could see that he was lean and fit even under his buisness suit . All in all the most eligible bachelor in the world not a single person barred.

Rudra took his seat across Ethan , he alone on one side of the table , and 5 people with Ethan at the centre sat across him.

He could feel the intimidation in the numbers here . The mind games being played by Ethan Grey would render a weaker man defenseless.

He said " I would like to buy you , come work for my guild as an elder . I will pay you 300 million dollars a year plus bonus on your work ".

Rudra smiled , this conversation was going as he wanted it to go .

" With respect mr Grey , I have earned 300 million dollars this month alone from the game . Your offer does not intrest me at all .... Offer me 5 billion a year and i might consider , but i wont because core elder is not my style . Guild Leader is what i need ".

" Not gonna happen". Ethan Grey frowned this is not how he imagined this conversation would go..... Rudra was of common baground , he should not have the spine to talk to him face to face .

Ethan was annoyed at first but then after an advisor whispered something to him his attitude changed .. he quickly turned the direction of the conversation while taking a new approach

" I assume you have a vision" Ethan said

" Guild Leader of the most elite guild in the game , a luxury Guild , with top of the top talent and a market reputation like ferrari ". Rudra said not revealing much yet painting a picture

The 5 started to discuss again .... they had positive thoughts about this but clearly wanted to repress Rudra to exploit him as much as they could without breaking his will

" It wont do .... there's no money to be made , you are forgetting where you live Rudra Rajput , unless you want to see your parents on the street you would agree to my terms". Ethan said blankly

Is his fate to be bullied ?

Always Everywhere Everytime?

Can i never stand as a proud man in any life?



He must believe the worth of his own stock.

Rudra was startles by this blatant threat. He had no choice but to stay in the upside and he was under the tigers foot now .

" I alone made 300 million dollars this month alone , imagine what i can do if i have a guild . Make me a partner not a slave and i will bring you both fame and fortune ". Rudra said , now in a pleading tone.

Ethan thought for a while ... He felt a different vibe from Rudra .... Somehow he felt like this man was not meant to be treated as a subordinate but more like a partner .

" 30% shares of your guild no compromise there .... unless you proove your worth you will be on the roads soon, my super guild will be your partner guild and You will operate under the Grey banner.... the moment you fail to deliver will be your family's last ".

He really did not want to give 30% of his Guild to anyone for free ..... 30% of his guild should be worth upwards of 50 billion dollars even a trillionare like Ethan would think twice before buying ... However now he extorted it out of Rudra.

Using the Grey name had its own benefits that could not be watered down .... atleast now noone else could have the courage to mess with him ... however that meant all his achievements as a guild master would only serve as a prestige enhancer for Grey international.

Rudra could not rebel .... He could only willingly lay down and work his best to make Ethan Grey money ..... although he would also benefit from it .... he could not run the guild like he wanted anymore ... although he was the boss he would have to prioritize making money to keep Ethan satisfied.

This is not how he envisioned his dream .... Why was reality soo cruel???

He felt angry and powerless he also felt hatefull towards the bastard who invited him to the upside to only make him a chess piece in his plan to devour trillions of dollar huge market of 'Omega '.

And easily extorted him , giving him a chance and mercy to keep his own free will .

Just how puny was the Greatest Guild master?

30% put a dent in Rudra's heart... 30 frigging percent in extortion ..... Ethan literally extroted billions out of him monthly for providing a shelter.

Atleast he keeps his dream and his pride .... thought Rudra as he walked out of Grey tower.

He needed to work really really hard to one day earn enough money to stand up against Ethan Grey. The current situation made him under someone again.... His new start in life put him in the same place as his old one..... He escaped nothing.

Well atleast for now Ethan gave him a chance.....

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