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Chapter 907 - Fraudulent Quest

Chapter 907: Fraudulent Quest

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Sanguine Warflag had spared no expense in antagonising Captain Don’t Open Fire and totally forgot about the need to be “United in One Heart”. Upon the timely reminder by Fearless, he quickly closed his mouth.

Although jumping down the cliff would result in a player losing 10% of their accumulated experience, it was worth the few thousand gold pieces if Captain Don’t Open Fire did not have to resort to it.

Wang Yu was a person who valued friendship. Although Captain Don’t Open Fire was not close enough to be considered a friend, he was a player that had gone through numerous battles with Wang Yu. Wang Yu could not bring himself to abandon an acquaintance who had already reached out to him for help.

Wang Yu leaped using his Qigong and with a few deft steps, he reached the platform.

“Wow, that looked like he was flying!”

The platform was more than ten metres above the ground. The players looked at Wang Yu’s display of skill with envious eyes.

With one swift motion, Wang Yu lifted Captain Don’t Open Fire with one hand and vaulted off the platform gracefully. Wang Yu’s legs kicked gently in the air a few times as he slowly descended. Afterwards, he placed Captain Don’t Open Fire slowly on the ground. The crowd was deeply moved.

Putting down Captain Don’t Fire, Wang Yu once again flew up and repeated the same for Big Bear Deng Deng An and Firm as a Rock. However, in the last instance, Wang Yu discovered that there was a magic array on the platform. This array was engraved with a faint circular magic rune.

“Hm? What is this?” Wang Yu asked Firm as a Rock who was beside him.

“I am also not too certain. Big Bear Deng Deng An had researched it for half a day and still had no idea what it was,” Firm as a Rock replied.


Wang Yu was not Fearless; he was merely curious about the magic array and runes. He grunted and carried Firm as a Rock to the ground.

After the 15 teams finally arrived at the scene, the fog permeating the sunset valley slowly dispersed, revealing the inner landscape.

Wang Yu had actually seen this landscape before. As the burial grounds of the White Bone Legion, the place was absolutely worthy of its name. The white bones were strewn all over the valley and the whole place echoed with strange howlings. As a gust of cold wind blew past, everyone hairs stood on end.

Even Wang Yu and One Page Book who had been here before could not help but furrow their brows. Snow In The Summer and Seeing Flowers In The Winter were shrieking at the top of the voices attracting everyone’s attention.

Fearless saw an opportunity as he asked shamelessly, “Ladies, do you want a warm and safe chest to lie on?” Fearless followed his question by opening his arms out wide.

However, the two ladies ignored the small-statured Fearless and gazed upon Wang Yu’s imposing figure.

“F*ck! Old Bull, you stand far away from me!” Fearless growled infuriatingly.

Wang Yu stood at the side and scratched his head, “Sorry, boss. Sorry, boss.”

The rest of the players, “…”

After this commotion, the little fear in everyone’s heart dissipated. At this moment, the dense fog in the valley was completely dispersed and the entire valley was in full view.

In addition to the white bones and human skeletons on the ground, there were pillars made of white bones on both sides of the valley.

White Bone Totem: Totem seal, Used to suppress the totem of the white bone altar.

Wang Yu had never seen this White Bone Totem before but he had seen almost fifteen of them from the time he entered the valley.

<System Notification: You have found the ancient battlefield— Buried Bones, gained 10000 experience points and explored sunset valley 1/1(Completed)>

“Are we done here?” Upon seeing the notification for the completion of the quest, everyone was stupefied. Although the quest contents did not mention much, surely the quest could not have been so easy.

Just as everyone was still pondering, out of the blue the white bones scattered on both sides of the valley lit up as fifteen columns of light rose into the sky, directly penetrating the clouds over the sunset valley. The light turned into fifteen halos that hovered over the fifteen respective teams.

Everyone promptly received another system notification.

<You have accepted the quest “City Lord’s Trial” second round “United in One Heart”, quest grade A.>

Quest Background: The undead warriors have been dormant for thousands of years but the totem seals that have been suppressing the altar of white bones have begun to weaken. The breath of the living has disturbed the tranquility of those deceased. These warriors are eager for bloodshed and have started to awaken.

An adventurer has rushed into the sunset valley and broke the seal of the White Bones Altar. This has resulted in the premature awakening of the undead army. All of you pick up your weapons and bear the responsibility of defending Twilight City.

Quest Objective: Thwart the advance of the White Bone Legion that intends to force their way out of the Sunset Valley. Furthermore, destroy the White Bones Altar that is used to summon the White Bone Legion 0/1.

Failure to complete quest, Twilight City reputation -1000, Twilight City Merit Points -100, Light Faction Merit Points -100, Neutral Faction Merit Points -100, Dark Faction Merit Points +100

“F*ck! Isn’t this just a fraudulent quest!”

Everyone was screaming their heads off when they saw this quest.

This situation was created because the City Lord decided to dig around. Now the players had to bear the responsibility of his actions.

This was obviously a ploy by the game designers to trap players.

“Krrch, krrrch…”

While everyone was still reeling from anger, a squadron of White Bone soldiers climbed out of the grounds of Sunset Valley. These soldiers were carrying either rusty knives or holding sharp-edged bones. These bones were taken out from their own bodies. There were a few of them who were equipped with bone bows. They were stealthily situated in the innermost part of the valley.

White Bone Warrior (LV45)

HP: 10000

MP: 5000

Skills: Bloodthirsty Rage

White Bone Magician (LV45)

HP: 5000

MP: 10000

Skills: Hellfire

White Bone Archer (LV45) (Elite)

HP: 80000

MP: 8000

Skills: Destiny Arrow

The attributes of these three types of monsters were very lousy but they made up for that with their overwhelming numbers. In mere seconds, the sunset valley was swarmed with multiple squadrons of White Bone soldiers.

“Quickly arrange in a formation, quick!”

In the face of such a strong enemy, the players began to instinctively unite with each other.

Seeing the massive spawns of monsters, everyone could not spare another thought about their grievances with one another. They agreed on something in unison. The fifteen teams immediately spread out and rearranged themselves in their respective roles. The tanks were in front, damage dealers at the back and healers all the way behind.

The sunset valley was not wide to begin with and the formation took up a space of almost 20 metres. They blocked the mouth of the valley and the exit route of the White Bone Legion.

As the valley spawned more and more soldiers, the frontline players began fighting with them in melee distance.

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