MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Ming Du’s Slappable Face

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At this point, Wang Yu was expending large amounts of effort to deal with Wharton.

[Despaired Vengeance] was a passive skill of Wharton’s that activated when a quarter of his army was killed. When activated, it would buff the attack all the monsters in the canyon regardless of distance.

Of course, this passive would also apply to Wharton himself. Not only would his attack and speed increase, his fighting style would also improve by leaps and bounds.

Although he wouldn’t be as monstrous as the elite Silver Wolf King, he would still be vastly superior to the Wharton who only knew how to blindly slash at an enemy. Currently, Wharton’s skills and attack patterns had become much livelier and unpredictable than before!

As Wang Yu twisted his body to avoid Wharton’s Saber, Wharton even went as far to strike Wang Yu with his elbow! Luckily Wang Yu had dodged in time, otherwise, this strike would have killed him on the spot!

The hardest aspect the new Wharton to deal with was that he had gotten much smarter than before.

After fighting Wang Yu for a few more rounds after being buffed, Wharton realised that he wouldn’t be able to beat Wang Yu and immediately turned around and ran towards his army.

Seeing this Wang Yu felt slightly depressed. This was an above level 40 boss after all! If he had been chasing Wang Yu, it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge for Wang Yu to escape. However now the boss had given up fighting and wanted to regroup with his minions for an assault, what could a puny level 16 Pugilist even do in this situation?

Wharton truly was a boss that cared for his underlings…

Wang Yu had used all the skills and abilities in his arsenal to try and distract Wharton. [Crushing Blow] to the face, [Void Seizing Palms] to grab him… Wang Yu had even used his own body to trip Wharton! Yet Wharton had simply crawled up and continued running towards the bulk of his forces.

Seeing this scene the players watching the battle from on top of the valley silently thought: “Ah? What’s up with Wharton? Did that red light just now damage his brain or something? Why is he just letting himself get beat up like that? He even got tripped by that Pugilist! What an embarrassment of a boss…”

Wharton’s will truly was indomitable… with just Wang Yu alone there really was no way to stop him…

“F**k! I really can’t stop him anymore! Wharton is hell bent on screwing with you guys! I really can’t do anything about it…” Wang Yu helplessly sent in the guild chat.

“The f**k? What happened? Why’s he so determined to rush at us? Iron Bull has been wailing on him for so long and he doesn’t have any aggro at all? This really isn’t logical at all!” Ming Du replied in shock.

“Who knows. He was fine one moment and then ignoring me the next.” Wang Yu replied. In truth, Wang Yu was probably the most depressed out of all of them. He was really enjoying the battle with Wharton before he suddenly gave up and ran away. Could it have been because Wharton was upset that he couldn’t even land a blow on Wang Yu?

“Could it be that the boss upgraded?” Boson asked.

“I think he definitely did! He was so dumb in the beginning yet now he knows how to try and elbow me!” Wang Yu replied.

“Well then we’re f**ked! He probably doesn’t have the aggro system anymore!”

“No aggro system? What do you mean by that?” Wang Yu wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand Boson’s words, even Frost Blade was confused.

“You’ve never encountered a boss upgrade before? It just means that it receives a higher level AI and its aggro gets reset. But now, no matter how much you hit him, the boss won’t be aggro-ed to you anymore!” The nearby Spring Halo who had participated in beta testing suddenly spoke up.

“F**k! Doesn’t that mean there’s no way to fight this boss now?”

The aggro system was a very vital system in every game. With it, the traditional party of Warrior, Priest and Magician had flourished.

If the aggro system was deactivated, then the frontline tanks would lose their ability to stop these monsters!

Tanks were generally regarded as the most important characters in most western fantasy games. No matter what game one played, tanks would generally be the players that guilds focused on gearing and levelling up first!

A good tank would be able to ensure the safety of the entire party. The main role of a tank was mainly to use [Taunt] or related skills to draw the aggro of the boss and allow the main DPS jobs to freely attack.

If the boss’ aggro was reset, then the tank’s [Taunt] would have been rendered useless. In this kinds of scenarios, the squishy jobs hiding behind these tanks would immediately lose all their protection.

A team wipe would be the only outcome of such a scenario!

Thus, when everyone heard that the aggro system was removed, the first thought they had was “We’re f**ked”…

“There isn’t such a thing as an unbeatable boss in any game! Based on the creators’ shitty personalities, the boss will definitely go for the weakest amongst us!” Fearless unhurriedly said.

“Ohhhhhh… Well then I have nothing to worry about!” Everyone thought to themselves. Losing a friend was fine as long as they didn’t die themselves!

The only one who sighed in this situation was Wang Yu: “Oh… well that sucks…”

“He’s not attacking you so why are you sighing?” Wang Yu’s words had left everyone dumbfounded. They all acknowledged his strength and secretly felt that he was the strongest amongst them so he definitely didn’t have anything to worry about.

“If the boss doesn’t attack me then how are the rest of you going to be able to handle it?” Wang Yu honestly replied.


Wang Yu unknowingly trampled on the pride of the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect members with his words.

“So what now? The boss is about to reach us!” Crotch Lord who was right at the front asked.

Right now, the other members of the Dusk Bandit Gang were in front while Wharton was at the back. Abandoning their post to fight Wharton was definitely not possible, yet leaving Wharton alone would only mean their deaths…

“Brother Spring and Little Crotchy have high health so the boss definitely won’t go after them. You guys just keep them here and the other five can go and deal with Wharton to prevent him from coming into contact with his minions.” Fearless muttered.

“You sure about this? These are all monsters with more than 100 physical attack! One hit from any of them and we’re f**ked” seriously asked.

“Hey! Don’t you trust my healing abilities?” Fearless said in contempt.

“F**k! Alright then!”

“Send me to that boulder over there! I’ll command you guys from it!”

The moment Fearless finished speaking, Boson immediately unleashed a skill and cut down a Dusk Bandit that was in front of him. Surrounding Fearless, the four of them slowly escorted him towards the boulder.

The boulder was only less than ten meters in front. The five of them arrived in front of it very quickly and hurriedly boosted Fearless onto it.

The boulder was roughly the same height as the Headquarters, hence the surrounding monsters weren’t able to climb it. Other than the Dusk Thief’s arrows, no other monsters would be able to hit Fearless at all. Thus, he was relatively safe in this spot.

“Hey! Give me a hand! I’ll go up there too!” Ming Du enviously said.

However, the rest only shook their heads at his request. No one wanted to be a ladder for this scumbag!

“Ming Du, your magic attack is high so you should go help Iron Bull.” Fearless commanded.

Looking at the distant Wang Yu who was struggling to obstruct Wharton, Ming Du smiled and said: “Fine!”

Looking at this silly boss, Ming Du felt that it would be exceedingly easy for him to amass a massive amount of points!

Thinking of this, Ming Du excitedly ran towards Wharton and shouted “Eat my lightning!” as a lightning bolt fell of Wharton’s head.


A bloody number popped up above Wharton’s head.

The originally worry free Wharton who just wanted to form up with his minions suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned around and used [Charge] in the direction of Ming Du!


Watching this scene, everyone else was stunned. Wharton didn’t even bother with Wang Yu who was constantly beating him up! Yet the moment Ming Du struck him once he immediately got aggro-ed! Ming Du’s slappable face really was a special kind of talent…

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