MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Legendary Dusk Bandit –Wharton

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Beyond the Secret Jungle on the outer perimeter of Twilight City’s territory was Dusk Canyon.

In the background information of the game, it was stated that Dusk Canyon was the hiding grounds of the famous Dusk Bandit Gang. The entire area was crawling with level 20 Dusk Thieves, level 23 Dusk Vagrants and level 25 Dusk Bandits.

In <<REBIRTH>>, although humanoid monsters had the lowest HP, they were the most vicious!

One really had to wonder what the creators were thinking when they had designed these humanoid monsters. These monsters could even form parties and support each other in battle like a real party!

The moment Wang Yu entered Dusk Canyon, he was immediately surrounded by these monsters.

<Dusk Thief (LV-20)>

HP: 3000

MP: 500

Skills: [Crossbow Shot], [Poison Strike] (deals continuous damage over time)

<Dusk Vagrant (LV-23)>

HP: 2500

MP: 2500

Skills: [Sand-attack] (causes blind), [Bind]

<Dusk Bandit (LV-25)>

HP: 4500

MP: 200

Skills: [Persistence], [Heavy Blow]

Looking at the monster’s status, one would immediately be able to tell how evil and dishonest the creators had been. Especially the Dusk Vagrant! Not only was it able to recover its health, it was even able to cause blindness!

In <<REBIRTH>>, the status effect blindness was a relatively simple one that caused players’ attacks to miss!

“Oh hoh! Where did this little shit come from? You dare enter this lord’s territory? Eat my saber!”

While Wang Yu was still looking at the the attributes of the three monsters, the Dusk Bandit suddenly suddenly shouted and pulled out his blade.

Hearing the Dusk Bandit’s shout, the nearby Dusk Thief pulled out its crossbow and fired an arrow towards Wang Yu.

With a small step Wang Yu twisted his body and dodged the Dusk Bandit’s slash while casually slapping the arrow out of the air. Following this, Wang Yu immediately ran towards the Dusk Vagrant.

The Dusk Vagrant had crowd control and was incredibly durable, so it had to die first!

Seeing Wang Yu rushing towards it, the Dusk Vagrant immediately used [Sand-attack], scooped in its waist pouch and viciously scattered a handful of powder, forming a white mist in front of Wang Yu!

Seeing the mist, Wang Yu merely laughed as he charged right through it and unleashed [Crushing Blow] on the Dusk Vagrant’s cheek, knocking it lifelessly onto the ground.

Blind would have worked on other players, but not Wang Yu!

Sensing the movement of the air around him and the killing intent the monsters were emanating, Wang Yu was able to easily identify their positions. He was even able to tell where the stealthy Dusk Thief was let alone the position of the Dusk Vagrant that he had already locked on to since the start!

Wang Yu used the [Lateral Kick] to knock up and stun the Dusk Vagrant and then grabbed it and strangled its neck.





All three of his attacks had over 160% perfection, causing the 2500HP Dusk Vagrant to be instantly wiped out!

Twisting his body again, Wang Yu avoided the second wave of attacks from the Dusk Thief and the Dusk bandit. Stretching out both of his hands, Wang Yu pulled the Dusk Thief into his arms and unleashed another combo on its head. With a blood-curdling scream, the Dusk Bandit burst into a cluster of white light and died!

“[Persistance]!” With a shout, the Dusk Bandit’s body was shrouded in a golden light. However to Wang Yu, such actions were completely futile. Since his attacks all had over 110% perfection, all of them dealt true damage!

No matter how much health or defense the Dusk Bandit had, it was still nothing more than a live target for Wang Yu!

[Lateral Kick]!


[Crushing Blow]!

[Flying Knee]!

[Rippling Wave]!


With a flash of white light, the Dusk Bandit disappeared and it’s saber dropped onto the ground.

<Large Curved Saber (Iron)>

Physical Attack: 19-24

Magic Attack: 0-0

Level Requirement: 25

Picking up the item, Wang Yu realised that it was merely Iron tier trash and dejectedly threw it into his bag.

Aside from bosses, the drop rates of monsters were really low! How could it be so easy to find good equipment?

Since Wang Yu had skipped levels, solo-ed and even fought humanoid monsters, the 3 Dusk Bandit Gang members had given him a sizeable amount of experience points. He even received 2 silver coins from each of them! It seemed that this bandit gang was actually pretty successful.

“Good money and good experience! This place is really not bad at all!” Wang Yu smiled to himself as he ran towards the next group he saw.

Compared to the animal shaped monsters, Wang Yu still preferred fighting the humanoid monsters more. The martial arts he had learnt were all meant to deal with humans after all. Using them to deal with animals was nothing more than butchering!

Since most players were still currently around level 11 or 12, the only person in the entire Twilight City with the ability to skip 10 levels and slay these bandits was Wang Yu. Hence he Dusk Canyon was completely devoid of any other players and had become Wang yu’s personal hunting grounds!

Wang Yu’s control of his own martial arts hard long since reached perfection. Hence every attack he used exceeded 150% perfection and every combo he completed would wipe out one monster.

Facing these monsters and their low level AI, Wang Yu quickly developed the most efficient method to annihilate them.

With his high damage, accurate strikes and incredible efficient attacking methods, Wang Yu quickly and easily massacred all the monsters within Dusk Canyon!

When other players fought monsters of the same level, they typically had to expend a large amount of effort to do so. But when Wang Yu was fighting monsters more than 10 levels above him, he had greatly exceeded the speed others would need for monster of the same level! This was something completely unheard of!

After slaying the final Dusk Bandit, Wang Yu naturally rose to level 15.

Out of the near hundred monsters in the entire Dusk Canyon, not a single one had dropped any equipment again! The only thing that Wang Yu had picked up was an abundance of limestone powder and poison pills that the Dusk Vagrants dropped.

Although Wang Yu had no use for these item he knew he could still sell them for some coins in the shop! Never one to miss any opportunity to earn money, Wang Yu stuffed them all into his bag.

Luckily in this game items could be grouped into stacks of 99 items, otherwise Wang Yu’s bag would have long since been filled with a whole bunch of trash.

“Truly despicable! Who dares kill all my underlings?”

Just as Wang Yu sat down and was about to recover his MP, and angry and mournful roar sounded out from the depths of the canyon!

Hearing this sound Wang Yu’s eyes lighted up as he excitedly shouted to himself: “It’s a boss!”

Before Wang Yu had finished shouting, a large Dusk Bandit wearing a resplendent grey armour spawned in the spawn point behind some rocks.

<Legendary Dusk Bandit–Wharton (LV-???) (Silver Boss)>

HP: 200000

MP: 1500

Skills: [Charge], [Mountain Shattering Blow], [Tornado Slash]

Wang Yu was slightly startled after looking at the attributes of this boss.

Since Wang Yu was unable to see the level of this boss, it meant that it was at least 20 levels higher than him and at least level 35!

Another important point was that this boss even had a name!

The two bosses that had previously been slain by Wang Yu both didn’t have a name but the one he was facing now did!

“So you’re the piece of shit that dared kill the underlings of this lord, Wharton? Prepare to die!” Upon seeing Wang Yu, Wharton bellowed a scripted line and then immediately used [Charge] in Wang Yu’s direction.

Wang Yu immediately retreated and was surprised to find out that this boss could even combo as well! After using [Charge], Wharton fluidly used [Mountain Shattering Blow] on the spot where Wang Yu had landed.

Wang Yu was greatly shocked and quickly raised his speed the moment he landed, turning into an afterimage and easily dodging the attack.

<Wolf King’s Shadow–[Ghost]: Movement speed increased by 200% for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 180 seconds>

However Wharton was incredibly relentless and immediately used [Tornado Slash] after [Mountain Shattering Blow] had failed. Spinning his body, he moved towards Wang Yu yet again.

Facing a level 35 Silver grade boss, Wang Yu had to be very careful. If any of these attacks landed on him how would he even be able to survive?

Jumping back again Wang Yu used [Rippling Wave] on the ground where he once was. With the additional force of [Rippling Wave] coupled with Wang Yu’s own jumping power Wang Yu easily flew out of Wharton’s attacking range.

After spinning a few more rounds, Wharton finally slowed down and stopped.

“As expected of a humanoid boss! If he was in Independent Mode I can’t imagine how hard he would be to deal with.” Wang Yu muttered. Taking advantage of the time when Wharton’s skills were on cooldown, Wang Yu began his own attacks.

In the jungle outside Twilight City, a group of more than 10 players were walking towards Dusk Canyon while dealing with the goblins in their way at the same time.

“Sorrow are you sure your information is trustworthy? We’ve walked so far and we still haven’t seen a boss!” A warrior wielding a greatsword asked as he continued to cut down the surrounding goblins.

“Brother Light after we pass through this jungle we will reach the canyon I spoke about. During the beta testing I was passing by this area and saw Void Blade fighting a boss there!” The Thief named Sorrow replied.

“You better not be lying to me!” The warrior frowned.

“No no! Brother Light please! I would never dare to lie to you!” The Thief hurried shook his head and replied.

Suddenly one of the players at the front of the party suddenly shouted: “Brother Light! There’s a canyon in front!”

The Sharpshooter job had a passive skill [Eagle Eye] which allowed them to see great distances.

“Do you see a boss?” The entire party hurriedly asked.

“I see it! I see it!” The Sharpshooter excitedly shouted and went back to looking at the Canyon.

“I can see the … Huh? What’s that?” The Sharpshooter suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?” Hearing his words someone curiously asked.

‘Th…there seems to be someone fighting the boss already!” He replied in a daze.

“Oh? Are there alot? If there aren’t then we can just go snatch it now! If there are then we can just wait for the boss to wipe them first!” Brother Light replied.

“There aren’t many! Only one man!” The other Sharpshooter replied.

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