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Chapter 1526 - Prevailing One’s Own Heart

Chapter 1526: Prevailing One’s Own Heart

“Nonsense! Of course we’re going over! Otherwise, why did we come here?” Wang Yu was feeling slightly irritated at how timid Prairie Fire was.

“Why don’t you pass me the bow then? I’ll open fire!”

After saying that, Wang Yu tried to take Prairie Fire’s bow away from him.

“I’ll do it! I can still do this!” Prairie Fire quickly raised his bow.


An arrow flew out and landed on the head of one of the ground devil dragons.


Once this arrow landed on the head, all four ground devil dragons had exclamation marks appeared above their heads. Shortly after, they charged towards Wang Yu and co.

“They’re coming!”

When Dazed Pupils saw the ground devil dragons charging over, she swung her totem towards the ground.


A ring of blue radiance spread out and everyone was BUFFed.

Prairie Fire and Exceptional Beauty also took out their Dragon Massacre Medicine and consumed it…

“Can you guys hold off three?” Wang Yu turned his head to ask.

“If it is just holding off… we should be able to.” Prairie Fire nodded his head.

The reason why Prairie Fire was unwilling to fight these elite monsters was not because he didn’t think the squad could defeat them. It was more because they had too few players in the squad capable of significant damage output. Fighting these thick health monsters would simply be a waste of time, effort and consumables.

They were merely halfway through this quest and if they finished using all the Dragon Massacre Medicine here, how would they be able to clear the later stages?

But if it was merely holding off, it shouldn’t trouble experts like Prairie Fire and the ladies.

“Then just hold them off!”

Wang Yu instructed them before charging forward to drag one of the ground devil dragons to the side. Following which, a firm fist landed on its head.

The rest of them quickly changed their attack strategy. Prairie Fire and Elder Sister Li managed to take on one each while Fruit Crusader, Heavenly Fragrance and the others worked together to hold off one. This gave Wang Yu ample space for a solo fight.

Given Wang Yu’s abilities, merely four ground devil dragons were naturally not going to trouble him. Even if they were to come at him together, it would still be a piece of cake for him. However, from his time at the Quan Zhen Sect, he knew that experts needed to save their own pride. Being carried by one person was definitely hurtful to one’s pride… At a time like this, he had to give others a chance to display their skills.

This ground devil dragon’s attacks and defences capabilities were impressive but its weakness was equally as obvious. The slow speed of these monsters made Wang Yu worry for them.

A power-type monster like this was merely slightly stronger than the wooden stake Wang Yu had back at his house’s balcony.

Therefore, even though they had 1,000,000 HP, it wasn’t useful in front of Wang Yu.

[Crushing Blow], [Straight Punch], [Dragon Nod].

A series of three moves knocked the ground devil dragon into the air. Wang Yu jumped up before executing [Elbow Strike] from above onto the ground devil dragon’s temple.

The pathetic ground devil dragon roared pitifully as it was struck back down onto the ground by Wang Yu. Wang Yu immediately used his hand to press onto ground devil dragon’s mouth as he immediately executed [Heavenly Tyrant Fist Dance].

With the title as a Dragon Slayer, Wang Yu was not just immune to Dragon’s Aura. His attacks were also extremely effective against dragon-type monsters. After a series of attacks, it didn’t take long for the ground devil dragon to be left with a thin layer of HP.

Finally, Wang Yu forced a [Rippling Wave] into the ground devil dragon’s mouth.


Following the explosion of [Rippling Wave], the 100,000,000-HP ground devil dragon turned into white light within ten seconds.

While Prairie Fire only managed to lure their ground devil dragon a few metres away…


When Prairie Fire saw that, he was so startled that he almost threw his bow on the ground. If he could do that, why did he need me to lure them away?!

Elder Sister Li was equally as dumbfounded. It didn’t take her long to keep her staff and simply brought the dragon towards Wang Yu.

Why should she continue luring the dragon away when she could simply bring it to him?

Exceptional Beauty and the others were stunned and dazed.

This was not the first time Prairie Fire and the others saw how good Wang Yu was. However, they still couldn’t help but feel uneasy when they witnessed something as incredible as this.

It was reasonable for him to kill an ordinary monster within one set of moves but how could he do the same for an elite monster? Was this the same for a BOSS?

Is there even a limit to this person’s strength…

“Calm down, calm down!” Heavenly Fragrance smiled as she recovered everyone’s emotional damage.

In the face of a fella like Wang Yu, everyone could only calm themselves down with words.

After instantly killing the ground devil dragon in his hand, Wang Yu lifted his head to see Prairie Fire and Elder Sister Li running towards him with ground devil dragons behind them.

Wang Yu was like a fire cannon as he proceeded to launch his attacks.

The others were too embarrassed to stay idle so with everyone attacking together, the four elite monsters merely lasted for a few minutes before being sent back to their mother’s embrace.

“Who knew that these ground devil dragons would be so weak…”

Everyone couldn’t help but mutter to themselves as they looked in the direction where the ground devil dragons disappeared.

“Indeed!” Wang Yu continued acting wise, “A human’s greatest fear stems from one’s own heart. As long as you’re able to prevail one’s own heart, you will be able to prevail against any opponent.”

“Wow! Brother Bull is so philosophical!” The ladies looked amazingly at Wang Yu, “Is Brother Iron Bull a philosopher in real life?”

“No!” Wang Yu waved his hands, “I am a martial artist!”

“We’re talking about real life!” the ladies reminded.

“Yes, I am a real martial artist outside of the game!” Wang Yu even got into his stance as he said this.

“Tsk! Boring!” The ladies revealed uninterested expressions.

“Sigh…” Wang Yu shook his head, “I really do have a heavy responsibility to make martial arts widespread again.”

“Brother Bull, can you teach me?”

This time, Exceptional Beauty asked without shame.

“You believe me?” a slightly surprised Wang Yu asked.

A person’s view couldn’t be changed easily and who knows how long it took for people to actually recognise martial arts back in the past?

Even if Wang Yu managed to win the previous professional tournament and showed everyone how amazing kung fu was, it remained the same as before.

Who would have thought that Exceptional Beauty was so easily convinced by Wang Yu? And this made Wang Yu extremely touched.

“Heh!” Exceptional Beauty nodded his head, “You must have your reasons for being so strong. So can you teach me?”

“Haha!” Wang Yu laughed out loud, “I doubt you can learn well from me. I’ll find someone else to teach you some other day.”

Wang Yu was right because given Wang Yu’s current standard, how could he possibly teach these beginners… He was more suited to give guidance to top martial artists.

“It is a deal, then! After we’re done here, I will head over to Twilight City to look for you. You have to find me a good mentor!” Exceptional Beauty exclaimed excitedly.

“It isn’t hard to find a mentor!” Wang Yu reassured, “But it will be up to her mood as to whether she wants to teach you. Also, she will probably look at how obedient you are.”


Seeing how serious Wang Yu was, even Prairie Fire couldn’t help but curl his lips.

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